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Name: Takeshi Saikou

Age: 16

Appearance: Standing at an average Five feet, Eight Inches, White haired, Red eyed Takeshi looks like a rather normal boy. He wears rather normal clothes as well,  settling for white and grey sweatshirts and black pants with regular sneakers rather than anything else. However, that doesn't mean he doesn't posses any armor. He weighs in at just under A Hundred and Sixty pounds, making him just a bit underweight for his height.

Sex: Male

Species: Human (Rinku (Link, Powerless Konekuta))

Personality: For as outspoken a person as Takeshi is, he usually is very quiet when meeting new people, as he likes to gauge whether they could be classified as a friend or an enemy before he actually does anything. This usually takes a minute or two of initial talking. Due to this, he is very patient and tolerant, but if someone talks down on any members of his family, especially his mother or his sister, he will not hesitate to put that person in their place as best he can.  However, once he realizes that one is only trying to make him fight, he will immediately cool down. He is a rather energetic person, so if he gets locked up, don't be surprised if he starts pacing or working out to burn off energy.

Supplementary Battle System

Level || 2

Strength || 8 (+2 For Attacks (Short Term), -2 Physical Labor/Exercise (Long Term) )
Constitution || 6 (+2 Against Blades, -2 Against blunt force)
M. Affinity || 6 (+2 Summoning, -2 Forms)
M. Resistance || 6 (+2 Light Magic, -2 Illusions/Illusion Magic)
Dexterity || 6 (+2 Parkour, -2 Contortion/Dodging)
Speed || 5 (+2 Distance Running, -2 Short Bursts of Speed)
Stamina || 5 (+2 Distances, -2 Dodging)


Rinku: A form of Konekuta, Takeshi is capable of using small amounts of Cleansed Arcana, though he must fuse it with one of his other elements, which augments them to do things that the element normally couldn't, such as making ice burn or fire freeze.

Power Capped!: This character can never reach level 5 naturally, and can only do so through the use of forms.

History: Being born the youngest child is never easy. But its especially hard when your born to a family of seeming misfits, with the older two being polar opposites, and you being caught somewhere in the middle. These are the circumstances awarded to Takeshi Saikou, the youngest child in the Saikou Family. Growing up, Takeshi got into a lot of fights, mostly with the entity that had fused with his older sister, Alexis, and his older brother, Sebastian. Against Alexis, Takeshi always lost, but against sebastian, he won..most of the time. It was a lot of hit and miss with Seb. But, despite all the fighting, he grew up fiercely protective of his family, especially since they were comprised of mostly outcasts. And, even with how outgoing he is, Takeshi also grew up to be a bit of an outcast. He was clearly still the most accepted of all of his siblings, but people still kept an eye on him because of his choice of attire and because of the fact that he was born into the misfit family of twilight town. Other than that, his childhood was rather normal. He has entered every struggle tournament the town has held, but has never made it to the finals. He gets average grades in school, and he doesn't get into too much trouble. There isn't really much to tell of his life just yet.

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Wind Spells:
Double Jump:
Name: Double Jump

Magic Cost:  //

Requirements: Must be in midair when this is used

Class:  Supplementary

Element(s): Wind

Effect: This Spell works by using Takeshi's control over wind to seemingly solidify the air underneath his feet, giving him a solid ground to jump off of, though the "Ground" is not completely solid, so if he attempts to stand on it, he will fall through, albeit at a slightly slower rate.
Light Spells:
Fates Light:
Name: Fates Light

Magic Cost:  //

Requirements: Have an empty hand, or have both hands empty

Class:  Offensive

Element(s): Light

Effect: Takeshi is able to shoot highly focused beams of light* out of one of his palms, the beam being the same width as his palm. This Light is not one set color, rather it changes color with every use. The light fired from his hands is very high in temperature, but to the user it is room temperature in heat. They each have a very high amount of cutting power and can travel a moderately long distance away from him before they lose their heat and scatter into useless rays of light. The beam itself also is known to cause third degree burns if used at a very close range, and second degree burns from any other distance away. This Beam of light travels at a high speed.

*this spell was inspired by the power of Sam Temple from The Gone Series, his power was to control light in various was, but the most common one was a "Killing Light" which was a very highly focused beam of light out of his palms.
Fate Drive:
Name: Fate Drive

Magic Cost: //

Requirements: None

Class: Evasive

Element: Light

Effect: An evasive and supportive spell, usage of this spell causes Takeshi to become outlined faintly in light, doubling his speed for a single movement, while also leaving a thin trail of light behind as a special effect.
Water Spells:
Liquid Nebula:
Name: Liquid Nebula

Requirements: None

Class: Offensive

Elements: Water

Effects: This spell allows Takeshi to create a circle of water around him in a three foot radius, from this circle come four tendrils of water that fire straight up in a Double helix pattern, typically sending those close to Takeshi flying up into the air.
Name: Whirlpool

Requirements: None

Class: Offensive, Area Attack

Element: Water

Effect: After three posts of charging, Takeshi is capable of turning the ground for thirty feet around him into a swirling pool of torrential water, either boiling hot or freezing cold. This spell does damage over time to anyone trapped within it, and is all but inescapable without flight if you are weaker than the user, and is escapable through sheer force if you are stronger than the user. However, takeshi is incapable of moving away from the epicenter of the Whirlpool. This spell lasts for three posts.
Fire Spells:
Flame Burst:
Name: Flame Burst

Requirements: None

Class: Offensive

Element: Fire

Effect: A basic fire spell, Takeshi can create a shotgun blast of fire from the palm of his hand, which goes a moderate distance away from him in the form of a scattering of 20 pellet sized fireballs. These fireballs do a moderate amount of Damage.
Lightning Spells:
Thunder Drive:
Name: Thunder Drive

Requirements: Have a firearm on your person.

Class: Offensive

Element: Lightning

Effect: This spell allows Takeshi to fire a moderately large lightning bolt out of Promise. The bolt is a palms width across and travels for a moderately long distance before dissipating. This bolt does a moderately high amount of damage.

Wind Based Enchants:
Windwalker's Trust:

Name: Windwalker's Trust

Class: Supplementary

Element: Wind

Effect: This enchantment allows Tyler to manipulate the air around him to make himself capable of flight, however, he can only go as high and fast as his body's limits allow, which is currently moderately high and moderately fast.
Non-Elemental Enchants:
Weapon Summoning:

Name: Weapon Summoning

Class: Supplementary

Element: None

Effect: Allows Takeshi to summon up to two weapons at a time.

Unlocked Summons:
Name: Anzu

Magic Cost: //

Quantity: 1 Familiar

Element(s): Wind, Blood, Light


Dual Form: Anzu has two forms, a weak, yet quick Insect form, and a durable, yet slow Cloaked form. Anzu may switch between the two at will, but it cannot use its spells while in insect form.

Flight: Anzu is capable of flight that scales in speed and maximum altitude with the strength of the summoner.

Protector's Secret: A Plot based power, Anzu is capable of being summoned around the summoner, protecting him/her from environments that would otherwise prove fatal to the user. While this ability is active, the summoner takes on the appearance of Anzu's Cloaked form, while retaining all of their own abilities and statistics.

Natural Weapons: While in its insect form, Anzu has many appendages that are as sharp as steel, giving the otherwise unimpressive summon a bit of offensive power.

Spell Drive: Anzu is capable of using any of Takeshi's spells, provided they are aligned to the three elements Anzu itself is aligned to, though only while in the cloaked form.
Heart's Guardian:
Name: Guardian/Guardian of The Heart

Requirements: Possess a heart aligned to light

Magic Cost: //

Elements: Light, Fire

Quantity: One Guardian


I am Always Here: Takeshi's Guardian summon is always active, however it always remains hidden within his shadow, taking on it's shape and being immune to attacks and unable to attack while forming his shadow. It returns to his shadow upon being defeated as well, so the guardian summon can never truly be defeated. Takeshi must actively call upon the guardian by using the phrases "Come" or "Come Guardian"

Guardian's Purpose: The Guardian of Heart is capable of using it's own body as a shield by forming itself in front of Takeshi.

The Power of Light: The Guardian of Heart is an adept user of light magic, allowing it to bend light to any purpose it or it's young charge so desire.

The Flame of Purpose: The Guardian of Heart is an extremely adept practitioner of Pyromancy, allowing it to create it's own fire, or bend existing fire to its will.

I have a Mind of My Own: The Guardian of Heart, while fused to Takeshi in the form of being the young man's shadow, does have it's own functioning mind, and as such can independently make decisions to attack, defend, or support it's master.

The Power of Servitude: The Guardian of Heart Scales in power with it's master, meaning that it's level is always equal to Takeshi's. (Note: It's stats are the same as Takeshi's, though with all points in dexterity split between magic power and constitution)

Locked Summons:
Sisaran, Servant of Fate:
Name: Sisaran

Title: Servant of Fate

Preferred Weapon: Emidak, The Sword of Fate

Weapon Masteries: Double-Edged Straight One handed Swords, Single Edged Curved One-handed swords, Throwing weapons, Bucklers, two handed swords, greatswords.


Quantity: One Divine Servant

Element(s): Light, Cleansed Arcana


Master Swordswoman: Sisaran has had several centuries of practice with bladed weaponry, and as such, has reached a level of mastery that most mortals never do. She is very well versed in the use of many bladed weapons, almost to the point of seemingly being able to wield any sword in existence.

Exorcism: Sisaran is the servant of the goddess of fate, and as such, she is capable of locking down the magic of those that wish to defy fate for three posts, making spells unusable so long as her summoner is stronger than the target. This however, can be overcome by the usage of a form, shattering the bonds that are held by overpowering the current limits on her power.

Flight: Sisaran is capable of flying great distances with great speed.

Holy Arcana: Sisaran is limited to spells aligned to only light and the godly element of cleansed arcana. However, to compensate, she is capable of making spells on the fly.

Limit Break:

Fate's Will: A Limit break with a very specific requirement, Sisaran may only activate this limit break if she is heavily damaged and only wielding the weapon of her mistrress, Emidak, the sword of fate. If these requirements are met, then, and only then may this limit break be activated. When her limit break is activated, Sisaran holds Emidak above her head before moving the blade counterclockwise in front of her, leaving a magic seal behind the blade, fully forming once the blade is back over her head again. She then stabs her blade into the ground, causing a massive beam of light to burst from the seal. Using this Limit Break will cause her remaining life force to run out, forcing her to return to her mistresses side.



Level || 3

Strength || 8 (+2 For Attacks (Short Term), -2 Physical Labor/Exercise (Long Term) )
Constitution || 6 (+2 Against Blades, -2 Against blunt force)
M. Affinity || 6 (+2 Summoning, -2 Forms)
M. Resistance || 6 (+2 Light Magic, -2 Illusions/Illusion Magic)
Dexterity || 6 (+2 Parkour, -2 Contortion/Dodging)
Speed || 5 (+2 Distance Running, -2 Short Bursts of Speed)
Stamina || 5 (+2 Distances, -2 Dodging)

(Note: Sisaran will not be unlocked until two requirements are met: Takeshi must have enough character development to level up to level three, and he must have undergone the transformation into a full Konekuta.)

Warriors Way:

Name: Warriors Way

Type of Weapon: Fullmetal Variant Longsword

Primary/Secondary: Primary

Ability/Function: None

Element: Wind (For summoning Purposes)

The Compromise:

Name: The Compromise

Type of Weapon: Scythe Blade Variant Katana

Primary/Secondary: Secondary

Ability/Function: The Price of Blood: If Takeshi happens to accidentally cut himself on this Katana, it's hidden power becomes "Awakened", allowing this blade to use the air around it as an extension of the blade, lending itself a long range attack.

Element(s): Wind, Blood

The Promise:
Name: Promise/The Promise

Type of Weapon: Semi-Automatic Pistol

Primary/Secondary: Secondary

Element: All of his Elements


Arcana Bullets: If Takeshi runs out of bullets in a clip, Promise can drain some of his magic power from him to form bullets made of a random one of his elements, augmented by cleansed Arcana.

Clip Storage: 12 Bullets per Clip


Non-Categorical Weapons:
Sigil of Fate:
Name: Sigil of Fate

Type of Weapon: Giant Shuriken/Shield/Exotic Sword

Primary/Secondary: Secondary

Element(s): Light, Fire, Ice


Shield of Fate: The Sigil of Fate is capable of changing its form into that of a shield, which is done by filling the open spaces inside of it with light so condensed that it forms a solid, transparent substance.

Construction of Destiny: The Sigil of fate is capable of creating firey clones of itself, which can be launched at an opponent.

Weapon based Limit Break- Frozen Destiny:

Usage of this weapon replaces Takeshi's level one limit break, Flurry of Steel, with the Limit Break Frozen Destiny.


Limit Breaks:
Level One:
Name: Flurry of Steel

Requirements: 25% Damage (The equivalent of taking five hits from someone of equal level, or three from someone of a higher level)

Element: None

Effect: After having sustained a moderate amount of damage, Takeshi's first limit break, Flurry of Steel, is available for use. After the activation of his first limit break, he dashes forward, a sword in one hand, Promise in the other, and a second sword clenched between his teeth. He then begins a string of slashes and shots, using his dexterity to the fullest. This Limit Break is rather weak, doing only level one damage as this limit break is not affected by the level multipliers. This limit break has only five consecutive attacks, the order of which is entirely random. After this is used, Takeshi becomes moderately fatigued due to the strain he puts forth.
Level Two:
Name: Threads of Fate

Requirements: 50% Damage Taken (The Equivalent of taking twenty hits from someone of equal level, or seven hits from someone of a higher level.)

Elements: Light, Sound

Effect: After having sustained heavy damage, Takeshi's second Limit Break, Threads of Fate, is available for use. After he activates this limit break, the threads of fate in the area for a hundred feet around him become visible. He then plucks one of these threads, causing a very low frequency sound to begin to emit from every thread. As the sound drops lower and lower, each thread begins to glow. Soon after the threads all burst in an explosion of light, hurting friend and foe alike, but leaving Takeshi unscathed, yet highly drained of magical power and physical stamina. This deals heavy damage, which is dependent on his Magic Power stat.
Exotic Weapon Limit Break:
Name: Frozen Destiny

Requirements: 25% Damage Taken, Must be using the Sigil of Fate weapon

Element: Ice

Effect: After having met the requirements for a level one limit break, if Takeshi is using the weapon Sigil Of Fate, he is capable of activating this magic level one limit break. After this limit break is active, Sigil of Fate begins to emit waves of cold air, frosting the weapon over in the process. He can then throw the weapon at the ground, embedding it into the floor to create seven twelve foot long pillars of ice that shoot out in every direction, dealing moderate damage.

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