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Basil Drakon
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Basil Drakon, The Observer
Age: Looks to be in his 20’s. A bit more than 60 years old in reality.

Sex: Male.

Species: Human.

Level:: 2


Strength || 3
Constitution || 5
Magic Affinity || 8
Magic Resistance || 8
Dexterity || 5
Speed || 6
Stamina || 5
Remaining || 2

Niches: [To be added]


The Observer behaves in an open and friendly manner when dealing with all types of people, disregarding things such as whether the person is good or evil and even if they are actually willing to speak with him. His most prominent facial expression is a smile, which he shows everyone he encounters in order to put them at ease and make initial interactions an easier task.

He’s not entirely dishonest in the way he acts, but he can’t be called honest either. Because of a life of constantly moving from world to world, meeting people and making friends, only to break all ties with them later, he no longer sees human relationships as something priceless. Though his heart still considers them something special, he’s unable to see them as irreplaceable. It won’t matter to him if he never sees a “friend” again and he won’t feel disheartened if someone he held in high esteem ends up hating him at a later date. Ever since he lost his memories, however, he has started to treasure the links he has with others a little bit more.

Basil Drakon thirsts for knowledge. He keeps an eye out for anything that might expand the “database” inside his mind, usually reading books and various documents in his free time, only to be well informed. This is a result of his many years as an Observer and his goal of finding out more things about his past self, as well as the “task” that he was given.

In a way, his eyes see the world around him in black and white: things are either “fun” or “boring”. He’ll observe that which he considers “fun” or worth his attention, while everything “boring” will be dismissed. His standards for what’s fun and boring are rather unique, however: he can find something of interest even in the daily life of a farmer. Basil Drakon believes that human life is plagued by “conflict”, and that conflict gives birth to interesting situations which are worth his attention.. Being able to marvel himself at the smallest things, he goes around the worlds in a good mood, always wondering what is he going to discover next. Those who are deemed “boring” by his eyes, however, are up for an extremely cold treatment, if there’s “treatment” at all



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Basil Drakon
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Weapons & Equipment:

Whip of the Drone
A whip that, on plain sight, looks nothing like a whip. It’s a simple leather handle made for the hand of an adult man, hanging from the Observer’s belt. The rest of the weapon becomes visible once the user applies a certain amount of magical energy, creating a 10 ft. long lash that constantly emanates a soft green glow (depending on the amount of magical energy used, however, it can grow to be up to 20 ft. long, though surpassing the 10 ft. mark drains his stamina much faster). It can be used to whip opponents as well as to encircle and subsequently trap them. Also, the movement of the whip isn't only decided by the user's arm movement, but also on how he controls his magical energy, meaning that it can attack from unexpected angles if the user wishes to. Because of the nature of the weapon, damage dealt by the whip is magical, though it can inflict physical wound if it hits someone’s skin hard enough.
Set of Daggers
A set of 10 throwing daggers. No special properties. It remains in a pouch tied to the Observer’s belt. He has experience in using them, so he can accurately hit a target with one most of the time. He’ll get more between topics if he runs off.

Observer’s Emblem
A small green, round emblem attached to the neck of his suit. Proof that he was once a proper Observer. It still serves the property of giving him minimum increased defense against magical attacks (-5%). He keeps it around mostly because of emotional attachment.


Keen Senses
He has greatly trained his five human senses throughout the years, which allows him to “notice” things far more easily than others. He can hear almost imperceptible sounds, for example, and catch even the smallest details in anything he may be inspecting. This ability comes in handy in the battlefield, as it allows him to sense changes in his opponent’s body, which can lead to an accurate prediction of his next move.

Third Eye
The Observer can “feel” the energy in things around him and differentiate the energy one person emits from another, which also applies to different races and states of the heart (for example, he can easily differentiate a Somebody from a Nobody, even if there’s no physical distinction between the two). This gives him an advantage in his task of collecting knowledge, and it also allows him to be a bit more aware of magical attacks heading his way.

Spells & Skills:

Space Shifting
A teleportation spell used for short-range movement. Basil can make himself disappear and then reappear at a close-by location. The maximum distance he can cover at his current level is 20 ft. There must be a gap of 5 seconds between the first teleportation and the next. Constant usage will drain his stamina faster.

Invisible Cloak
A spell that allows Basil to turn himself invisible for an undetermined amount of time. At his current level, he can’t do anything other than move in that state. Using another spell while under the Invisible Cloak or trying to attack someone will result in the spell breaking apart, thus revealing his location. This will also happen if he’s hit by someone. Better used for espionage than for fighting.

Illusion Clones
Basil Drakon can create illusory clones of himself to confuse the enemy. These clones all share the same amount of magical energy and are difficult to differentiate from the main body. However, they are not “real” clones, and though they can speak and act as Basil would, they don’t have a physical body, and they can’t attack or cast spells. Only the real one is able to do so.

An illusory spell that allows Basil to disguise objects and items as something completely different. One of the most common uses is throwing a rock at his opponent, while the rock is actually a dagger. He can also disguise traps in the ground as nothing more than grass and he can make projectiles look even as animals. The amount of possible uses is almost endless.

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Basil Drakon
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