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Name: Dravocn Maximillion Hecoro

Gender: Male

Home World: Radiant Garden

Race/Species: Human (for now at least)


Alignment: Neutral

Elemental Mastery:
Heart: Darkness
Primary: Illusion
Secondary: Space
Tertiary: Time

Personality: Intelligent, socially inept, caring, unethical, polite, insane

Affinities: Dravocn is known as the Evasive Wall, he withstands plenty of physical blows, as well as dodges with break neck speed, he's very adept in the darkness in his heart... and therefore can manipulate it very well... He's very intelligent and environmentally adaptive (by that i mean he tends to use a great deal of his surroundings to his advantage.

Weaknesses:  He does end up having trouble when it comes to light though ... it hurts him a heck of a lot more... almost as if he was a heartless ... almost. He is also very socially inept and finds himself struggling in social situations finding himself very uncomfortable.

History:  After being orphaned at an early age he taught himself everything through reading and experimentation and being an orphan he had to teach himself how to defend himself so he did, he even taught himself how to forge weapons and armor... getting to know the different kinds of metals and rocks, how to inscribe and imbue magic upon a weapon, as well as give the weapon life, and how to work his way around a forge. After several years without friends or peers of the like he had no experience in social activity hence his inability to be socially acceptable and as we all do at times he began to talk to himself sometimes he even argued with himself. He trained everyday at Villains Vale and one day he encountered several heartless and decided to use them as practice dummies and he swipes and his blade went right through it he tried again and again and couldn't and as it seemed fight was no longer a viable or valid option, so he chose flight and ran for it. Several minutes later he checked in on his favorite spot and they were all gone except for one figure standing in front of the skyscraper he decided to investigate. Thinking it was a heartless he decided his weapon was useless and sheathed his weapon "Awfully brave you are, taking on a group of heartless with such an inefficient weapon." the figure said in a smug tone he stopped and looked at the figure confused "What, no introduction, greeting, or a simple thank you to the person who saved you, how rude." again, he looks at it confused confused "Fine, I shall start us off ahem, 'Hi I am Jazillia and I am the girl who just saved your life', now you." she said "D-D-Dra-Dravocn, Dravocn Hecoro." he said with a hint of fear "Aww, how cute, a guy who thinks and doesn't look half bad either." she said with a grin "I like you, I'm going to be your new best friend" she said "and that wasn't a request, it's what is.". Several years later he and her were great friends, and how else would they be she was his only friend, he still trained everyday except this time he had a partner to train with and eventually the same thing happened only this time they had captured her and he couldn't stand the idea of losing his first and only friend other than himself but he couldn't do anything then suddenly a glow had come from his weapon, which he remade of mythril (a metal only Jazilia had taught him of, it's a metal which is extremely light as well as extremely hard), it started to talk to him "I-I think i can do it now..." said the weapon "GO, save her. Don't let her get away!" Dravocn ran without thinking and by muscle memory slaughtered all of the heartless in his path. When he got to her a dark figure stood over her "So, you've actually decided to join us, well i'm sorry but the party is over and i must be going... TA-TA!" the figure said as he dissipated. "What's gotten into you!" Jazilia inquired "Nothing, but i think I've made a new friend..."

Level: 1
Strength: 5
Constitution: 10 (-9 with Light)
Magic Affinity: 1 (+9 with Darkness)
Magic Resistance: 1
Dexterity: 8
Speed: 10
Stamina: 7

Heart: Darkness
Illusion, Space, Time.

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