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Everyone is important and should be treated nicely.  Because even big meanies, deep down inside, have a true reason for being a meanie that we just need to help them with!

Name: Krystal Kaleido

Age: 15

Appearance: Krystal is a young girl with teal-green hair who is somewhat short for girls her age.  Her outfit consists of a dress that is yellow and black up top while green and white for the skirt section.  She also wears arm sleeves that match the top of her dress, said dress also having a black string around Krystal's neck to hold it up. Also, Krystal wears a black hat with a yellow stripe, as well as a big yellow ribbon.

Personality: Krystal is extremely carefree and optimistic, always hoping for the best.  The young girl is usually satisfied with everything around her and thinks of everyone as a friend, even when they try and kill her.  This trait goes so far to the point where she'll help out just about anyone.  She also usually just goes off of her own instinct for situations, preferring it over overthinking things.

Sex: Female

Species: Human


  • Scatterpedal: Krystal can fire a horizontal whirlwind of rose petals from her hand.  The petals leave small cuts upon impact.
  • Cyclone Fist: Krystal performs a wind-powered, heavy punch.  The wind carries her fist's momentum forwards, increasing the impact and strength of the blow.
  • Curse Cycle: Krystal can take away negative effects on a person, examples being fatigued or being poisoned, by absorbing the negative effect and having the effect herself.
  • Air Slash: Krystal sweeps the air with her foot and shoots out an air wave.  Length equivalent to the sweep of the kick, fast speed.
  • Counter Burst: Krystal shoots a blast of Nothingness in a wide range around her (I'd say...7 ft).  The more worn out or weakened Krystal feels, the more damage caused by this attack.
  • Dark Cloud: Krystal can create a thick darkness up to 10 feet around her.  This darkness does no damage, but instead obscures vision to those without night vision, Krystal included.
  • Tempting Fate: Krystal is literal walking bad luck.  Whenever around, a catastrophe is bound to occur.  See History below for more details.


  • Safety Gauntlets: Slim steel gauntlets around Krystal's hands.
  • Firm Leggings: Leather boots made for the protection of Krystal's feet as well as enhancing her kicks..
  • Rosebud: An ordinary-sized dagger with a rose crest on the handle.

History: Krystal was happy and friendly with everyone in Radiant Garden.  She never asked for anything and always helped everyone out, becoming quite popular with the people of the town.  After the events that transpired...back when the castle was known as Hollow Bastion...people needed cheering up.  Because even some people, those who were glad when the town finally was free from the rule of an accursed witch, had their own problems and uncertainties still.  And Krystal was determined to be that person.

However, Not everyone seemed to like Krystal.  In fact, there was one person that lived deep out in the canyons who despised how she could possibly be this happy.  She always knew how to cheer everyone up and always put faith and trust in was ridiculous!  The man was a young and selfish wizard who lived deep off in the valley, so of course he knew exactly how to fix his little "problem."

Said wizard went in to town one day and asked where he could find Krystal.  He wasn't going to figure out how that girl worked.  He wasn't curious; he was jealous.  The wizard came up to where Krystal was and simply blasted her with a magic spell.  No, it didn't hurt, and the wizard left afterwards.  Krystal was intrigued with what happened.  If only she knew...

After that, many accidents began to occur around Krystal.  A man fell off a roof while painting it, a kid sprained his ankle while playing ball with his friends and the girl, a shopkeeper went bankrupt after Krystal bought some groceries from him.  Everyone could link these accidents to Krystal's presence in the area.  Soon, after that, everyone feared her, yet at the same time didn't want to hurt her feelings.  Even those rare occurrences that did let out their feelings about Krystal didn't bother the girl.  In fact, she adjusted to these occurrences and behaviors and learned how to use the powers of the curse to her advantage.  It usually didn't work, but she tried her hardest!

Supplementary Battle System

Strength || 8
Constitution || 4
Magical Affinity || 6
Magical Resistance || 4
Dexterity || 4
Speed || 8
Stamina || 8

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