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Selene || Selena
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Have the flames in her heart died out?

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Selene || Selena
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Selene || Selena
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    Selene is hot headed and extremely passionate about what she believes in. Like fire, her heart burns brightly. She isn't judgemental of others, and can see good in everyone although she is easily annoyed by those who reject her or are rude to her). She talks openly with strangers and loves meeting new people, regardless if they clearly want to be left alone. Although Selene speaks enjoys speaking her mind, she also takes time to listen to others. Selene is also a little insecure about herself, and never fully accepts compliments because she doesn't believe them. The girl is also known for her sudden mood swings, from girlish innocence to pissed teen and vice versa. She also greatly enjoys messing around with people, especially Kenos, and taunts and teases them playfully.


    Selene was born into the average middle class home. Her family consisted of her parents (her mother and father), her grandmother, her older brother (who would leave the house in the years to come for his studies) and her sister (who was six years her senior). Occasionally, her Uncle Fabrum stop by to visit, bearing wondrous gifts and amazing stories. As both of her parents were always busy at work, her grandmother was left at home to take care of the two girls. However, at time passed her grandmother became weaker and less able to carry out her household duties. This left the responsibilities to her two grandchildren, but as the older sister was too busy hanging out with her girlfriends and boyfriends, the younger sister was left to shoulder majority of the work. In this fashion the girl grew up to be a mature and capable adult.

    Despite the adult role she had to take, Selene was otherwise a normal teenage girl. She wore make-up, she received great grades in school, and she had several friends. She was actually quite popular, which became even greater when she won the school singing competition. Even though she had a wonderful life, the teenager couldn't help but feel as if there was something missing in her it was just too shallow. Didn't life go deeper? Wasn't there something more?

    Her first thought was to go to her uncle, to ask if she would let her tag along. But he rarely showed up, and she didn't know when he would next appear for a visit. She didn't have any money of her own to use to go somewhere, so that was out of the question as well. Wasn't there anything she could do?

    The answer came in the form of a classmate of hers. His name was Kenos, but she only knew that because he had to present once to the class for a project--and did terribly. He was such an introvert, so much so that Selene had once thought he was actually a Nobody. His expression was always neutral, as if he had no emotions at all. She knew that wasn't true, however, as she had once noticed him scribbling furiously away in a journal, and she couldn't help but sneak a peek. The boy was so into it that he hadn't even noticed.

    He needed a friend. He needed someone to talk to, and Selene was convinced that that person would be her. She was walking home one day, thinking about how he could get him to talk to her, when a shadow suddenly passed overhead. She glanced up, and to her surprise she discovered that it was him, leaping from rooftop to rooftop. She followed him for a bit, wondering what he was doing. It became apparent as soon as the boy jumped down to the ground, as he knocked on a door and handed the person who answered it some letters.

    Ah. That was it: Kenos was a delivery boy. How....perfect.

    Selene instantly devised a plan in her mind. As soon as she got home, the girl ran to her desk and began searching for a paper and envelope. After she found them, she quickly folded the letter and sealed it in the envelope. She then wrote her name and address on top, running outside to stuff it in the mailbox. When Kenos returned the next day to hand her the letter (she had been waiting at the door all day, much to her sister's amusement), she struck up a friendly conversation. Soon, the two began to meet daily, often sitting and talking together for hours on Sunset Terrace...and Selene began seeing him as more than a friend. One day, Kenos confessed he was planning on leaving Twilight Town to find the Stranger (who would turn out to be her uncle) and Selene refused to be left behind. This was the start of the couple's travels together.

    Unfortunately, their story did not end happily. Despite their promise to travel together, Kenos went frequently out on his own without telling Selene. He had secrets from her, joining various Organizations without telling her. And to top it off, he had somehow gained amnesia. Although these issues were eventually resolved, a much larger one appeared: Twilight Town was attacked. Hordes of Heartless were killing and slaughtering innocent people that he knew, led and commanded by a white-haired man she would later discover was named Etzolix. The experience devastated the girl; her home was in ruins, her boyfriend nowhere to be found. She was left feeling weak, useless, and insignificant.

    She trained herself to be stronger, and she did; she strengthened her magical abilities and expanded on the skills and spells she could use. In her training, she encountered a fire spirit named Al that soon became her pet, friend, and traveling companion. She was even elected to the position of Battlemage by Mayor Tyler Saikou himself. Unfortunately, that did not last long either; another attack was made on the world, one that destroyed the world completely. She and the other inhabitants of the town were forced to flee, and the girl found herself reuniting with Kenos on Neverland.

    However, it seemed as if the universe did not wish for her to be happy or the worlds to be safe. A man named Onyx, who called himself ‘the Messiah’, came to Neverland in order to absolve all of them of their sins: in other words, destroy them. He almost succeeded, burning most of the island to the ground, but left when Trixie struck a deal with him that would spare the lives of everyone else. Selene decided then she could no longer live in this universe. She had to leave it, and everyone in it, behind. But she couldn’t let go of Kenos. She couldn’t let go of her love.

    She approached a WiseWoman of the Piccaninny tribe to request her help. She wanted to travel to a world different from this one...but a world that still had Kenos in it. She wanted a reboot of her life. Her wish granted, the shaman opened up a one-way portal and sent her to this new universe. Warned of the dangers and the limitations of such travel, Selene eagerly left with Al in order to create a better future.

    Ardor Flare
    Selene's primary weapon, a dirk. The handle, which is about the length of that of a knife's, was carved from a deep red cherry wood and was cylindrical in shape, with grooves carved around it. At the end of the handle was a wide, flaring pommel capped by a ruby with a design of winged heart etched into it. The blade was 12-13 inches long; thick, heavy and triangular in both profile and cross-section. It’s single edge is kept very sharp. The blade was made of a compound of topaz and bronze. When Ardor Flare breaks skin, it sends a burning sensation across the body.


    Chains of Fury
    This spell creates a twenty-foot-long chain made solely of flames. These chains float in the air and are controlled by the user; the user never physically touches them as it will inflict damage and pain on touch. The Chains of Fury can be used in a whip-like fashion or to bind the opponent, squeezing their body as tightly as possible. This spell will dissipate immediately on contact with water (although there must be a fair amount of water; a sprinkle or a few drops will do very little). This attack does moderately high damage, but only causes moderately minor burns on contact.

    Whips of Ferity
    This spell creates a twenty-foot-long whip made solely of lightning. This whip is held in the user's hand and is controlled by the proper movements and gestures.The handle of it is harmless, and thus does not inflict damage and pain to the one hold it. The Whip of Ferity can be used to strike and slash at the opponent, and to grab at weapons and limbs. This spell is weakened against moderately earth-type spells. This attack does moderately high damage, but only causes moderately minor burns/stings on contact.

    Involcrum de Fulmen Fax
    This spell envelopes the Selene's dirk with both Fire and Thunder, lengthening Ardor Flare to a sword that is about 40" in length. On contact with an opponent, Involucrum de Fulmen Fax produces minor burns while producing a minor shocking effect. This spell cannot induce any form of paralysis. The user is able to dissipate the envelope, returning the weapon to normal.

    Ignis Ostentus
    Ignis Ostentus launches a fireball about 2 feet in diameter at the opponent. This fireball will travel about 10 feet in a straight line at 15 mph before it explodes, separating into five smaller, weaker (but faster) fireballs. Each new fireball will about 5 inches in diameter and does moderately low damage each, traveling now at 20 mph. Also, each sphere will have a limited homing function and will be drawn to the greatest source of heat within a 10 foot radius from the moment of explosion. Ignis Ostentus causes minor burns on contact with the opponent. If the larger fireball makes contact with the opponent before it separates, the damage will be five times greater than one of the smaller fireballs and will produce moderate burns. This spell has a great weakness to water and will dissipate on contact to it.

    Sends out a fusion of Fire and Lightning in the form of a bolt. The bolt is approximately a foot long and is five inches thick at its widest part. It travels in a single direction, unable to change, at a speed of 10 fps. When it reaches its target (or hits something else), it explodes--this is only for aesthetic purposes, and does not affect the damage in any way whatsoever. This spell only does moderate damage, and causes no other effects.

    Fire swirls around the intended targets (radius of area may vary) while lightning rains down with it, forming a protective dome. The creation is near-instantaneous, and is unbreakable to an average human’s physical attack. A powerful enough attack could break it. Alternatively, the barrier may take the form of a wall as well.

    Sanitatum Flamma
    This spell creates a flame that will wash over a person's wounds, cauterizing them. Sanitatum Flamma can only cauterize gashes and cuts, not stabs or any other fatal wounds, and does not reduce pain--the wounded would feel pain from the fire as if it were an attack.

    Cure Cut
    This spell cloaks the blade in Cure magic. The wielder can then stab the blade into a wounded person, transferring that Cure magic. This heals as much damage as a small stab would inflict, and when the blade is withdrawn, no wound is left--however, the one whom this is inflicted on feels the pain as if they were actually stabbed. This effect can be stacked, and with each stack she has to stab again, so she'll have to stab someone repeatedly until they're healed sufficiently.

    Wake-Up Slap
    By enveloping her hand in Cure magic, the wielder can transfer that magic with physical force and momentum. The receiver of the slap is relieved of any fatigue, drunkenness, or confusion they may be under and their stamina is replenished; the harder the slap is, the more effective the spell becomes.

    Sends a wave of electricity throughout the body, causing it to go numb and easing the person's pain. This does not heal in any way--it only relieves a person of their pain. Numbs the entire body, but must be used again if the person is hurt again. Can be used on the user or another person, and this only dulls pain singularly--not other sensations.

    Flame Burst
    Allows the caster to create minuscule blasts underneath the caster's feet, propelling him/her in the direction (s)he chooses. The user is driven a distance of 15 feet at 10 mph. The user cannot change nor control the speed or distance, only the direction. (S)he cannot stop nor change direction mid-use, unless she were to use it again in another direction mid-use (but she still cannot control the distance).

Forms and Transformations

    Searing Rebirth
    In order to use this form, Selene has to be wounded. When Selene casts this form, her body immediately disintegrates into ashes. From the ashes, a phoenix rises with full health and stamina. The avian is the size of a Golden eagle: 39 inches in length, with a 2.3 meter wingspan. She can fly up to 75 feet high and can fire five 1 MP fireballs in each post. The fireballs can only be fired in succession and must be fired together; for instance, she can't fire 3 fireballs one post. When the form wears off, the bird goes up in flames, and Selene is returned to her original form with her original health prior to the transformation. She is returned to her human form no matter where she was as a phoenix; so if she was 75 feet in the air, then she will fall 75 feet as a human. Selene also becomes disoriented in the post the transformation ends.

Summons and Pets

    Alizarin--Spirit of Fire Level 1
      Transform: Al can switch between his Child Form (2’0” and 11 lbs) and his Champion Form (6’0” and 115 lbs) at will. The transformation takes seconds, accompanied by a blast of flames surrounding him.

      Fire Punch: Can enshroud a limb with flames while attacking. Does moderately high damage and leaves moderate burns.

      Fire Blast
      Spews a large ball of fire at the opponent. Range is 10 feet; does moderate damage and leaves moderately low burns.

      Warm Hug
      Tackles opponent and embraces them, causing moderate damage and continuously burning them. May set victim on fire.

      Attributes: Child Form
      Strength || 1 (Champion Form +6)
      Constitution || 1 (Champion Form +4)
      M. Affinity || 1 (Champion Form +7)
      M. Resistance || 1 (Champion Form +4)
      Dexterity || 4 (Champion Form +1)
      Speed || 5 (Champion Form +1)
      Stamina || 4 (Champion Form +2)

      Champion Form (+25)
      While in his Champion Form, Alizarin is much stronger in all areas than he is in his Child Form.

Political Information

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    Details of where your character stand as far as morality. Good, neutral, evil
    > Affiliations
    Links and descriptions of current and past groups or organizations joined
    > Relationships
    Relationships List:

    Names and details of other characters you have any relation to in any way

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