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Seth Vicens
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Seth Vicens - - -
> The Crystal Storm

> Male
> Humanoid
> 24

[-] Atlantica
[-] Christmas Town
[-] Halloween Town
[-] Space Paranoids
[-] The Grid
[-] The Pridelands
[-] Timeless River
Character Emblem Here


    > Physical Appearance
    Seth stands around 5’11” tall, his skin fair and his build is fairly slender. His black hair reaches down his neck, interspersed with several gray hairs. His eyes are pure gray, giving off the illusion that his sight is affected by some sort of affliction, despite being able to see clearly. When he has unlocked his restraint level, his eyes take on a bright golden glow, and several markings appear on his body, while his hair takes on a dark blue tone. In addition, the skin on his arms and legs begins to peel away in strips, revealing his true, crystal-like form beneath.

    > Outfit or Armor Description
    Seth’s outfits tend to vary from time to time, though his typical attire consists of a white long-sleeved shirt and dark jeans of some sort. He wears what seem to be black leather boots, almost looking like dress shoes. The main, consistent part of Seth’s attire are the multiple bands around his body, namely his wrists, neck, waist and ankles, which serve to act as the seal behind his power.


    Seth Vicens is a strange kind of being, his personality is no different. Fairly easy to get along with, Seth’s kind and honorable demeanor hides a person with quite a few demons, and whether that refers to literal or figurative is up for debate. In his normal state, Seth is a noble young man, more than willing to help one in need or make friends with someone he met. However, when he is forced to release his restraints, his attitude becomes one of pure chaos, bent on destruction of his target at any cost, but even still, his other side is able to take control for moments to calculate moves and direct his attention in other ways.

Combat and Ability Information

    > Elements
    Despite seeming as if he is related to the elements of Darkness or Ice, he in fact holds no particular affinity to any element, at least as far as has been noted as of now.

    > Weapons of Choice
    Abyssal Crystals | The inside of Seth’s body is comprised of a strange, unnatural crystal formation, capable of being shifted into various forms.

    > Fighting Style
    While Seth will initially try to avoid combat if it is possible, when he is provoked, he immediately shifts into a fearsome foe, lifting the skin around his arms, revealing his crystal weapons. Using them, Seth will instantly try to close as much distance between himself and his target as possible, preferring to pound and claw away at his foes.

    > Strengths
    One of Seth’s greatest skills in combat is his ability to learn as much about his foe during combat as possible. While he maintains control of himself, he is more than capable of analyzing his opponent.

    > Weaknesses
    One of the inherent flaws in Seth’s form is his lack of focus when he enters into combat at times, becoming little more than a psychotic monster. In addition, Seth is susceptible to magic based in Nothingness.

    > Stats and Level
    Level || 1
    Strength || 8
    Constitution || 7
    M. Affinity || 5
    M. Resistance || 5 (+2 vs. Lightning, -2 vs. Nothingness)
    Dexterity || 5
    Speed || 6
    Stamina || 6

    > Abilities
      Crystal Release | Seth charges himself with energy, before unleashing it outwards in the form of multiple crystalized projectiles, each infused with mystic energy.

      Crystal Shift | Seth cocoons himself into a human-sized crystal, shielding his body from attacks. While not indestructible, the crystal provides a significant amount of defence. After a certain amount of time, the crystal converts Seth’s body into a strange dark energy and transports him to a different location, forming a second crystal in a random area. While Seth is not in full control of where he ends up, he is capable of directing himself towards places that he has visited before.

      Abyssal Replenishment
      | If Seth ever were to lose a part of his body, after a lengthy period of time, he may regrow said part, or even instantly regrow it, at the cost of stamina and pain.

    It is truly a challenge to describe the origins of the one known as Seth Vicens, as there exist very few records that he even existed in the first place, and the ones that do exist are conflicting. What is known, however, is that Seth Vicens is both far and close to being human. The sequence of events that led to his conversion into the strange crystal form is an absolute mystery, though it is apparent that at one point, he was a perfectly normal human.

    Now, however, he is a strange creature, internally comprised of what seems to be a dark crystal-like substance, who seems to feast on anything that fits in his mouth. He harbors no ill-will towards anyone, but simply seems to be searching for something, though what exactly he is searching for is beyond any comprehension.

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