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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Name:Ikarus, the Angel of Love







Magic Affinity:8

Magic resistance:4





Personality:Ikarus is a expressive person who is quite easy to decide people are her friends, even after trying to kill each other. Though the first person who knows of angleoids, might try to bind them selves to her, via the programming she was "born" with. When bound to someone's will, Ikarus has to do everything her. "Master" tells her to or risk her core to implode. She isn't programmed with emotions but can show emotions, from being bonded to someone who is willing to teach her to be more human.

As a Angeloid, Ikarus Issa a interesting personality when she is with her dear friends, and is dark when with her friends, not afraid to make people fear her. When bound to a bonded person her personality is the same, but her will to do as she wants is limited by her programming. She can only be taught emotions, or have to be put though enough situations where the emotion is relevant, that she adapts to showing the emotion. 

History:Programming initiated, unit Omega in complete, initiate system check..........all systems set, allocate unit.........unit allocated, boot up in progress..........*wirrr*........caution! System failure, restart in progress. Disassembly in progress, time intill reconstruction and reboot Angeloid in progress, unit 12......unit alpha in progress, system download in progress......system download complete, unit construction finished, allocation in progress.........allocated.......unit ready for boot.......booting in progress........memory drive placed, booting finished.*schssss*

The doors of a building open as a new Angeloid was successfully created. The Angel is unit 12, also know to the other angelloids as alpha, or Ikarus. A new combat type Angeloid, made also for common pet uses, as a alpha it is a prototype, but is ready for testing, and as it is released to the new world, a group of friends have meet a few miles away, compleatly unaware of the hidden factory that is hovering above the world above the group of  the local school kids. Angleoids are equipped to look humanoid so when put into a area with humans, they are not given away, but as a alpha, Ikarus has it's wings shown, and cannot be hidden. As the Ikarus scans the near by area, the friends speak between themselves, and one of the group "Trips" and lands face first into the cleavage of one of his female friends. They appear to be there to support a friend, who has a glider. The glider is made from scratch by(next character, who I shall not post a name for quite yet), who should be reminded of at a later date. After a few hours of talking the boy jumps off the cliff with the glider, and glides a few miles away. At the moment he is close to the point where he has calculated his landing zone, Ikarus has taken off from the haven she was sapposed to stay in intill she was scraped to be made into a better model. The Angeloid became a meteor of sorts, and lands a few yards away from the boys landing zone. When the boy lands and goes to check the crash, Ikarus invokes her bonding sequence, bonding herself to the boy, makeing him her "master". Angleoids who have pet class, or a reprogrammed with it, are worthless unless a master is with them.


Bow of the Venus queen: a bow that has two different forms, normal and omega form, normal form is a regular flow with a galactic design, like the universe is inside the bow, and omega version is even more design, looking as if the bow is on fire with dark flames, and the bow increases in size by 50%

Abilitys of the bow(only available while in Uranus queen form):

Artemis missiles: a magical aura comes form the spectral wings of the Uranus queen form, which then forms it self into twenty four home ing missiles, which are weak damage,

Galaxy shot: a arrow is filled with arcane and dark energy, giveing it a explosive punch, but it calls for extreme concentration and high amounts of mana. The arrow, hits for high damage the closer to it you are, from a distance of 50 feet, you are takeing minimum damage.


Queen of Uranus: Ikarus in times of danger and death, Ikarus transforms into a more dangerous form, her combat programming kicking in, given her and her weapon a extreme boost, and gives her magical abilitys.


Ageis type-S: Ikarus forms a hexagon pattern energy field around a target area, or can stack the parts of the shield together to make it stronger. It also is a mana drain spell, which gradually drains her mana, which is also half of her life force.

Scan: Ikarus uses her mechanical systems to scan a target area, or a wide spread scan, which takes longer the farther is expands.

Mind dive: a spell assessable from all forms, including normal form, allows people to travel though peoples thoughts, and dreams.

Few know how a Angeloid is so human like in features, but act so much like a robot. This because they don't know how to be a human, I on the other hand am the same as most human females.- Ikarus.

Ikarus theme song:  Ikarus

Ikarus fight song:Wings of Ikarus

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