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Antares Draugr
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Name: Antares Draugr.

Age: 35.

Appearance: (Image) - Antares is a tall, muscular man with long black hair and brown eyes. His facial features are smooth and imply noble heritage. He wears a black and red overcoat with gold outlining (which vaguely resemble flames) and a long red cape about his shoulders. Because of his fluid style of movement and aristocratic dress, some consider him to be quite handsome.

Most often, he wears black gloves and belted boots, along with a gold cross on a chain around his neck. Last of all, he keeps a small amulet around a chain on his belt.

Gender: Male.

Species: Human.

Personality: On the surface, Antares is a polite, soft-spoken and fairly reasonable man. He rarely (if ever) displays any sign of distress, and he usually meets most challenges head on, preferring to use the direct approach whenever possible.

Underneath that, Antares is actually a cold, ruthless, calculating sociopath obsessed with power and control.

Antares' ultimate goal is to dominate all worlds. To that end, he has been searching for means to control the Heartless and ultimately use them to destroy anyone who opposes him. In particular, this has led to a long feud with Nicolas Jameson, a man whom Antares considers his Arch-Nemesis. Within minutes of their first meeting, the two of them instinctively recognized each other as the exact opposite of themselves, something that Draugr has pointed out.

While Jameson is compassionate, selfless and kind, Antares is ruthless, ambitious and cruel.

The two despise each other to the point where they will attack each other on sight. In turn, Nicolas admits that Antares is the one man he truly fears.

Despite his villainous status, he is not entirely without emotion. Once, Antares was married to a woman named Julia, and they were by all counts a happy, genuinely loving couple. When she died, Antares is said to have been driven mad with grief, and he swore he would never remarry. His sole relative is his only son and heir, Damian Draugr. It is likely his family are the only people he truly cares for, other than himself, and any time his late wife is mentioned, he will show a softer, grieving side.

Contrary to popular belief, Antares genuinely loves his son - considering him the sole bit of his humanity he has left. He does not wish Damian to become like him, only for his child to grow into someone he can be proud of. To that end, he has absolutely forbidden Damian from taking up a weapon or being exposed to violence of any kind.

Jameson has implied on one occasion that if Antares would let go of his ambition and instead focus on his relationship with his son, he would become a better person, but ultimately Draugr refused. His anger and lust for power have corrupted him to the point where he believes the sole way to make the world safe for his child is to destroy all opposition.

In other matters, Antares is extremely intelligent and a tactical master - preferring to strike his enemies when they least expect it. Though his pride often seems to hinder his judgment, he is actually quite cunning and quick to learn from his mistakes. Whenever someone or something proves a hindrance to his plans, he will aggressively target them to prevent them from being used again. As seen in his first fight with Nicolas, he sometimes will make idle chatter and small talk in an attempt to provoke his enemy into attacking recklessly.

Given his power over illusion, it is often Antares' enjoyment to torment his opponents through use of trickery, deceit and use of psychological warfare to bring up painful memories or to conjure frightening images.

If defeated, Antares takes it in stride - being surprisingly graceful with his losses. Finally, he is willing to admit when he is bested, and will not hesitate to retreat rather than stand and fight a losing battle.

Alignment: Lawful Evil.

Abilities and Skills:
[*]Summon Swords: With a snap of his fingers, Antares can conjure large, fiery blades that will home in on his opponents, doing fire damage to whatever they hit.
[*]Summon Shield: Also with a snap, Antares can conjure a large shield that will protect him from damage. The amount it can take is limited however, and it will break if it takes too much damage.
[*]Shadow Clones: By using his power over Illusion, Antares can create multiple clones of himself to confuse his enemies. They are insubstantial and cannot harm his enemies, nor can they be harmed if attacked - as weapons will simply pass through. However, such is their realistic appearance that even a trained eye cannot tell the difference between the real and the fake.
[*]Flash Step: An advanced speed technique that allows its user to travel vast distances in a short time. By harnessing this power, Antares can run at great speed without tiring, or alternately he can make short dashes that are so quick he appears to be teleporting. Often he uses this technique to appear behind his enemy, surprise them and stab them in the back.

[*]Master Swordsman. (Level 5) Antares is on par with his nemesis in skill and experience in swordsmanship. His mastery of the great-sword rivals such opponents as Cloud Strife.
[*]Expert Combatant. (Level 4) Antares is highly adept in barehanded fighting - though not to the same level as Jameson, he nevertheless has shown himself able to go toe-to-toe with most opponents in physical encounters.
[*]Genius Intellect. Arguably his most fearsome trait is his immense intellect. Jameson himself has praised Antares' intelligence; calling him an "adept tactician". Before battle, he tries to gain as much insight to his opponent's fighting styles, skills, abilities and tactics as possible. By analyzing this information and comparing it to himself, he can gauge how much of a sufficient threat the opponent will be, and how to counter their techniques.

Weapons and Equipment:

Weapon: Dies Irae. (Day of Wrath) - A double-edged great-sword that is almost as long as he is tall, a single red jewel is embedded into the pommel. This blade is comparable to the likes of Godsend, or Decem Mandata, its "sister" blade. This weapon has no real special abilities, but it is durable and incredibly sharp - able to cut through even the mightiest of opponents with ease.

[u]History:[/i] Originally born in the World of Beast's Castle, very little is known of his past, but what is known is that when that world fell into Darkness - Antares was one of the few survivors. Because of his incredibly strong heart and will, he was not consumed, but instead found his way to Traverse Town. While there, he met, fell in love with and eventually married a fellow refugee by the name of Julia.

The couple had one son, Damian - and for the next ten years, all was well for Antares. Yet, one day, Julia took ill and died. Grieving, and seeing the Heartless overrunning more worlds - Antares turned his back on emotion and swore he would honor her final wish: To make the worlds safe for their son.

To that end, he has searched out various worlds - hunting for means to control the threat that he believed took his wife from him. Along the way, he gathered widespread support and soon began to build his own, private army.

Eventually, he came into conflict with Nicolas Jameson on an unknown world. The two instinctively recognized the other's superlative qualities and their personalities being the exact opposite of each other. After an extremely brutal fight in which both displayed superior swordsmanship and magical skill, they parted, having becomes sworn enemies.

In the present day, Antares is still searching for a means to finish off his nemesis once and for all, and many believe a time will come when his rivalry with Jameson will come to a head.

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