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In the long history of our world (or dare I say, our universe) there have been many instances where our common livelihood has been targeted by “threats”. By threats, I don’t mean the threats we’re used to, such as criminals running rampant among the streets or rival nations waging war against each other. I’m talking about those threats that came from the outside that shook the very foundations of our souls and forced the hearts of our worlds to choose champions that would fight battle after battle in order to protect what needed to be protected.

But let’s stop for a moment and think of what a “threat” really is. A “threat” is anything that we feel endangers what we are and what we hold dear. In other words, a threat could be absolutely everything, from a demon lord to a hero of justice. As long as there’s something in it that can make us fear for what we have, then we can safely consider it a “threat”.

Yes, even if something is a threat, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s evil. That was the case with the creatures known as Heartless, those who consumed world after world in darkness not so long ago. Though they were beings born from the darkness in people’s hearts, they didn’t hunt them down to harm them; rather, they simply followed their instincts, their desire to reproduce and expand their numbers, and it’d be a mistake to think there was any other motivation behind what they did.

Nobodies, Unversed, Nightmares… they were all the same: forces of nature that followed the laws engraved in their skins. Thus, they couldn’t be considered “evil”, no matter how many despicable things they did. But they could, certainly, be considered a “threat”: because they all threatened something that was fundamental to every single living being. Whether it was our hearts, our dreams or our very lives, we had to fight them off in order to keep ourselves safe.

But these threats have long disappeared from our universe. Heartless may remain, as well as Nobodies and Nightmares, but their numbers are so low now that they can easily fall into the category of wild beasts. The heroes won; our worlds are safe. We can live as we always did, fearing only what is inside our world, and not outside.

…but is that really the case?

Sometimes, no matter how positive we try to stay about a certain subject, the truth will always be grimmer than we’d wish. And sadly, that’s exactly the case in today’s story. Because of certain events that took place in the conflict that decided the fate of our worlds, a new threat is now approaching us.

What is it that they threaten, you ask? Our hearts? Our bodies? Our dreams?

No. They threaten our dear and precious “memories”.

Long ago lived a young witch that had the power to manipulate the memories of a certain boy, as well as anybody connected to his heart. Though in the end she didn’t completely erase his memories, and even restored them, the power to control the mind is strong; when the witch used it, she unintentionally gave the wake-up call to ancient beings that resided in the nether corners of the universe. These beings are a neutral force, created when a heart forgets about its own nature. There isn’t a set name for them, so for the time being, we’ll call them “Memories”.

The Memories were attracted to our worlds. Even though their very own nature allowed them to easily travel through space, the sheer amount of distance that separated them from where we live made them unable to participate in the war between light and darkness that closed the doors connecting our worlds for good.

But just because they weren’t they we must not assume that they are not dangerous. In fact, they could be the biggest enemies we’ve yet to face. For they deal with memories, which define our very existence. And imagine, for example, what would happen if a world forgot about its very existence.

Yes. It would cease to exist on its entirety.

They have arrived, bringing great change. They have opened new doorways between worlds, allowing travel between them once more, though discretely and widely unknown. Who could possibly know this when the Memories themselves are barely known?

Unbeknown to us, this has already been the fate of the many worlds that stood in the Memories’ way. Now they are close. Very close. And it is our time to prepare ourselves to fight a new battle that will decide the fate of everything we know.

The new chapter of our story... and their story... begins now.

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