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Name: Anya Mimzy Feldcrest

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Home World: Radiant Garden

Race/Species: Human

Mimzy. Though born in a normal family, a respectable community, and raised in an proper way... Mimzy is almost the first thought that anyone thinks of when they see the young girl named Anya. Her clothes never match, not with her appearance, not with the weather and most certainly not with each other. It almost seems as if she intentionally wears whatever she finds first in her closet, though some days it seems as if she is trying to match the worst possible colors and patterns together. Style aside Anya likes to wear comfortable clothing and she seems drawn to vibrant and fun colors. One of her 'closer' to matching outfits consists of a black t-shirt bearing a bright green chemical symbol upon the chest, she even has the same shirt in the inverse of colors. With this shirt Anya wears a light blue pair of jeans that she folds almost up to her knee displaying the very red sneakers on her feet that match with almost nothing in her wardrobe. And despite hating the color red, she's almost always wearing these shoes. Perhaps a tip of the hat to how comfy they really are. Over her favorite shirt Anya wears an odd dark blue jacket with pink lining, though only on sunny and warm days. She tends to wear only t-shirts out in the cold.

Far be it from her fashion sense to be the only thing that draws out her nickname. Anya often daydreams, preferring to think on happy memories or just dreaming about the mysteries of the worlds she hasn't seen. This tends to get her into trouble as she can be incredibly clumsy. Falling over with as little as a gentle breeze Anya fits the bill for a thin young girl, though she seems made of glass she doesn't seem to mind falling down all the time. Often these little spills are greeted with a smiling face that makes one wonder if she even knew she fell. Thin, short, clumsy and with her head somehow reaching into the clouds Anya has always been characterized as a... peculiar young girl. Despite both of her parents being somewhat taller at the ripe age of 14 Anya is still only 5'2" tall and a tiny 85 lbs. Though she easily resembles her parents due to her striking red eyes and elegantly short raven hair. An oddity to be sure, but its often been said "don't judge a book by its cover."

Alignment: Lawful Good

Elemental Mastery: 
Heart: Light
Secondary: Cure
Tertiary: Wind

Personality: Personality can be a difficult thing to gauge. In fact there are many people who simply cant figure Anya out. One day she's curious about everything, wanting to read the entire library, and the very next she'll sit at a window staring outside at the clouds for hours at a time. Though she does tend to fluctuate between several extremes everyone seems to agree that Anya is always polite and friendly. She seems eager to help wherever she can, though if it involves physical labor she'll be far less enthusiastic about it. For all her clumsiness, daydreaming and general nonsense Anya is a thoroughly likable young girl. She makes friends quickly though she doesn't seem to be too close to anyone. Almost as if she were waiting for friends who took the time to get to know her.

To her parents Anya fluctuates from being a studious young girl to a flight risk that seems hellbent on exploring every inch of the world around her. Fortunately for them Radiant Garden has a high enough wall to keep their little girl in check. She fails to keep her attention on any one task and though she can be good at something she has just tried, she is more than likely to try something else in the not too distant future. Her hobbies include: Painting; Scultping; Singing; Basket weaving; Braiding; Stitching; Jogging; Swimming; Reading; Dancing; Fishing; Boating; Twirling; Basketball; Baseball; Soccer; Tennis; Skating; Crochet; Model building; Glass Blowing... and the list goes on and on. Far be it from her parents to stifle her creativity... or try to contain it...

Weapons: Keyblades

Fighting Style: 
Anya tends to avoid conflict wherever she can, if she were ever forced to fight her inexperience would likely show causing her to lean on magical prowess and hitting whatever it was with a stick like object repeatedly till it backed away for its own good. If anything her fighting style would be considered extremely derivative. While incredibly creative she has had no training whatsoever concerning combat and seems to be able to sympathize with nobodies and heartless. Naive... definitely, but try talking her into hurting a heartless and your patience will most likely be tested to its limits.

Magic Strength - Moderate
Magic Defense - above average
Stamina - above average
Accuracy - above average

Speed - below average
Defense - below average
Strength - below average

Anya was born and raised in Radiant Garden. A small but close knit community. Most of her life was uneventful, though I think she would better characterize it as boring. Anya always felt stifled by the plain nature of her upbringing and tries desperately to find magic in any corner she can reach. She has searched through every book in the garden library. Looked under every bush, tree and flower. Tinkered with every pipe, gate and wall and yet she feels that there is no mystery or intrigue in her tiny little world. She often looks up at the sky wondering if there is something more, something truly wondrous out among the shimmering stars.

Dive to Heart: 
They seemed so happy, the shimmering lights that danced across night sky.  From behind the glass of her bedroom window Anya wondered if she too might someday know what it was like to be truly happy. There might not have been anything wrong with her life, but she always felt like she was missing out. Where was the wonder, the splendor she had heard about growing up? Where were the adventures she read about in the dusty tomes she pored over in her youth? Why do you stare at those lights? When your light can be so much brighter? Startled by the sound Anya turned sharply and swung her legs over the side of her bed. Despite expectations only the darkness of her room greeted her eyes. The voice was seeped in familiarity, like a memory she longed to remember. No matter how earnest her efforts its placement would not come to her, like a word stuck on the tip of her tongue.

Anya stared for several moments in silence; eventually she shook her head with a sigh. Surely it was only another daydream. She rested her body on the window frame once more, her cheek touching the cold glass as she longed to touch the stars. Anya stared at the mist her breath caused as it fell heavily upon the smooth surface of the glass. Without warning the glass suddenly cracked and shattered and out the window tumbled the frightened girl. Her mind rebelled, it failed to see how her body could fail to hit the firm earth below. It wasn’t until she braved opening her eyes that Anya would see small lights dancing around her.  For a moment she was transfixed, staring at the dancing orbs as the orbited her body. Though she suddenly realized that darkness engulfed her vision as far as she could see, and beyond the lights there was nothing around her. Anya began to wonder. Were these lights the stars Anya had looked up to her whole life? And what had happened to her to bring her so far from Radiant Garden?

The lights began to move faster and faster around her, orbiting her body as they descended through the darkness. Coalescing, the orbs of light melded together to form a platform. It radiated with such beauty that it nearly blinded Anya, so much so that she had to look away as she felt her feet softly connecting with the platform. The moment she connected with it the platform the light shattered a thousand times over, like small fragments of glass, until a deep blue surface of stained glass was revealed.  The surface was elegantly painted, black lines appeared etched into its very fabric creating a distinct pattern. In the center a figure clad in a blue uniform, though the face was hooded. This figure was painted from the side making it difficult to distinguish from Anya’s perspective. Small spheres were etched in an orbit around this figure. Their Faces were those of people she had never met, each in their own bubble. 

Mark of the Witness. The voice echoed again, just like before, though from where Anya could not identify. Do not be afraid, the door is still shut. Anya felt comforted by the voice, though the words to explain why eluded her. Stepping forward caused three doors rise from beneath the surface of the stained glass. Creativity is a power few can understand, but if you give it shape… It will guide you better than any starlight. Anya puzzled over this. She knew she had played with arts and crafts before, but never had she thought of creativity as power. How exactly could her creativity guide her; and how could she give it shape?  She stepped forward towards the first door on her left. The door was red and held the insignia of a shield. The shape of the Barrier: The power to protect yourself and others. Is this the form you chose?

Anya looked at the other two doors, what sense would it be to decide without knowing all the options first? Shaking her head Anya moved to the second door. This door was gold and held the insignia of a sword The shape of the Counter: To attack through defending. Is this the form you chose? Anya shook her head again. The last thing she wanted to do was use her creativity to hurt people. Give up this shape? This was clearly not her door.  “Yes.” The golden door sank into the floor disappearing beneath the surface of the stained glass. All that was left now was the final door, the blue door. Walking to it Anya inspected the insignia, it looked like a funny wand or staff with… was that a mouse head? How odd… The Shape of the Shroud:  To create the world as you see fit. Is this the form you chose?

Anya sighed and stepped back into the middle, for a dream there was an awful weight upon her shoulders. She felt as if this truly mattered, that this decision was not as simple as it seemed. Anya pointed at the blue door, and then the red door, and back and forth as she counted off “eenie meenie miney moe… Catch a tiger by its toe” she covered her eyes and continued to count trying to forget anything but the little game. “Eenie meenie miney… Moe!” she opened her eyes to see herself pointing at the red door. “Guess that’s the door I choose…” Anya walked up to it touching its surface gently. There was no handle so she wasn’t quite sure how it would open. Suddenly the door swung out and a blaring light sucked Anya through its frame.

Anya waved away the light as if afraid of it. Her arms outstretched as she defended herself from some unseen terror. Your path is set. Anya blinked realizing the glass had changed, no it was more than that she could feel this place was different. Beneath her feet sat a creature made of shadow, painted into the glass with an odd symbol across its chest. There were many shadows that surrounded it, but the large shadow scared her the most. A pedestal rose from the center of the glass, upon it a small bubble. Take the form of creativity. The power to defend: a shield to protect or a wall to deter. Anya reached out to touch the bubble only to have it expand. Made up of hexagonal plates the barrier protected her from every angle. It lingered for a moment and an instant later it disappeared, though she could still feel its influence, as if it waited to be called again.

A suddenly heavy object appeared in her hands. The shock was almost enough to cause her to drop it, though reflexively she caught the bulky red thing and fell backwards onto her bum. “Ow!” Anya winced looking down at the shield in her hands. She didn’t quite know what to make of it, though it was kindof nice to have something solid to hold onto. You have gained the power to fight. Anya stood up hefting the shield in both hands so that the weight wasn’t unbearable to bare. She swung it around a couple times trying to get used to it.  Very good… There will be times when you have to fight. Never conform, always expand your creativity. As if on cue the small squiggly shapes on the ground began to move. Tiny shadows no bigger than her shield took form growing out of the ground with beady yellow eyes and strange antennae. The shadow creatures quickly surrounded Anya looking for any reason to attack her. Raising her shield she hoped it would be enough to protect her from whatever these things were.

The creatures hopped into the air attempting to scratch her only to find the meta shield blocking their way. Time and time again they attacked until one managed to attack from behind catching her by surprise. Unable to swing the shield around Anya let go with her right hand swung around the palm so it faced the attacking shadow. All at once a sphere of clear hexagons surrounded her causing the creature to bounce off. Surprised by her own power Anya looked around to see the shadows melting into the ground darkening the stained glass. Away, you must not linger! the voice urged her to the edge of the platform. All at once the darkness began to swim and mix in the center as Anya thought about jumping off. It was then that small stained glass windows began to form, small platforms for her to escape to like stairs leading her away from the shadows. 

Without hesitation Anya ran as fast as her legs would carry her. She could hear the windows shattering behind her, and moreover she could feel the darkness of the shadows following her. Anya leapt without looking barely managing to land on the next true stained glass platform. She didn’t have time to look at the images as she sprinted for the door, her lungs protesting each step. Pulling it open with all her might she bolted through slamming it closed behind her. Anya panted, trying to breathe deep as she slid down with her back to the door. At first this dream seemed to be happy, she was flying with the stars at one point and all of a sudden fleeing for her life from nameless shadows. What a nightmare that truly was. It was only after she caught her breath that Anya realized where the door had led her.

Hold on. The door won’t open just yet. The voice rang out letting her know the dream was not over. Instead she found herself sitting in the square of Radiant Garden. There were three people standing around, each she knew very well. The first was the librarian, an older man in his late forties who had helped Anya on more than one occasion. The second person was actually not a person but a moogle, one that ran the shop and sold odd items that Anya couldn’t find anywhere else. The last person standing in the square was a young girl, a friend Anya had spoken to every now and again, though the two of them weren’t really close. First, tell me more about yourself. The voice beckoned as the three people just stared at Anya. 

Feeling a little out of place Anya realized this was just a dream, these were not the people she knew from home but simply her mind placing them here in her dream world. Walking up to the librarian Anya smiled “Hi.” The librarian nodded “What do you want out of life?” Anya thought for a moment, though she knew instantly what she wanted “I want to see things no one else has seen. Places no one else has been to.”  The librarian just nodded, not saying anything further. Anya moved over to the moogle, she offered a smile but without asking the moogle spoke “What is most important to you, Kupo?” Anya pondered once more “People, the bond between friends.” The moogle spun around mid-air as if delighted “That’s great Kupo!” 

Finally Anya walked up to the girl on the other side of the square, she was sitting on a bench staring up at the clouds. As Anya approached the girl spoke “What are you afraid of?” Anya looked away, she didn’t know how to answer this question… not really. Think about it more and more Anya sat on the bench beside the girl “I think… I’m afraid that there’s nothing else out there. That I’ll find myself stuck somewhere forever…Trapped and alone.” The three people vanished from the square, as if they had never really been there. And once more the voice called to Anya. You want to see new places, the bond between friends is most important to you, and you are afraid of being trapped and alone.

The world began to whiten, details disappearing as Anya was slowly blinded Your adventure begins in the dead of night. Your road won’t be easy, but a rising sun awaits your journey’s end. The day you will open the door is both far off… and very near. The world came back into view… or should it be said… The stained glass platform came into view, this one held a symbol on the ground. A great clock tower surrounded by many bells. Once again the shield found its way into Anya’s hands as the shadows began to rise from the ground once more. No longer afraid Anya waited for them, as each one attacked she thrust the shield out bashing them and causing the shadows to disperse in puffs of dark clouds. When the last shadow disappeared the platform began to break from the outer edges to the center. Anya backed into the center, unsure of what to do. It is when we fall, that we witness who we truly are.

The glass broke beneath Anya’s feet and the darkness began to stream away. Anya was falling fast through the skies above a huge city. Balloon screamed past her at an incredible pace forcing her to move her limbs to change her trajectory. Anya stretched her hand forward creating a barrier as she crashed through one of the balloons. It exploded in a rain of confetti. Suddenly having fun Anya’s face lit up with a genuine smile. As dangerous as this could be in real life, in a dream it was simply magical. She could hear the symphony of music below mix in with the cheering of the crowd. Yet for how fast she was dropping the town didn’t seem to be getting any closer. It was a little odd but it didn’t bother Anya too much. 

The closer to the light you come, the greater the shadow that is cast. All of a sudden the balloons behind Anya began to stop rising and instead floated directly at her with incredible speed. Anya barely got her barrier up in time as the balloons streamed past her knocking into her barrier a few times along the way. In front of her the balloons suddenly reformed into a vaguely humanoid shape, the different colors on the balloons made it look comical but the symbol on its chest reminded her of the shadow creatures and the stained glass. As if called by her will alone her shield appeared at her side, no longer a burden as all she had to do was hold onto it as she fell. The balloon creature thrust its arm at Anya forcing her to dodge to the left. A quick barrier saved her from the second thrust as the other arm hurtled past her. Diving hard Anya managed to connect her shield with the symbol on its chest, though that only seemed to weaken the creature slightly. Losing air out of one of its balloons Anya had to think quickly as the two arm balloons were returning fast. She kicked hard off the balloon torso and managed to get around the balloons.

Not willing to open itself up to attack again the balloon creature shifted its weight as fireworks shot out from behind it. Anya hid behind her shield dodging the attack. The longer this fight went on the more confident the girl was becoming, she had even begun getting accustomed to fighting while falling though she was far from graceful about it. The balloon creature quickly realized its firework attack wouldn’t work, not against Anya’s shield. Suddenly all of its balloons broke apart and began hurtling towards Anya in one massive attack. Unable to react in time Anya took a hit from one of the balloons and spun out of control for several seconds as she tried to get her bearings back. The hit hurt but it wasn’t enough to finish her off. The balloon creature reformed, and due to the success of its previous attack launched a second all-out attack. 

Anya dodged to the best of her ability, still having to use her shield to navigate the skies as balloons raged dangerously about her. Frustratingly she managed to avoid the attack this time. Think Mimzy, how am I supposed to get out of this? As the balloon creature reformed Anya had a sudden thought, it had stopped attacking her the first way because she had managed to hit it, but if the hit had done nothing then there would have been no reason to simply stop… Coming up with a plan Anya waited for the next big attack. The balloon creature launched its body at her one balloon at a time, trying to use quick succession to aim the balloons at her as best as it could.

Anya was ready for it this time; she kept her eyes open as she dodged the first two balloons however the third one was a green balloon with the chest symbol on it. Moving just outside of the attack Anya dragged the edge of her shield across the balloons surface splitting it completely open. The concussive boom resounded as all of the balloons followed suit. Anya was falling fast and confetti was everywhere, obscuring her vision, making it difficult to breath, and making it impossible to know what was going on. Suddenly the shield she had been holding onto, her lifeline and her strength disappeared. Terrified Anya thrashed around until she heard the voice that had been with her from the beginning. But don’t be afraid. And don’t forget…  Don’t be afraid, you hold the mightiest weapon of all. So don’t forget:

You are the one who will open the door.

Anya awoke with a jolt. Her eyes took a moment to adjust to the florescent lighting as it mixed in with the gently stream of sunlight that came through the library window. She had been reading a book, some dusty tome that had the history of Radiant Garden and how it had been founded some time ago. Most embarrassingly was the fact that she had drooled on the table in her sleep. Anya wiped the thread of drool from her bottom lip with her sleeve before closing the book. That dream had really rattled her. She looked up at the sky through the giant window and wondered to herself. Was that truly a dream… or could that place have been real?


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Post Count : 33
Name: Starry Night

Type of Weapon: Keyblade

Primary/Secondary: Primary

Elemental Alignment: Light

Ability/Function: Ability to appear/disappear at the wielder’s will, open/close any keyhole/lock, and creates a simple flash of light when the wielders health drops below 30% in an attempt to temporarily blind foes. 

Close/long range: Close Range


History: The first keyblade to reveal itself to Anya. It appeared in the moment of incredible need upon the first visitation of heartless. Its design indicates the soul of a longing girl who wishes nothing more than to touch the very stars she gazes upon each night.


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