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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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General Information

Name: Leveret “Lee” Evans

Age: Seventeen

Appearance: Lee is known to be around five feet and eight inches in height, and yet weighs slightly less than what one of his size should. While Lee does have a feminine build, it goes more toward a runner’s physique, testament to his unnatural speed and dexterity. Lee is known for a rather sharp, angular face with soft brown eyes, adorned with soft black hair with a slight stripe of brown that is seen running off into his bangs. Despite being a wonderlander, Lee’s skin is actually lightly tanned, as if he spent most of his time on the beach or an island.

Dressing often in Wonderlandian Clothing, It isn’t uncommon to find him wearing waist coats, large, open coats and an especially large top hat that mysteriously stays fixed in place until Lee himself moves it; despite this, he will wear other clothing, just finding it more comfortable to wear that which was normal on his world. Along with this, he is often seen wearing some kind of leather gloves, and although they are often used for his sharply brimmed hat, the real fact is he has a birth mark of a tribal tattoo of a clock on the back of his left hand.

Along with being half human, the boy is also a rabbit hybrid, in which one can see his heritage of black ears and tail, each tipped with a soft color of brown. He has a passive ability to hide these traits, but doesn’t often do so; only when he counts it important he does so.

Sex: Male

Species: Human/Rabbit Hybrid

Personality: Lee is an oddball. Although far more serious in this universe than the last one, he still hides behind a layer of unreality, either stemming from the fact he is scared of becoming too close to someone, or just the simple fact that he is so bored with reality he has to see it in a completely new light. Still, This Lee is at least willing to cross the boundary, in which he takes charge with an unnaturally serious face- apart from the usually smiling, carefree wonderlandian keyblader than many might have known before.

Eccentric to a fault, the fact is he’s actually more of a loner type anyway- even when planning things with groups, is subconsciously finding a way to twist it to something more favorable for him- but never against those he’s planning with; as he doesn’t like the concept of betrayal, nor does he take those type of people with any kinds of salt. He tends to do things opposite of what someone else might, or even do it a different way just to spite someone, although not to the point it might actually kill him if was to do it.

Still, he is someone who actually cares for his friends, and is the type of person to go lengths for them, depending on how close he is to them- he’d never go out of his way for a complete stranger, and although he applies the term ‘friend’ rather liberally, he does know what that term means, and won’t put it there if the person it was applied to is either appalled by the idea, or the most unsavory type of person he can think of-
A selfish, backstabbing jerk with no rhyme, reason or care in the world.

Lee has an uncanny knowledge or philosophical views of things; be it hearts, elements or morality, he finds the best and most welcome one is actually neutral; it appeals to his sense of chaos and freedom, and the fact that he isn’t tied down by laws or ideals that ‘good’ or ‘evil’ set (as much as he believes in the concept) and as such is free to find his own path in life. While he is somewhat dependent on his memories, even the ones from the old reality; he knows that none of it ever happened, and those people in it might never recognize, or even remember anything that happened.

With a level degree of politeness that even extends to opponents and those who once attempted to kill him, as it was stated before, he is more self-focused- working on goals or motivations that pop up whenever they arise; in which case he welcomes distractions of all types.

Pre New-Universe History

Lee's Childhood was actually a pretty happy one at the start, even if his memory was still foggy. his parent's loved him, he had a sister who played a piano and was always nice to him, and they even had a pet black rabbit. The day he fell into the universe he now calls home was the day he was playing with his pet rabbit when it suddenly sprung out of his arms and scurried away, bolting outside, (to this day he still doesn’t understand exactly how) and into the woods. The worried boy had spent hours looking for the rabbit, thinking it had been eaten or harmed when suddenly the boy slipped and fell into a large, deep hole, and the world when black.

When he came back to consciousness, he was in a place unknown to him, but yet familiar all the same. It was a large room, with a sleeping doorknob in the corner. At the time, the boy thought the place was strange, and the boy felt lonely and, and slightly scared. During this event, was the first time Lee had actually met a heartless. It was a shadow as a matter of fact. (Not that the boy knew at the time, he’d been occupied with curiosity and slight fear) the creature was alone, its yellow eyes trained on the boy, the odd movements slowing as the thing approached him. The two locked eyes for what seemed like an eternity, crystal blue eyes to deep yellow orbs. A foolish, yet curious idea came to lee as he began to think it was harmless, and the boy held out his hand to it, before the thing pounced on the surprised boy and scratched him terribly, and the boy fought to get away from it, running away with a cold feeling clutching his heart.

As soon as he felt like he had escaped from it, the boy started to break down and cry, scared and hurt. And, after a while of crying, the boy noticed, or rather felt, his arm starting to burn. as Lee looked down, he noticed a rather intricate design appear on the back of his hand, where he noticed a design of his pet black rabbit appear on his hand, (now rather menacing looking)and words being scrawled at the same time they echoed in the boy's head 'I`m Never Late' before his vision faded to black.

When he finally came to again, he was in a house. Curious, and slightly confused, the boy started to take a look around, where he met a man by the name of Warren, who had found him and taken him back to his house. After a while of exchanging names and events, the two became friends, and Warren Started to teach him about the worlds and wonderland, as well as everything that went on.

Lee had begun an adventure when his memory of his sister came to him, although time and the darkness in his blood made him forget and warped the memories. he decided he would attempt to find her, and the memories he had lost, when he was suddenly side-tracked by a series of events, some good, some bad, and some simply odd. He had gained a few friends, and a few people he couldn't tell if they were trying to kill him or not.

After a while, after he decided to take a short break on destiny islands, he started up the search again, and was aided by some, although his memory was still foggy on a few of them.

One Day, he had decided to find out more about his 'darkness' the black rabbit, and came to find his memories assisted him, while his darkness kept steering him off track. As events wore on, he eventually had a fight with his darkness, who had taken on a warped form of his sister, where he had fought against a new form of magic he had never heard before, one where someone used music to attack an opponent, lightning fast key-strokes sending barrages of waves and attacks, and it soon became like he was literally dancing to his darkness’s tune, before he finally tackled his darkness and defeated it, stabbing his Keyblade into the darkness and fusing with it, becoming a new person.

Current History

Leveret Evans was born into a family of nine, made up completely of rabbit/human hybrids. Three older siblings and three younger ones, even at a young age Lee himself knew it to be a chaotic lifestyle, even by wonderland’s standards. He was considered the calmest of the bunch, and was never found unentertained or unimpressed by something. With a knack for tailoring and hat-making, it was what he did to help the family, despite them living a comfortable life for themselves- even having the space to fit the family with no problems.

It was the age of 13 he finally received the memories of his old life, after meeting a glowing green orb with a large hat on its orb; who then attacked him and disappeared. It was then he also found he could use a strange key-like weapon; that the memories had assisted him with the name of the weapon- “Heart of Wonderland”, his key-blade. Although confused, both by the memories flooding into him, and of himself as a current inhabitant in wonderland- he felt the line blurred by reality and nonsense.

Through later years, it had gotten easier on him; and much less confusing due to his quick acceptance of these memories- they interested him, so he usually let them lead him on.

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Lee Evans, Level 1 Freelancer
X1 Modifier
Strength || 4
Constitution || 5
M. Affinity || 4
M. Resistance || 4
Dexterity || 10
Speed || 10
Stamina || 5
Heart: Nothingness
Basic Elemental Control: Lee has basic, small control over all of the elements in base form. From cooling a drink or a minor, inconvenient fire, or creating a snowball from non-magical snow, to creating spectacles or clothing made of aesthetic lightning- even using cure to make the room feel fresher, these are only a few things he can do with them. Generally harmless, he can use this to change color, value and aesthetic appearance of what he controls with it.

Heal:  A Basic Healing Spell, while not exactly fast, it tends to soak up as much as it can for as long as he uses it, and generally can help with gaining some of his energy back, if nothing else. Can be cast on others, the general range is ten feet in a three sixty degree angle.

Snowball: More of a diversionary tactic than anything else- Lee often conjures a small ball of white snow to which he throws it into the eyes. An extremely fast spell, for the only reason its not used for anything else than to be enough for distracting.

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||Leather Waistcoat||
Faded brown and rather sturdy in appearance, it comes with a few pockets to store things in; and is even double layered to add extra protection against many slashing attacks. It has a minimum defense against blunt and piercing damage.

||Leather Gloves||
Faded brown and sturdy in appearance, like his waistcoat, is double layered to add extra protection against many slashing attacks. It has a minimum defense against blunt and piercing damage. Often used to protect his fingers from his hat, which is rather sharp.

||Weaponized Cards||
Carried in packs around Lee’s person (mostly around his waist and kept open for quick drawing and flinging), These cards are weighted and uncannily sharp, capable of being thrown and stuck into wood quite easily- making it more than capable of piercing flesh.  Despite this, they are actually rather fragile, and a quick hand can actually manage to catch them and throw them back.

||Dice Cannons||
Made into the form of Dueling Pistols, These smoothbore weapons equal about 12 inches in barrel length, and happen to fire large metal dice with the caliber of .52 packed into the pistol; and fired at a muzzle velocity of 800 feet per second. Usually found in pairs around Lee, he draws the line at four. He rarely fires these, and only uses them when he feels there are no other weapons to use.

||The Hat||
A dark green hat, it looks almost akin to that of the hatter’s top-hat that rests on his head, holding down his long floppy rabbit ears. It was made by Lee himself, and has a bit of pride to him. Oddly enough, it stays fixed on his head, only shifting when he himself shifts it. The whole of the hat is actually flattenable and used as a disk-like weapon. It ricochets and is rather sharp, which is the reason Lee wears leather gloves.

||Heart of Wonderland||
Heart of Wonderland has made the journey from the other world into this one, and has actually grown in considerable length as well, becoming a blade length of an average longsword. While its appearance has stayed the same; its color scheme is a little bit different. The clock-like handle and guard has changed from its original blue to a light green, with the handle becoming more like the clock hands, and has stayed blue. The four suits of cards have actually remained the same, with the color pattern being black, red and black; the large grinning Cheshire Cats head has become purple with the teeth becoming a gleaming silver. The keychain has gotten a bit different, however; and shows two cards against each other, one an ace of heart and a jack of diamond.

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