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Name: Sombra Azrael

Age: 25

Appearance: Sombra stands at a massive seven feet tall and weighs three hundred and fifty pounds of pure muscle. His hair is blue and goes down to the middle of his back. He wears no shirt instead he wears a white coat over his shoulders like a cape. He also wears a pair of white pants and a sturdy pair of steel toed boots. All over his body are strange tattoos that are several shades darker than his tanned skin.

Sex: Male

Species: Forgotten

Personality: Sombra is a quiet man, and when he does speak it is straight to the point. He normally doesn't bother with formalities unless he feels that they have truly deserved their title. Sombra is always looking for a good fight. He wants to be pushed to the limits of his power. He finds enjoyment on combat. If someone fails to push him even a little, he will not bother finishing them off. He finds little point in it. When he is alone and has time to think. He wonders about himself. He wonders what is missing from his life.

Abilities and Skills:

  • Four Chains: Sombra has placed a limiter on himself so that he can fight people weaker than himself. With each release of the chains (up to 4) his states increase by one level until he places the limiter back on after the fight. Sombra only uses this when he feels that his opponent is strong enough.
  • Consumption: Sombra can absorbed the energy from his opponents. This requires a good hold with both hands. He normally only uses this after a fight to regain energy, but if he can grab someone he will use it.
  • Fire Punch: The tip of the tonfas get super hot as he readies his next strike. The attack adds minor burns on top of the normal damage that it does.
  • Deflection: Using his tonfas coated in magic, he can parry some magic projectiles. He may still get some damage from them, but he could avoid most of them with this technique.

    Weapons and Equipment:

    • Crosses of Unholy Fury: These special tonfas are cross shaped. The longest part going down his arm in order to block his opponents strikes. The top of the cross points past his fists about six inches. The striking part rests over the arm instead of under it. The metal is very heavy and dense making so that it can crush lighter armor  and block most weapons.
    • Armor: N/A
    • Item: N/A

    Supplementary Battle System

    Level : 5 (With Four Chains lv:1)
    Strength || 10
    Constitution || 9
    M. Affinity || 3
    M. Resistance || 4
    Dexterity || 4
    Speed || 4
    Stamina || 8


    Sombra awoke on a battle field. The sounds of battle was the first thing he heard. Men and women screaming in pain and fury. Steel screeching against steel. He rose slowly a massive hulking shadow of the battle the unfolded before him. Those closest to him stopped their fighting to gaze at the large man tower over them. No one knew who's side he was on. He was on no one's side. He attacked everyone indiscriminately in a mad furry. He would take people out with a few mighty blows of his tonfas. In a silent agreement both sides attacked the lone individual. He took them all on in open glee. He laughed roared over the sound of crushing bones and metal. Once the battle was done he stood over a pile of bodies. None of them challenged his power. Not even their commanders and heroes. Sombra left that battlefield for another and then another after than. He soon earned the nickname Sombra "the war hound." or "the mad dog". There was a reason that Sombra fought like he did. He remembered something when he fought. No that wasn't the right word. He felt something when he fights. He pondered it when he was not fighting. Maybe it had something to do with his past. Did it have something to do with him not remembering anything before he woke on that battlefield?


Theme: I am All of Me - Crush 40
Battle Theme: Die by the Sword - Dragon Force
Zeferoth's Profile:
Color: Crimson

Sombra's Profile:
Color: Blue

Kisala's Profile:
Color: Cyan

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