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Name: Zeferoth

Age: Newly released from stasis pod looks 18

Gender: Male

Home World: Twilight Town

Race/Species: Heartless

Appearance: Zeferoth stands at about six feet tall weighing in at 180lbs. His skin is slightly tanned even though he has hardly been out in the sun. His eyes are crimson instead of the usual yellow. His hair is snow white and spiky. He wears light black armor all over his body so he could be protected, yet have it where he can easily move around. He wears a pair of sturdy, black boots.

Alignment: Chaotic

Elemental Mastery: Lightning, Sound, Space

Personality: Zeferoth is a quiet preferring solitude. Knowing that he is a heartless, he does not wish to mingle much in case they figure that out. He tries to be friendly when he is approached. He can be a little quick tempered a times. He is curios about the world around him. He will wonder around trying to experience what he can. When in battle he is like a cold assassin. There is nothing in his eyes except the determination to end his opponent. He has no mercy and can be quite clever.

Level: 1

Strength || 6 (+2 vs. Keyblade wielders)
Constitution || 6 (-2 when instinct hunting)
M. Affinity || 3 (+2 when using close range magic -2 when using long range magic)
M. Resistance || 3 (+1 against darkness spells -1 against light spells)
Dexterity || 9
Speed || 9 (-2 vs. Heartless) (+2 when instinct hunting)
Stamina || 6


Name: Lightning Strike
Element: Lightning
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Description: Zeferoth can charge any part of his body with lighting in order to add additional electric damage to a physical attack. The shock of the attack is enough to cause some minor burns to bare flesh and numbness to the limb hit.
Damage: Light

Name: Muffle
Element: Sound
Type: Supplementary
Range: Self
Description: The sound of Zeferoth's foot steps are muffled so that it is harder for people to hear him coming. His foot bodies movement itself is the only thing that is muffled. If he kicks a can, the can will clatter at its normal volume.
Damage N/A

Name: Graviton Strike
Element: Gravity
Type: Offense
Range: Close
Description: His strikes have increased gravitational force behind them. This a strike has the an additional +3 strength behind it with a penalty of -2 on speed and -1 on dexterity for that one strike.
Damage Heavy

Name: Keyblade Sense
Description: Like all heartless, Zeferoth can sense the presence of a keyblade in the area he is in. He cannot pinpoint it's exact location instantly, but the feeling gets stronger the closer he gets to it.

Name: Elemental Adaptation
Description: When Zeferoth is hit with an attack with an element he is unfamiliar with, his body will learn to use it. Once Zeferoth is hit ten times with any element other than lightning, sound, and gravity, he will gain the ability to use it. He can then gain mastery of that element from practice and training.

Name: Bladed Gauntlets
Description: There gauntlets are made of a black metal and the blades themselves are crimson. The design over the arm is that of a dragon with the heartless symbol on its back. Their is a clasp on the wrist in order for it to remain in his hand. The two foot long blades are able to retract in order for Zeferoth to punch his opponents with the knuckle and finger guard under the blades.
(Pic is for basic reference only)

History: Zeferoth is a heartless that was manufactured in a laboratory deep under the streets of Twilight Town. When Zeferoth woke up in his stasis pod, all he could see was the decaying ruins of the once great lab. Computers destroyed and metal panels hung from the ceiling. Zeferoth checked one of the nearby computers after he raided the place looking for any equipment he could use. He found some armor and a pair of bladed gauntlets. They seem special, like they were made for him. He checked the computer and was only able to find out his name. All other data was corrupted or destroyed. Zeferoth made his way to the surface. He needed to feed on hearts. He also wanted to find out who, and what he was.


Theme: I am All of Me - Crush 40
Battle Theme: Die by the Sword - Dragon Force
Zeferoth's Profile:
Color: Crimson

Sombra's Profile:
Color: Blue

Kisala's Profile:
Color: Cyan

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