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Name:Sorox Teren.
Appearance: he has brown hair that he sometimes dyes blonde. He can be found wearing casual clothes. A blue T-shirt that says 'Break Out' and a pair of jeans with grey sports shoes. He tends to wear Sunglasses. Although people seen to adore his bright ruby red eyes. He can also be found in his alternative outfit. A black buttoned up jacket with a white shirt underneath, along with matching black pants that seen to have chains wrapped around the pant legs.

Personality:Kind and cheerful. He can often be seen surrounded by people. He can never turn down someone who nreds help. He unfortunately has a reverse personality sharing the same body. It calls itself Chain and prefers his alternative outfit to his casual clothes.Chain loves to anger and pick on people. He also loves to flirt. the change in personality can be determined by his eye color witch change s between blue Nd red.   This is due to his soul joining with another version of himself.
History: Sorox had been fighting someone he had thought of a potential friend. After the fight was over he had left the world. His friends and family were all dead. He wished he wouldn't remember any of what had happened. The worlds had seemed to hear his wishes and granted it. tossing him into a difference version of his universe. Accidentally fusing him with that universes version of himself. Becuase of this one thing was left behind in his mind. Witch was now being filled with thealternateSorox's memories.  'Ander' The name lft him feeling guilty. In his pocket was a pencil witch had traces of blood on it. He is determined to find the boy named ander. He feels a great need to apoligize to him. If only he could remember why...

Weapon: Transfusion. A Weapon that when a specific part is added. Will become a completely different weapon. For example: I  Grab a bullet off the ground and slam it onto Transfusion. It shines and reconstructs itself. Becoming two pistols. I recoil slightly as I shoot the ground on accident. Never having used guns before. I spin around and fire at the nova shadow. Missing and blowing out a light. I fire again and break a window. It closes in and I jump over if flipping and spinning. I land behind it and hold the gun up to the nova shadows head and fire. It falls onto the ground and fades away I sigh and smile. Spinning the pistols and then emptying the clips. only one bullet falls out and it turn back to it's normal blade form. More Shadows form from the ground. I grab my knife from my pocket and place it onto the blade. It turns into two curved daggers. I dash forward and slice the head off of one. Before swinging it back and catching a jumping shadow in the chest. Stabbing it and destroying it. I  touch the blades together and they switch into one long short sword. I turn and cut down the last shadow. A smile on my face as I split the blade again. Making it the two daggers before pulling my knife out of it. Transfusion turns back to it's original blade form. I place the knife in my pocket and continue my search.

Heart of light: His original weapon. Brought out by his adamant reasoning to find his friend. And to make him remember he would go to the ends of the earth to regain an old friend. He weilds his blade to bring out the light in peoples heart. To spread kindness to everyone except those who fight for darkness. His keyblade has a white leather grip. The hand guardsaround the handle keeping any attacks to his hand away. The coloring is a light gold color on the base. The blade has a white color to it. Sometimes a dark grey color can be seen. The chain is a charm from a necklace his mother gave him.

Heart of friendship: the trueform of his keyblade. Gained by meeting his friend.  This blades keychain is a pencil that was held by his friend Ander who in his dying moments. Turned it into a keychain. The blade is a rainbow of colors. Looking different to every single person. To sorox. The blade  is a long slim blade. outlined in gold with a black line down the center the tip spikes out to the side three times.
Abilities: Merge: a surge of power is sent through his body causing the two personalities to combine. Making his faster. Stronger. And allowing him to transform transfusion at will. this lasts for 15 posts. if all fifteen posts are used then he may pass out due to the stress put on his
Forms: Chain. His reverse personality who loves to flirt fight and pull pranks. This form shows no difference. Only in fighting style and personality

"My role in these worlds may not seem big, But it's more important than anything. I am the Angel Of Destiny"

Sorox's theme: Looking For Angels by Breaking Benjamin

Sorox's Dark form theme: Dance With The Devil by Breaking Benjamin

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