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Name:Ren Hitero(or just plain Hitero)

Nicknames:Renny, Shen, (alias)White haired man







Magic affinity:10

Magic resistance:7





Appearance: Ren is a tall slender young man, with a little muscle tone. His hair is the color white, and his eyes silver. He wears as normal attire a yellow jacket over a white shirt, and black pants. On other occasions, he wears a white millitary vest, and a cape, base color being white and around the edges gold, with white pants, and a saber by his side.

Royal saber: a basic saber with the emblem of his family carved I tot he hilt, and sharpened for combat if needed. Can channel magic though it and can be enchanted.

Snow: a pistol that's a white as snow, and can have magic channeled though to enchant his bullets giveing them different attributes

Blizzard: Twin swords he carrys around hidden by clothing or by the weather. There made out of mythirl steel, and crafted to be as light as they can be. They both can channel magic, but it can only affect the weapons performance.

Basic magics:
Blisaga: a basic snow spell, makeing the enemy get blasted by a cone of pure cold magic

Gravity:a spell that grounds any flying enemy.

Flame enchantment: enchants the object with the aspect of flame, allowing the object to catch flame and burn, the object it self won't be affected by the flames

Ice enchantment: enchants the object with the aspect of ice, allowing the object to freeze and spread, the object won't be affected by the cold.

Wind enchantment: enchants the object with the aspect of wind, allowing it to go at faster speeds and have a mini tornado around it.

Electricity enchantment: enchants a object with the attribute of lightning, surrounding the object in electrical bolts, allowing lighting bolts to shoot form them

Exploding enchantment: enchants the object and let's it explode on contact. This can be used as a combo  with the other enchantments allowing them to explode in there element.

Enchantment of shielding: gives a target a shielding aura making magical attacks strength to be depleted rapidly, to where it would be as weak as it could be(5-10 minutes)

Enchantment of flight: allows target to fly for a period of time(10-15 minutes)

Enchantment of water breathing: allows target to breath under water(10-15 minutes)

Disenchant: disenchants target


Snow Aura: snow falls in the area around Ren

Frost aura: a aura of pure frost surrounds Ren in a ten foot radius

History: back as a child Ren was separated from his brother, this brother was forgotten because of it ability to make few sounds, and Ren was left to be raised by his uncle and aunt, king and queen of a kingdom, in the land of snow. Ren was raised by his Uncle and Aunt as if they where his real parents and Ren believed them, mainly be cause he had no memory after a Certain moment of his life, his brother was missing. That was all he remembered form his past, but he knew he was destined to be a prince and someday the king. As he grew up he was taught in the art of fencing and behind his "Parents" back he trained with a pistol. He was taught in the way of magic, and he excelled in enchantments, which is uncommon. Ren quickly broke the rules of his teacher of not 
experimenting with his ability to enchant with ease, and started enchanting his weapons, and accidentally burned half the stables down. After years of training in the art of enchantments and sword play(with some gun man ship), and years of learning on how to be a proportion diplomat his uncle declared that intill he died Ren would be thee ambassador aswell as the prince. As he announced this and gave him the ambassadors medal, the general of the army came and as a token of his pride of haveing the prince in his side gave him the twin blades of the ambassador, and his old vest, with a cape showing he was the prince.

Personality: ren is a to be heroic type of personality. But at this time he is a young prince that, to most is a over confident child who has trouble seeing in other peoples point of few. He is a polite young man when you get to know him, and has some trouble letting the rude get by. He likes to punish the evil but dosnt know the true meaning of that word.

Few know how a Angeloid is so human like in features, but act so much like a robot. This because they don't know how to be a human, I on the other hand am the same as most human females.- Ikarus.

Ikarus theme song:  Ikarus

Ikarus fight song:Wings of Ikarus

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