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Fabrum - - -
> Contract Summoner

> Male
> Human
> Physically 22 years old

Character Emblem Here


    > Physical Appearance
    Fabrum stands at 5’11 and weighs about 157 lbs. His short, dark brown hair is combed to the side to reveal his light skin and his striking golden eyes. His facial hair includes slight sideburns, moustache, and beard; all of which are neatly trimmed. He is well into shape, with nicely toned muscles on his arms, legs, and torso. Black guyliner is also visible around his eyes.

    > Outfit or Armor Description
    Fabrum’s outfits consists mainly of dark colors--usually slim black jeans, a crimson T-shirt, and a buttoned black vest. Tucked into the pocket of his pants is a silver pocketwatch on a silver chain. Alternatively, Fabrum sometimes wears a black coat that falls past his waist instead of his vest. On his feet are black boots.


    On the outside, Fabrum appears to be friendly, polite, and sophisticated--the embodiment of a gentleman. He treats everyone he meets with respect, especially those female in gender. As such, he flirts with any girl that looks physically capable of completing certain functions. Fabrum is also not a confrontational person; he doesn’t pick fights, and he doesn’t fall to the provoking of others. However, underneath that friendly persona is a much darker man, one who enjoys toying and experimenting with others. He manipulates people, prodding them to do things “just to see what would happen”.

Combat and Ability Information

    >Attributes: Level 1
    Strength || 3
    Constitution || 3
    M. Affinity || 5 (+5 Summoning)(-4 Spellcasting)
    M. Resistance || 6 (-1 Elements)
    Dexterity || 3
    Speed || 4
    Stamina || 5

    Summoning (+5) || Spellcasting
    Fabrum’s magical abilities are only useful in the summoning other creatures, which may be why he is so proficient in it. He is unable to use his magic through offensive, defensive, or supplementary spells.

    Elements (-1)
    Fabrum is weak to the four cardinal elements: Earth, Air, Wind, and Fire. As such, he takes slightly more damage when hit by such magical attacks.


    Fabrum was born in Twilight Town to a happily married couple; however, the childbirth was too difficult for the mother and she died soon after her son was born. Unable to care for the child himself, Fabrum’s father hired a young nursemaid to raise him and take care of him. As his father was often away at work, the nurse became a surrogate mother to the boy. Their relationship grew stronger over the years, and Fabrum loved his nurse as he would love his family. She seemed to return his familial feelings as well...for a while.

    In Fabrum’s ninth year, when he and his nurse were alone in the house, she told the boy she wanted to try something new. “An experiment,” she called it. Thinking it was one of the harmless games the two had played over the years, the child agreed without hesitation. However, this game turned out to be like none they’d ever played before: it required him to take off his clothes as his nurse touched him in weird spots in weird ways and had him do the same for her. Both uncomfortable and disturbed, the boy repeatedly pleaded and begged his nurse to stop--but she refused to relent. She continued her experiment until she had stolen from Fabrum that which could never be returned.

    Broken and distressed, the boy spent the night sobbing in his room. He began experiencing emotions he had never felt before: trauma, despair...and hatred. He cursed the nursemaid he had once loved for breaking him. He cursed himself for being too weak to stop her. And he cursed his father for never being present, never being the parent, never being there to protect him. “I wish...I wish I had someone to protect me!” he cried out. And, at that moment, his entire world changed.

    A bright flash lit up the room, blinding the nine year old. When the light faded, and his eyes readjusted, the boy discovered that he was not alone. Standing before him was a beautiful girl, dressed in white armor and wielding a large sword and shield. Her silver hair was long, braided in a ponytail that fell past her waist. White energy crackled around her as she stared at the boy with her crimson eyes.

    “W-who are you?” he stuttered, recoiling in fear, “What are you going to do to me?” Already, he had become wary of others.

    “I am going to protect you,” the girl replied calmly, “That is is what you summoned me for, is it not?”

    “I...summoned you?”

    “You cried out,” the valkyrie explained, “Your desires were so great that they were heard in the Other Realm. I was chosen to answer them.”

    “Then you’ll help me?” He was beginning to smile, happy that there was someone he could actually trust...someone that could be there for him like no other. “You’ll protect me?”

    The girl nodded. “As soon as we make a contract.”

    “How do we do that?” He wondered if there was some paper that he had to sign.

    “With a seal.” The valkyrie leaned down without warning, her lips making contact with Fabrum’s.

    Taken by surprise, the boy almost pulled back--but an invisible force seemed to keep him their. Despite all the horrible things his nursemaid had done to him, she had failed to steal one thing: the boy’s first kiss. And while the nurse’s theft had left Fabrum broken and empty, this girl’s robbery only filled him up with the light of hope. He could feel it: all the pleasure and the happiness in the world in a single moment. The sense of connection, of sharing...of being one.

    Both the celestial being and the human child glowed faintly, until the valkyrie pulled back and finished the contracting process. “It is done,” she proclaimed.

    Several seconds of silence passed as the boy wondered what happened next. Would she disappear for now, only to reappear when he needed protecting? Probably not, considering that the girl was still standing in front of him. “Um...what’s your name?”

    “Kyla,” she responded, “Is there anything else you’d like to know, Master?”

    “M-master?” What was she talking about?

    “You have successfully made a contract with me. I am now your servant; as such, I will do my best to meet your every command.”

    “I’m not...My name’s Fabrum.” He told her, sticking out his hand. He still wasn’t sure what a ‘master’ was.

    She looked at his outstretched palm, then grasped it tentatively. “Would you prefer to be called by your name?”

    “Y-yeah. ‘Master’ sounds gross. And...we can just be friends. You know, because you’re protecting me.”

    “....Friends it is...Fabrum.”

    The boy smiled. “What now?”

    “You may give me a command. If my presence makes you uncomfortable, you could dismiss me.”

    “...Anything?” She’d do anything for him? It was like he had his own personal genie! But prettier.


    The boy’s eyes dropped to the ground, away from the girl’s face. “I to punish my nurse. For hurting me.”

    “As you wish.”


    Years passed, and the boy’s life continued without incident. After the mysterious disappearance of his original nurse, Fabrum’s father hired a new one: a young, silver-haired girl by the name of Kyla. Though strangely dressed, the girl worked well, and followed the young man wherever he went. Stranger still, ever since she was hired, all those that picked on or bothered Fabrum in the slightest way would suddenly go missing--just as his previous nurse had. As such, many of the townsfolk regarded the boy as ‘cursed’--and shunned him completely. At first, this did not bother the male at all; he had Kyla, and she was the only friend he needed.

    That, however, lasted only so long. He longed to be accepted by his peers and his fellow townspeople--their rejection reminded him of his father’s neglection. He thought that if he acted friendly and charming towards others, they would finally accept them. This was not the case. No matter who he pretended to be, the curse followed Fabrum wherever he went. Although this would dissuade most from continuing such a charade, the teenager kept his facade. Instead, he let his bitterness fester inside of, hiding his growing dark personality. He manipulated the ones he met, becoming obsessed with ‘experimentation’ and being in control of others. Toying with regular people soon became boring for him, however, and he wished for something much more exciting.

    “I’ve grown tired of Twilight Town,” the twenty-two year old complained to his Valkyrie, “I’ve experimented with every type of person in this town. And the neighboring towns will be just the same.”

    “Then why not try other worlds?” the girl suggested immediately. “I’m surprised you haven’t asked earlier, considering that you know that I originated from a whole nother realm.”

    “The thought never crossed my that you do mention it, it does seem quite anything. But then again, I’m sure anything would compared to this dull town.” He sighed. “And how do I travel to these ‘other realms’? By jumping through portals like you do?”


    “Really?” A faint smile grew on the man’s face, a gleam in his eye.

    “They are called gates, not portals, but they will complete your objective. If you wish it, I can open on for you. I must warn you, however, that humans don’t ordinarily do such things. Much of your energy will be consumed in the process.”

    “I am not an ordinary human, Kyla,” he winked at her, “And I can always rest afterwards. Well, what are you waiting for? Open up a gate! Bring me to an interesting place, with many different kinds of people. A place where I can be free to experiment as I wish, for as long as I wish...forever!” Such a place must exist out there, he thought to himself.

    Kyla nodded, throwing her hand forward to open up a gate. “As you wish.”


    He ended up on an island known as Never Never Land; Neverland for short. The first thing he did was acquaint himself with the peoples of the world, amazed at how many different cultures and species there were: Pirates, Indians, Mermaids, Fairies! He was delighted at how many variables there were; so many experiments he could complete! But, of course, he needed a place to experiment. And so he built himself a laboratory, hidden from view and only accessible by himself.

    His most significant project came in the form of a pregnant woman, whom had washed up on shore one day. Apparently she was traveling to the New World from a place called London, and a terrible storm had thrown her overboard. She had only managed to survive because some luggage had fallen along with her, and she had used it to keep afloat. Fabrum, seizing the opportunity, nursed her back to health...among other things. While she was sleeping--under the influence of a special drink he had learned how to brew from the Piccaninny, he injected a concentrate derived from Pixie Dust into the fetus of the woman’s unborn fetus.

    The baby had a seemingly normal birth--he came out nice and healthy. Just like any child. However, a strange incident did occur: the baby laughed when he was picked up by Fabrum, almost like a burp. The strangeness was not from the action itself, but from what came from it: at the very moment the laugh left the newborn’s lips, a small light sparkled into existence, and from it formed a tiny, silver-skinned fairy with red hair. And peculiar still, the baby boy’s shadow disappeared at that very same second. No matter how he was held in the light, the young one would not produce a shadow.

    Fabrum wondered if they were connected, the shadow and the fairy. It was an interesting concept...but in order to do this correctly, he’d have to isolate the two main subjects: the boy, and the fairy. He convinced the woman that she’d have to part with her son: he would be unable to grow up due to the nature of the world. Though she begged to go with him, Fabrum explained to her that he was only able to send the boy because of how small he was--he didn’t have the energy to send away a full-grown adult other than himself.

    “Enter: Werecat.” Fabrum called out, summoning a blonde, brown-clothed catgirl before him. She stretched as if only being woken up, then sighed.

    “What do you want?”

    “Is that really the way to talk to your Master, Tammy?”

    “Contractor. You’re my contractor,” she replied, tersely.

    “Kyla calls me Master. Is it so difficult for you to do the same?” He only got a glare in return. “Fine, fine, call me what you wish. It doesn’t change the fact that you have to do what I say.”

    “Which is…?” Fabrum pointed to the baby, causing Tammy to raise her eyebrow. “Excuse me?”

    “I want you to take this baby to Twilight Town. Drop him off to an orphanage or something.”

    “Ugh, why don’t you just have Kyla do it? She’s your favorite, isn’t she?”

    “I need Kyla here with me. And I need you to watch over him.”

    The feline groaned. “I don’t want to babysit some human! How long do I stay with it?”

    “Forever.” Tammy groaned again. “I need you to check back periodically with me. He’s...part of an experiment.”

    “Of course….fine, as you command. Twilight Town, right?” The female picked up the baby gingerly, opening up a gate before her moving forward to jump through it.

    “One more thing,” Fabrum told her, “Try to stay as a cat. Even from the boy. I don’t wish to be found out.”

    “Perfect. I’ll just around all day and have the boy take care of me...Speaking of which, what’s his name?”





    Summoner’s Soul
    Fabrum’s soul has the ability to reach out and call beings from the other realms of existence. Once present in our realm, he is able to form a contact by bonding his soul to the summoned’s. After that, he is able to call forth the being whenever and wherever he wants and command them as he wishes. In addition, the strength of his summons grows with his own; their level is represented by his.

    Gate Crasher
    Fabrum has the ability to use the power of his summons and create a gate much like the ones they use. This allows him to travel to any world he wishes; if he does not have a specific destination in mind, the gate will transport him to one that aligns closest to his desires.

Forms and Transformations


Summons and Pets

    Kyla [VALKYRIE]--Fabrum’s main partner
      Form Change: Kyla can switch between her Normal Form, her Thorn Form, her Polar Form, her Shadow Form, and her Blaze Form at will. Cooldown: 4 posts.

      Duel Proficiency: Kyla wields both a large sword and shield, both she is able to swing and control with ease as needed. This allows her to attack and defend at the same time.

      Elemental Preference: Depending on which form she is in, Kyla is able to use the corresponding element in its ethereal form. Her only abilities include firing a basketball-sized sphere of the element in a single direction and summoning a square-shaped wall with each side as long as her height in front of herself (or another).

      Strength || 7
      Constitution || 5
      M. Affinity || 7 (+3 Primary Element)
      M. Resistance || 5 (-3 Opposing Element)
      Dexterity || 5
      Speed || 7
      Stamina || 6

      Primary Element (+3) || Opposing Element (-3)
      Depending on which form she is in, Kyla will have higher magical attack with her primary element and a lower magical defense against the opposite element. The corresponding matchups follow as such: Light<>Dark, Water>Fire>Grass>Water.

    Tammy [WERECAT]--Fabrum’s spy
      Transmogrification: Tammy can switch between her Humanoid Form and her Animal Form at will. When she is in her Animal Form, a small collar around her neck appears. A tag with her name etched into it is attached to the collar.

      Quick as a Cat: Tammy is able to scale buildings and other structures at ease, is extremely nimble and agile, and is able to twist and maneuver her body as she wishes.

      Strength || 6 (Animal Form -2)
      Constitution || 6 (Animal Form -2)
      M. Affinity || 3
      M. Resistance || 3
      Dexterity || 8 (Animal Form +2)
      Speed || 8 (Animal Form +2)
      Stamina || 8

      Humanoid Form (+2) || Animal Form (-2)
      While in her Humanoid Form, Tammy has much greater strength and defense when she is in her Humanoid Form than in her Animal Form. However, she’s faster in her Animal Form than she is in her Humanoid Form.


Political Information

    > Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral.

    > Affiliations
    Links and descriptions of current and past groups or organizations joined

    > Relationships
    Relationships List:

    Names and details of other characters you have any relation to in any way

Roleplay Lists - - -

    Threads List:

    Links and brief description of all rp threads your character has been in. Sorted in chronological order

Political Information

    > Alignment
    Details of where your character stand as far as morality. Good, neutral, evil

    > Affiliations
    Links and descriptions of current and past groups or organizations joined

    > Relationships
    Relationships List:

    Names and details of other characters you have any relation to in any way

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