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Name: Nix Iceshard


Gender: Female

Race/Species: Greater Demon

Appearance: Nix is 6"1, has fairly pale skin,grey eyes,ice blue hair,and what appears to be black angel wings. she is fairly lean,weighing 160 lbs. she has a tattoo of a frost covered tree on her upper back She is typically seen wearing a blue ankle length dress, but underneath that she is wearing a T-Shirt, Hoodie, and Jeans. The dress is to maintain an air of femininity.

Personality: Nix is typically level-headed, earnest, and generally a nice, loyal person. But that's before she starts fighting. Once she starts fighting she becomes sadistic, almost merciless. she thoroughly enjoys fighting, but will never own up to it. Despite all of this she is deadly when he focuses,which is typically whenever she has to do something violent.

History: Redoing Later


Universal Restrictions:
In Control:
Level || 2
Strength ||6 (+2 for attacks, -2 for manual labor)
Constitution || 8 (+2 against Sharp Objects, -2 against blunt force)
M. Affinity || 7 (+2 Elemental Magic, -2 Summoning)
M. Resistance || 6 (+2 Ice, -2 Fire)
Dexterity || 6 (+1 for parkour/Feats of Agility, -1 for extremely precise movements)
Speed || 5 (+2 for dodging and quick movements, -2 for longer actions)
Stamina || 4  (+3 for dodging and quick movements, -3 for longer actions)

Out of Control:

Level || 2
Strength || 9 (+2 for attacks, -2 for manual labor)
Constitution || 8 (+2 against Sharp Objects, -2 against blunt force)
M. Affinity || 1
M. Resistance || 6 (+2 Ice, -2 Fire)
Dexterity || 8 (+1 for parkour/Feats of Agility, -1 for extremely precise movements)
Speed || 8 (+2 for dodging and quick movements, -2 for longer actions)
Stamina || 2  (+3 for dodging and quick movements, -3 for longer actions)


New Nature: This character has adopted a new nature upon entering this realm, causing them to focus on magical abilities whilst retaining a fraction of their natural strength. Whereas their true nature is one without magic, the new nature allows this character to use magic, allowing for a double set of stats.  

The Gift of The Visitor: Due to not quite belonging in this Realm, when Nix is slain, she does not go to the underworld, rather, to the elemental plane of Ice, her original home. There she is forced to go through a series of tests to determine if she is able to return to this realm. These tests are usually very difficult, and more often than not end with her returning, heavily wounded and in need of immediate medical attention.

Repressed Nature: This character is repressing their demonic nature, and as such, when in life threatening situations or when in battle, their true nature begins to surface. If the situation is dangerous enough, the character may experience a "Black-Out" in which their true nature completely takes over. This loss of control reduces magical powers to minimal, but increases brute strength by how much magic power was lost, but due to the characters body not being able to handle such a sudden surge of strength, their stamina takes a hit as well.

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Tools Of War (Weapons):

Type Of Weapon:Staff/Swords


Elemental Alignment:Ice

Ability/Function:Blades:This staff can be split into two short Katanas,this is due to the interlocking system that each of the handles allow for. The locking system is a thin opening just above each blade,this allows them to overlap. The metal guards may then interlock and the staff is formed.

Magic Focus:Nix can cast spells with this staff, though if the staff is split into the blades than she cannot cast spells with them.

Close/Long Range:Close

Demon Blade-Frozen Soul:
Name: Demon Blade: Frozen Soul

Type Of Weapon:  Katana

Primary/Secondary:  Primary

Elemental Alignment:  Ice

Ability/Function:  Frost Demon's Catalyst: This Katana can be used to cast spells aligned to the element of ice, but only when it is being used by it's wielder, Nix Iceshard. The spells must already be in her repertoire of spells to be casted using this weapon.

Close/Long Range:  Close/Long


Shields Of War (Armor):
Hell is Cold:
Name:  Hell Is Cold

Elemental Alignment:  Ice

Ability/Function:  Frost Cloud:When worn this armor emits a thin mist 

Protection:  Moderate Protection from physical and magical attacks

Appearance:  Hell Is Cold

The Arcane Arts (Spells):
Ice Spells:
Ice Spike:
Name:Ice Spike

Magic Cost: //

Requirements:Her staff



Effect:A cloud of frost gathers above The top of Nix's staff, or around her hands. she then points it or her hands at an enemy and a medium sized Spike of ice shoots out from the top of it, moving at a moderately fast speed.
Cold Sword:
Name: Cold Sword
Magic Cost: //

Requirements: None

Class: Offensive

Element(s): Ice

Effect: Nix creates an extremely large broadsword out of ice for melee combat. The weapon is sharp and durable, similar to metal, and its slashes are capable of trailing large amounts of ice in its wake, which can damage the opponent. However, because of her current level of power, she can only create and launch this weapon at a single opponent, or make several smaller swords for an Area attack.
Wind Spells:
Name: Blast

Magic Cost: //

Requirements: Her Staff

Class: Defensive

Element: Wind

Effect: When Nix is about to use this spell, wind begins to swirl around her staff, making it appear to flicker in and out of place for a few moments before she slams the end of it down in front of her, creating an omni-directional wave of wind, which at her current power level only makes people stumble, but against weaker NPC's it sends them flying away for a moderate distance.
Multi-Element Spells:
Hands of Ice and Fire:
Name:  Hands of Ice And Fire

Magic Cost:  //

Requirements:  None 

Class: Offensive


Effect: Nix uses her power over ice to turn the fingers on her left hand into talons,adding an extra 3 inches to her fingers. Then she uses her power over fire to coat her right hand in fire, though there is a thin coating of demonic ice over her hand so she won't burn herself. The Fire hand does all of its damage with one punch, doing moderate physical damage as well as second degree burns if it touches bare skin. The Claws however, are more durable,being as strong as iron. Thus making them able to do a good amount of attacks before the ice shatters.

Natural Advantages (Enchantments):

Magic Cost: //



Effect:Nix can use her demon wings to fly. She can fly as fast as she can run,though it drains her stamina to fly.

Appearance: Black angel wings that are lightly coated in frost

Wingspan: 6 feet 2 inches
Weapon/Armor Summoning:
Name: Weapon/Armor Summoning

Magic Cost: // 

Class: Supplementary

Element(s): Ice, Space

Effects: Allows Nix To Summon one or more of her weapons, or a single armor, or any combination of those two.
Frost Bearer's Proof:
Name:Frost Bearer's Proof

Magic Cost: //

Class: Supplementary

Element(s): Ice, Water

Effects: Due to her Recent return from her original home, the demonic plane of ice, Nix has rediscovered the power to crystallize and melt down her body into water. This allows for quick escapes, while also healing any wounds she happens to sustain, with the exception of fatal ones. She may also recrystallize her body in a new location if she so wishes, as she is technically still capable of movement.

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Sides To a Soldier (Forms):
Frost Queen:
Name: Frost Queen

Requirements: Have the blood of a Frost Demon.

Magic Cost: //

Element: Ice


True Force: Due to being a demon, while using this form, Nix's physical stats match her magical ones perfectly.

Power of The Tundra: While in this form, Nix's already high affinity for ice magic is enhanced to the point of allowing her to create rather large snowstorms or other various things in the blink of an eye.

Disadvantages: Magic Locks down after the form is deactivated, and the user is severely fatigued.


Allies of A Soldier (summons):
Frost Swimmers:
Name: Frost Swimmers

Magic Cost: //

Class: Offensive

Element: Ice, Wind


Air Swimming: The Frost Swimmers are capable of flying through the air at moderate speeds.

Tail Blade: The Frost swimmers are capable of using their frozen tails as swords, making each swimmer combat ready despite their extremely low defenses.



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