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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Zen is a very bull-headed man who lives for battle, but not in a fatal way unless mutually agreed upon first. While he lives to duel, he also compulsively set on training others as if they were his own children. It seems to be a parental complex that he has, the need to care for something, most likely due to the fact he is sterile. Zen is a man who follows a code of necessary honesty, pride and honor. He is shown to be very brave and considerate of others he sees as comrades. Though he doesn't like it when a comrade cannot defend themselves, he will except a momentary inability. The downside to his need to fight, he also does not use much tactic beyond how to dodge, block, or hit someone. Zen is shown to keep control of himself by restraining his power in the form of the Roku Hebi Shiru. This helps keep him atoned for his violent nature by restraining it at most times..


On each level, he has a tattoo of six entangled snakes in the middle of his back. Otherwise, he wears a dark purple gi along with wooden sandals.

Level 1:

Level 2:

The beads around his neck acts as a restraint for his physical traits but can be taken off. In order for the seal to be lifted, the necklace must be worn for 4 posts during combat. Once removed, the restraints are reversed into boosts for an equal amount of posts. I.e. 4 posts of restraint equals 4 posts of boosted power. Each level on except for 5 has this necklace. (+/-2 Strength, Dexterity, Speed).

Level 3:

Level 5:


-Elemental Mastery-
Heart: Nothingness

[Level 1-3]

Strength: 8
Constitution: 5
M. Affinity: 5
M. Resistance: 1
Dexterity: 8
Speed: 8
Stamina: 7

[Level 4]

Strength: 8
Constitution: 8
M. Affinity: 1
M. Resistance: 5
Dexterity: 8
Speed: 7
Stamina: 5

[Level 5]

Strength: 8
Constitution: 8
M. Affinity: 1
M. Resistance: 6
Dexterity: 6
Speed: 8
Stamina: 5


Zen was once a disciple of a man named Liang, a master martial-artist who also specialized in the art of nunchaku and the use of a quarter-staff. The master ran a school of ninja and a school of martial-artists, but primarily focused on the ninja who gave him a flow of income. Within the Land of Dragons, the man taught Zen and had hoped for him to one day join his school of Ninja, seeing great potential within. The only issue is that Zen needed to seek atonement, and by then was not named Zen. Being sent on a journey, Liang gave Zen the ability to walk between worlds and see their people, hoping that it would give him a vision of peace of mind and the ability to work in unison with his ninja. What Zen came upon was war and blood, death in nearly every world he set foot in. Returning to Liang, he himself had corrupted from the visions of death and the absence of peace and prosperity. Zen asked his master why he saw such things, and Liang replied that those worlds are not of the same balance as the one they resided in. Those worlds did not know harmony, unlike China.

Zen questioned that philosophy, lashing out at times as flashbacks of the dead haunted his mind. Liang eventually began giving Zen private lessons to keep the others safe from his wrath, switching his training from combat to meditation. Zen grew impatient, but with each sign of progression he was granted with a gift that could not be opened until the training was complete. Zen always asked what the training was for, but Liang always answered "Patience". Eventually, after receiving all the gifts he could receive he began an argument with his master. Being told he had not learned harmony, he was given the task of mastering the elements but was told that mastery did not equate to potency, dooming him to a physical dominant style. Several years had gone by and Zen returned to Liang with news that he had felt harmony with nature, but not with Man. Liang gave Zen a gift, but had now given him permission to open his gifts. Each gift was a scroll containing a seal, for a total of six gifts. Bringing them together like a puzzle, Zen discovered it was the Roku Hebi Shiru, a seal of power that would help atone those that did not see what harmony was with Man and Nature. It did so by giving six stages of power, allowing a moderation on what power is currently being used.

Zen eventually took the name he holds now, to represent what he wanted and wants greatly, but has not accomplished...harmony with both Man and Nature. Liang gave Zen the Roku Hebu Shiru, and trusted him to use it when the time came that signaled his time in the school had ended. It wouldn't be until he was 30 that he reached a point where the next lessons had to be outside the school. Taking the Roku Hebi Shiru, he placed it upon him, giving himself a tattoo of six entangled snakes on his back. The last gift Liang could give him was the knowledge on how to use the final stage of the Roku Hebi Shiru. Zen then journeyed away, avoiding Land of Dragons until he reached some sort of accomplishment, atonement or not.

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The Arsenal


Ryunoha [Dragon's Teeth - Nunchaku

Ryunoha is a nunchaku that contains the ability to eletrocute anyone other than Zen minorly as well releasing a small, cherry-colored burst of fire within a few inches of each impact made by it. The chain is magically extendable as well as the proportions of each nunchaku.


Kaze Akuma no Furiko [Wind Demon's Pendulum - Kusarigama]

The Kaze Akuma no Furiko, or Kaze Akuma for short, is a kusarigama that has the ability to conduct electricity flawlessly throughout, as well as increase its power via wind. This includes how heavy it hits, how capable it is at cutting something and its momentum. The weight at the end also glow with a brilliant, orange light that empowers the kusarigame with heat.


Liang's Quarterstaff

Liang gifted a quarterstaff to Zen that has the ability to extend up to twice its length and retract again almost instantly. It may even be a good source of thrust for propulsion that is kinetic.



Hebi no Chen [Snake's Chain]

The necklace provides the lower levels of Zen the ability to alter traits in the middle of combat as long as they are balanced. Traits can only be altered once every 5 posts. Niche Effects: +2 Max to stat, -2 Max to stat.


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Level One And Up

Hebisutingu [Minor Drain]

Zen's most often used move in level one is the Hebisutingu, which is electrically charged as well as propelling the attack with wind. In a stabbing motion, Zen makes a flat pose with his hand and jabs it forward. Encircling his hand is electricity and wind, making it like an arrow upon striking. Zen may use this in unison with other techniques to create a chain affect, which contributes to his "Shifutoreiji". The more moves chain together, the more energy is built up for Shifutoreiji.

Osuushi no Tsuno [Medium Drain]

Zen charges fire around one of his fists, having to stand still for a moment as his entire body heats up intensely. Eventually fire encircles his entire body, but the fist he uses absorbs all of the fire. This technique requires one post for preparation, and mixes Muay Thai's technique of stopping the strike as it meets the target with a flaming charge. When Zen goes to charge, it contributes to Shifutoreiji; when he goes to strike he opens his hand at the last second, sending a pulse of force throughout the object as well as allowing all the kinetic energy to focus on one point and thrust itself forward. After this is used, it is especially recommended to follow up with moves like Hebisutingu.

Raijingu Kiba [Minor Drain]

Raijingu Kiba is an uppercut that sends the Earth in front of Zen to form a stalagmite even if the attack is from his punch. The hard-style uppercut also sends a burst of wind forward from the fist.

Joki-Sen [Medium Drain]

Zen places his hand on any part of the body and tries forcing steam into it, which is especially easy for injecting it into the mouth, ears, or eye sockets. A high volume of steam will try to be inserted into the body and will begin heating itself and whatever body it is in.

Suchimupisuton [Medium Drain]

Suchimupisuton aesthetically releases a large volume of steam from Zen's body as he performs the technique, but the actual attack is a constant piston-like movement between his fists as he repeatedly jabs his opponent. Fire engulfs his fists after the first few strikes, as well as the speed increasing during his attack only. At the end, Zen has to do a meditating pose as he expels the heat in the form of a weak burst of fire.

Owari [Major Drain]

Collecting all of his energies into the exact middle of his chest, Zen generates a singularity of energy, drawing in the energies of nature before transferring the singularity to either one of his fists or his feet or even his forehead. From those points, he can thrust them forward to release a jolt of energy that must either strike something or move out to 5 feet before spontaneously generating a massive beam of energy. Due to his lack of magical ability, he must sacrifice all of his stamina in order to perform this. This technique applies to all levels, and can be expanded upon with Shifutoreiji.


Zen must meditate for 3 posts to begin a process of recovering stamina from nature, which is much quicker the more biotic things surrounding him. After the 3 posts, he must continue to meditate, taking up to 7 posts of meditation to recover all of his stamina. It can take as little as another 2 posts if he is surrounded by something like a rain forest or a jungle. The aesthetics of Zen shows a whirlpool of indigo energy being engulfed by Zen's body. A virtual image of six fist-sized beads floating around Zen appears, representing the Roku Hebi Shiru. He may use this in unison with Shifutoreiji to "level up".

Shifutoreiji [Passive]

Shifutoreiji is a technique used by Zen to store excess energy produced by continuous attacks as well as giving him the ability to proceed to a higher stage of Roku Hebi Shiru. When Zen is used for Shifutoreiji, the energy absorbed is reddish-orange instead of indigo. Niche Effects: +1/2/3 M. Affinity, -1/2 Stamina and -1 Dexterity if M. Affinity reaches +3. This may be used for all levels but Level 5.

Akuma Buresu [Medium Drain]

By bringing his hands together, Zen may summon the Yin energies from Akumnoei using Kimon, collecting it within the space between his hands. This creates an indigo energy that may be charged at the price of expending more stamina. The energy blazes like fire but also emits a field of static. Upon release, the energy is sent like a cannon-ball in shape and propulsion, exploding after reaching either 25 feet or a few seconds of continuous impact. The explosion is equivalent to the force of an average frag grenade and creates an air-burst.

Sugureta Akuma Buresu [Major Drain]

Like its predecessor, Zen summons Yin energies from Akumanoei using Kimon, except generating a crimson and orange color-shift aesthetic instead of indigo. The ball of energy has a higher volume and temperature and the force of the explosion is that of a pound of C4, creating an air-burst effect that is much greater. The projectile takes the shape of a demonic idol upon firing.

Level Two and Up

Doragon Oshagashite Iru [Minor Drain]

Doragon Oshagashite Iru is a spell that increases the momentum of a single attack utilizing the hand, also emblazing the hand in an indigo energy. Used in succession, the emblazement grows hotter and stronger and the momentum builds higher and higher. If used three times in a row, the technique could be chained with a special follow-up, Tsuikyu Shita Doragon.

Tsuikyu Shita Doragon [Medium Drain]

This is a follow up to the previous move if it is used three times in a row. The chain move emblazes Zen's entire body and he enters a flurry of thrusting attacks from his arms, mostly spear-like jabs or regular jabs, but it just has to be a thrust. This can then be chained by one of two moves for a finale: Doragon Mi or Doragonrosuto.

Doragon Mi [Major Drain]

This can only be used to follow up Tsuikyu Shita Doragon, giving yet another full-body emblazement. Zen collects the fire within the middle of his hands, cupping them and entering a straight-standing stance where his hands are at the upper part of his chest. Once a ball of energy is formed, he may fire it to release a dragon-head-shaped projectile that is from the built up, excess energy from using the previous moves in the chain. This can only be used twice.

Doragonrosuto [Major Drain]

This can only be used to follow up Tsuikyu Shita Doragon. At the end of Tsuikyu Shita Doragon, the last attack may be an abruptly stopped open-palm attack. The pulse-like attack sends a shockwave of force that also launches a concentrated bolt of fire in the shape of his hand. While this is already draining, more stamina can be expelled to make it stronger. This relies on both the M.Affinity and Strength stat.

Sunekusupia [Minor Drain]

Using jabbing motions, Zen can stab with his hand to launch light green projectiles that act as arrows. The harder he jabs the quicker and more impactful they are because the magic used is just utilized to form the projectile and keep it rigid and sturdy, the rest is reliant on being launched by physical force. 4 may be launched before a 1 post cooldown.

Sunekusodo [Medium Drain]

Like Sunekusupia, Zen may jab his hand but this is a larger version and combines magic and physical force to propel the projectile. The projectile is two feet long and the energy is concentrated much more, making it more capable of piercing than Sunekusupia. 3 may be used before a 2 post cooldown.

Level 5

Akuma Aruti

Expelling all stamina but a small amount after use, Zen may summon six spherical beads that are 5 inches in radius, blaze with an indigo fire and are a bold violet. The beads orbit him oddly but allow him to experience a burst of strength, increasing strength and speed by 25% and dexterity and magical resistance by 20 percent. The drawback to this is that even when the stamina is expelled, Zen is left with sever amounts of torn muscle all over his body, rendering him unable to move until he is healed. This lasts for 5 posts but can only be used while Zen is healthy (meaning he isn't too badly wounded nor is he afflicted by wounds or disease that hinder him severely i.e. the after affects of this move.

Hamoni no Ikari [Major Drain]

If the opponent has a difference of at least 10 points between his M. Affinity and their M. Resistance, he can cause their body to be immobilized momentarily if he lands the strike. The follow-up to this is him becoming a wisp momentarily that moves like flying blade, encircling the immobilized foe before making a distance and attempting to stab through like a lance. The last part of the attack is completely capable if physical defense and M. Resistance versus Strength and M. Affinity respectively are at least 12 points less than. From 6-11 points, it will go through roughly and from 3-5 points there must no armor in order for it to go through. This can only be used once per thread and the stamina expelled cannot be recovered for at least 5 posts.

Forbidden Techniques

These are techniques Zen has forbidden himself to use, only waiting for extreme circumstances before using it. These are saved for those he intends on killing if he believes they deserve it. For personal vendettas, he still does not permit himself to use these, but even human irrationality may override this.

Kaso Doragonransa [Medium Drain]

Zen shifts his hands around, collecting pure heat before concentrating it to one of his fists, thrusting it forward like the blade of a lance, unraveling his fingers to form a spear. This releases a projectile much like Sunekusodo, but much large and spiraling like a drill, leaving a heavy trail of flame in its wake. The projectile has an aesthetic silhouette of a dragon's head engulfing it, but it neither hinders nor improves on effects. This is a Level 4-Min technique.

Netsu Kingushiru [Major Drain]

Reducing his strength down to 1, Zen may increase his M.Affinity by the lost points, using it for this technique only before giving the strength back. The drawback is that for two posts afterwards, there is a -2 Strength penalty. Zen must land a direct hit on the enemy's torso, sealing a large amount of magical energy. This comes in the form of fire and electricity, using wind once the seal breaks to harshly propel the energy throughout their body. Their must be at least a 6-point difference between his M.Affinity and the affected's M.Res. If the difference is at or greater than 14, the attack hits at full force. The seal binds the energies to the body, breaking after one post. This gives them a post to use a Dispel magic to remove it. The direct hit, also, must be no more than trying to strike through lower grade armors that involve cloth or a light leather.  This is a Level 3-Min technique

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Level 2

Shado Ningyo [Minor Drain - Sustained]

Zen may produce up to two ink-black figures that are perfect replicas of Zen, made of Earth and having M.Res and Constitution equivalent to 3 but every other stat is equal to Zen's. They will fight similarly to Zen, but are unable to utilize his techniques. They are the same level as Zen and last until destroyed. The silhouettes separate from Zen's body and the longer they stick around, the more stamina is drained.

Shadosutingu [Minor Drain]

Zen extends his reach when he jabs, a silhouette of his hand thrusting past his maximum reach by a foot. The difference from Hadoshadou is that the jab, if used in spearing motions, produces a shadow pike that is capable of stabbing like a bladed weapon

Hadoshadou [Minor Drain]

Zen can create a shadow extension from his weaponless attacks that extends out to six inches. He may use this five times before there is a post cooldown.

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