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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Mireya, the Forgotten Goddess

Age: 2000 years aprox.

Sex: Female.

Species: God (half fox in apperance).

Level:: 1


Strength || 4
Constitution || 3
Magic Affinity || 9
Magic Resistance ||7
Dexterity || 7
Speed || 7
Stamina || 4
Remaining || 1

Niches: [To be added]


Mireya is a silent individual whose reserved nature can mistakenly lead some to believe she’s cold and/or uncaring. In reality, she’s far from that: she cares deeply about living beings to the point of self-sacrifice, but because of a life where direct interaction with human beings was scarce at most, the only exceptions being when it was truly necessary, she’s unsure of how to properly approach them and thus prefers to avoid all contact at all, acting from the shadows. Though she believes it’s best to not have predilections, she does care specially for Mohon and Aisling, seeing them as if they were her children.

The “character” her believers created for her makes Mireya wise and knowledgeable. She was known for giving great advice to those who needed it and knowing exactly what to do in order to have a good harvest or solve most of the problems the people in her world had. Her reserved nature is also, partly, because of her “character”, but it developed to be outside of it as well.




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Weapons & Equipment:

Orb of Dusk x 2
A sacred crystal sphere that once held the wishes of many believers inside. Most of the power has been used, but enough remains to make it a competent magical weapon. Mireya can channel her own magical energy into it in order to make it float by her side. It acquires the power to assist her in her spell-casting, powering-up her magic in a 15%. It can also be used to hit enemies with its blunt force if needed.

Though technically not a "weapon", Mireya can harden her large fox tail with magic. In battle, it'll look as soft as it always does, but in reality it can be swung to deal physical damage as if it was some sort of blunt weapon. The tail is almost as big as her, so its reach is that of 1.5 meters aprox.

Sacred Mantle
The mantle Mireya wears over her body. It serves the purpose of keeping impure energies away, halving the amount of damage a darkness-based attack would deal. It can also protect the user from curses and similar types of enchantments.

Miracle Orb
Crystal spheres that still contain the wishes of many believers. The energy can be drained from one of them in order to accomplish a single thing that goes beyond the boundary of what’s “possible”, like a miracle. One of the many uses it has is to give Mireya a temporary boost of power (raising her level to 5) or to allow passages to dimensions that would be closed to anyone else otherwise. However, this can only be done once.


Heightened Senses
Because of her nature as a “half-animal” being, her basic 5 senses are higher than those of a normal human being. She can hear things that are far away and smell things that other people wouldn’t even notice. Her eyesight is the best out of them, allowing her to notice extremely small details when analyzing something or far away objects and people. A handy ability at all times, though it makes her susceptible to strong smells and bright lights.

Divine Eye
Akin to what is generally called a "third eye", Mireya is able to sense the "life" in things and determine their nature. She can easily meassure, for example, the amount of darkness inside a person's heart, as well as if the person is truly alive or not (the latter case being that of a Nobody). Her third eye also enables her to percieve any supernatural phenomena around her. It makes it easier for her to detect illusions, traps or curses.

Spirit of Nature
Mireya is a Goddess of Nature. You could say that she's an incarnation of nature itself. As such, she has a high affinity with anything belonging to what is normally considered "nature", such as animals, trees, plants and even things that aren't alive, such as minerals. In a way, she can "speak" with them, ask them for help and even control them if she's given consent. Not only that, but she can also contact the "spirits" that usually live in forests, lakes, mountains and all sorts of natural landscapes. Mireya usually manages to be in good terms with them, as they are similar beings, but some are easier to talk with than others.


Spells & Skills

Leaf Arrows
Small arrows (that resemble the shape of leaves) made out of green energy that are shot from Mireya's Orb of Dusk towards an enemy. They can be shot in succession and are quite fast, but the strength is minimal at best, not even having the piercing power of a normal arrow. It deals low magical damage of the Earth element.

Ivy Shield
A condensed number of plants grow from the ground in front of Mireya, forming a tough screen that can protect her from incoming damage. They can resist physical attacks, but they are weak against magic, specially fire, as it can simply burn it down.

Feral Mode [Form]
An advanced version of the "Feral Mode" shared by the people of her world. Feral Mode allows them to acquire the stance and some of the basic abilities of the animal whose traits they share. In Mireya's case though, she's able to completely transform into said animal (a white fox), increasing her overall agility and physical strength while decreasing her magical mastery. This fox is bigger than its kind, being 4 ft. tall but as fast as one half its height. [Stats to come]



Faith-based Existence

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For the entirety of her life, the deity that would later adopt the name of “Mireya” served as a “Goddess of Nature” for a certain world in the far depths of the universe. Though many religious cults state that it was a god that created life (her own worshipers believing so themselves), the truth was significantly different. It was not the goddess who created the people; it was the people who created her.

Most gods that share her type of existence are the same. Sentient beings start to believe there’s some sort of divinity controlling one or all aspects of the world around them and eventually create a cult around it. There is no such divinity there to begin with, and for a while, their prayers go unheard. But with the growth of their conviction, their wishes and their honest beliefs, their minds finally end up giving birth to a “god”.

Mireya was the only deity of a world that worshiped nature, and thus, she became the one to be in charge of all nature. The birth of animals, the growth of wildlife and the way the world treated human society: it was all managed by her. People would pray to her and she’d do her best to help them. Once in a while, the view her believers had on her would change: from a kind motherly figure to a savage god of conflict, and from a savage god of conflict to the distant-yet-fair eyes of justice. Though her role never changed, her overall demeanor and even appearance did; she’d act the part humans gave her, whether she wanted to or not. At times she was calm, at times she was wise, at times she was strict and at times she even punished those who did what she didn’t like.

A maiden, a wolf, a tree, the sun, the moon, female and male… even though she changed many times across time, her role remained the same, and her followers did as well. All in all, her life was like that of any other god: a slave to mankind, one that couldn’t take the path she wished to take, but one that, despite everything, could feel happy with her own position.

The lifestyle that should have been hers’ until the day she was forgotten came to an abrupt end. It was New Years’ day, a day when the New Year Festival was celebrated in her honor. The only daughter of the priest’s family had gone missing, and thus the festivities had been delayed until she was found, both because of her role in the ceremony and because they couldn’t just drink and sing while knowing that one of them could be in danger. Feeling worried on her own, Mireya decided to help by checking every nook and cranny of the world, in hopes of finding where she was.

It all happened too fast. Out of sudden, the world had begun to be consumed by darkness. Having never seen such a force before, Mireya rushed away to the borders of the world in order to repel the threat. But she wasn’t fast enough: by the time she got there, the people were already suffering, having their lives extinguished one by one. The goddess fought, using the prayers and the wishes of her followers to her advantage, but the attacking force was too strong, and as if they had been prepared to fight her, she was temporarily sealed away in her own temple.

By the time she got out, she was only able to see darkness all around. None of her followers stood, not even the animals of the land. For a moment, she lost all hope and damned herself for being unable to protect anyone. But then it hit her: if everyone had died, then she would have ceased to exist as well, as she needed people to remember and believe in her to live.

After a few seconds that felt like countless years to her, she was able to find two survivors: the first was the missing daughter of the head priest, and the other was the youngest son of the main guard’s family. She took their limp, almost lifeless bodies in her arms, and as she floated away, escaping the darkness, she filled three crystal spheres with the prayers of the deceased. Each sphere was able to fulfill a single miracle.

Mireya, for the first time in her life, made a wish: “Please let me reach a place where these children can be safe”. The power of the orb granted her wish, transporting her to a world that would welcome the two lost souls.

This world was “Traverse Town”. It was a place that only appeared to those that were in the need of shelter, perfect for her and the two survivors. However, the world was currently in a realm called the “Realm of Sleep”, where the “dreams” of people gathered, and thus only connected by a thin thread to the “Realm of Light”. Why had she been brought to that place?

After inspecting the souls of the two survivors, she understood: the darkness had greatly damaged their souls, and they needed a place where they could “rest” without interruptions, without being exposed to great amounts of darkness OR light. The Realm of Sleep was perfect for them. Each of them would begin to live in a different “instance” of Traverse Town, deep in slumber, waiting for the time their hearts and souls had healed completely. And Mireya didn’t need to think twice before deciding her own course: she’d remain there as well, keeping watch over the two of them, helping them adjust to their new reality from the shadows while preparing to guide them once they had finally returned to the Realm of Light.

Though she intended to “keep watch” over them, the goddess was also forced to enter a deep sleep once she made her decision. She was only allowed to “watch”, not interfere, how her lives played out, just like a dream.

And after a year, she woke up. She was in an unknown land, quite different to the scenery she had gotten used to. Had the hearts of her children finally healed? Her connection with them was still strong, so it was easy for her to check their current state. Indeed, they had healed… but they still dreamed in the Realm of Sleep. It seemed that the Realm wasn't willing to let them go. Seeing no other alternative, Mireya used the second of her orbs to bring them back to the Realm of Light. She transported her conciousness to them, briefly explained to their souls the truth about what had happened to them, and then saw as they departed to different worlds.

And now she simply watches over them as they live, while trying to find a new reason to exist in this new Universe that embraced her.

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