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Name: Belysa

Age: 35



((no, I do not have a helmet design…use your imaginaaaaaaation!))

Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: approx 135
Eye color: Hazel
Hair Color: Blonde
Build: Medium | Medium

Sex: Female

Species: Human

Personality: Belysa is a woman shrouded in a veil of mystery on a mission to make herself into a crusader against the darkness. Formerly a tinkerer of Radiant Garden and Traverse Town, Maria L’Blanc took a false name and a false rank of Keyblade Master, shortly after the battle between Sora and Xehanort’s Heartless—because the Keyblade Master did not return for an entire year, it was believed widely that he had vanished for good.

The young woman has an enormous messiah complex; she believes that she is to become the leader in a glorious war against the darkness, to banish it forever from all of the worlds and cleanse them of their impurities. She is often depicted in his banners and posters as a golden figure upon a white horse, battling with the common people against their foes of the Dark. As a survivor of the Hollow Bastion invasion, Belysa believes that the Darkness is a plight and a plague against the worlds, considering it a sort of illness that must be eradicated the minute it sprouts, and all traces of it must be completely removed from them in order for true peace to reign. Her new devotion and faith to the Light is beyond radical, verging on mad—Belysa is quite willing to exploit and abuse any method of removing the darkness, even the slightest hint of it, without considering the emotions of others, or even how insane her methods are. She’s not above manipulation, terrorizing, injuring, or even killing, in order to make his point clear…as are many who follow his example.

Belysa enjoys using people around her to further her messages and goals to the populace; she often holds rallies in populated worlds, preaching of how the darkness is a poison, and how any trace of it must be removed in order for the worlds to become pure with light once more. Terrified citizens who have experienced the Heartless and Nobodies more often than not rally to her cause and her teachings, their hatred as fueled by their fear as the very woman they idolize. Her appearances in these rallies can become almost frenzied, to the point where she rambles to a degree much more frightening than even that of those who command supreme Darkness; Belysa’s blind devotion to the light boarders on the lines of hellish zealousness. Despite this however, it does seem that people follow his teachings, and even execute them, leaving many of the worlds she openly visits in a state of a Salem Witch Hunt.

At first, Belysa appears something as a hero; she is polite, kind, courteous, and quite righteous. It does seem that she is a knight of justice, there to deliver the worlds from the evil of the lurking shadows…However, this is simply a façade. Belysa’s love for darkness could easily be compared to that of Ansem the Wise’s original love for Nobodies—those touched by darkness are no longer human, no longer have hearts, no longer have feelings…and should no longer exist. Arguing against her is unwise, particularly in public—Belysa’s image and charisma can easily turn people to his side in a matter of moments, and she clearly uses their fear to attack those she hates. ((Akin to Hitler, in a sense.))
She is extremely manipulative, lying to everybody with zero acceptations, in order to further grow her influence and power. The people of the worlds are frightened and uneducated about the worlds around her, giving Belysa a perfect perch in which to use them to his benefit. Belysa further fools the masses using her keen creative mind; she is no warrior and no spell-slinger, and makes up her lack of combative abilities with clever tricks, and smoke and mirrors. Other individuals are hardly anything more than tools to be used—the similarities between her and the very foes she fights against are not all that uncommon.

Things [Belysa] Enjoys

  • The purity of Light

  • Persecution of those tied to the Darkness

  • Craftworking (brewing potions, metalworking, jewelry making, etc.)

Things Belysa Hates

  • Darkness

  • Bringing up the past

  • Setbacks

Abilities and Skills:

  • Mana Drive: Charge
    Type: Support
    Description Belysa charges her Mana Drive, allowing hwe spellcasting abilities. This MUST be done before casting spells in a topic! This ability must be used again if the Mana Drive is broken and repaired within the span of the thread.
    [Cooldown: 4]
    [Duration: Thread]
  • “Fog” (Smokescreen Bomb)
    Type: Support
    Description: Belysa fakes casting a spell, throwing down a pellet which releases a thick smoke in a ten (10) foot radius, causing Blind for two (2) posts.
    [Cooldown]: 2
    [Duration]: 2
  • Sub-Zero: Overcharge
    Type: Spell
    Description: Belysa allows her Mana Drive to overload with powerful ice magic, causing it to erupt in a ten (10) foot radius and cause heavy ice damage to enemies caught in the radius.
    [Cooldown: 4]
  • Mana Drive : Aqua Flow
    Type: Spell
    Description: Belysa summons forth a current of water, which she can slide along to evade an attack.

    [Cooldown: 3]
  • Mana Drive : Typhoon Wave
    Type: Spell
    Description: Belysa creates a large wave of water, (10x10x10’) towards an enemy, dealing heavy damage to opponents.
    [Cooldown: 4]

  • Mana Drive : Cura
    Type: Spell
    Description: Belysa heals herself and allies for 30% of their HP.
    [Cooldown: 4]

  • False Magnega
    Type: Spell
    Description: Belysa fakes casting a spell, throwing down a small gravity well generator which pulls enemies towards it and roots them to the ground in a five (5) foot radius. ((This generator can be destroyed prematurely, either by remote or by simply hitting it, which causes medium damage to all targets trapped.))
    [Cooldown: 3]

  • Mana Drive: Holy
    Type: Spell
    Description: Belysa releases the power of Light, summoning forth five (5) pillars of light from the sky down on her foes, dealing heavy damage.
    [Cooldown: 3]

  • Mana Drive: Purify
    Type: Spell
    Description: Summoning forth the power of Light, Belysa can either remove a negative status effect from an ally, or cause medium damage to a single enemy.
    [Cooldown: 3]

  • Tinker
    Type: Support
    Description: With the speed of a master craftsman, Belysa quickly repairs damaged parts of her arsenal. (IE, Mana Drive or damaged automatrons)
    [Duration: 2]
    [Cooldown: 5]

  • Charge Up
    Type: Support
    Description: Belysa allows her Mana Drive to charge to a higher level, bestowing a Faith enhancement. (30% spell potency.)
    [Cooldown: 4]
    [Duration: 2]

  • False Summon: Goliath
    Type: Spell
    Belysa calls forth an automatron, which arrives in the guise of a summon. [HP: 8]
    Reckless Fury: Goliath charges at his enemies swiftly, dealing medium damage.
    Rites of Passage: Goliath can protect himself or allies using his wings, negating damage for a single turn.
    Maximum Overkill: Turning feral with rage, Goliath fecklessly drives into enemies, ripping and shredding them with his claws and teeth. He then explodes, dealing heavy damage to all enemies around him.
    [Each ability can be used only once during Goliath’s summoned time]
    [Cooldown: 3]
    [Duration: 5]

  • LIMIT BREAK—Mana Drive: Overcharge
    Type: Spell
    Description: Belysa allows her mana drive to over-exceed the maximum amount of Mist stored, causing it to violently erupt in a sphere of magical energy, dealing extreme damage to all targets in range, allies and enemies alike. This will cause the Mana Drive to become damaged, and it will need repairs.
    [Cooldown: 5]

    Weapons and Equipment:

    • Radical Faith : A sword created to take the shape of a Keyblade, it is little more than a normal weapon, forged on the lies of a new empire. You can easily tell it's a fake if one has seen a Keyblade before: it has no Keychain.
    • Saul’s Blessing : Armor designed similarly to that of the Keyblade Warriors of old, it appears to be more of a hindrance than helpful sometimes, giving low visibility and mobility in exchange for extreme defense and durability.
    • Mana Drive : Having no ability to cast magic on her own, Belysa has forged a Mana Drive, which absorbs magical energy and outputs spells. Without this item, she cannot use spells.

    Once, before it had become the Hollow Bastion, Radiant Garden was a world flourishing with life and prosperity. It was in this little world that many people resided, many for generations at a time…One such family carried the name “L’Blanc”. Perhaps one of the oldest to populate the little villa that had become this bustling bastion city, the L’Blanc family had become a powerfully influential group over the many years that they existed within the world. In the earliest years, so history says, it was the L’Blanc family who opened up and ran the very first of what would become a chain of stores christened with the simple name: “Item Shop.” The family secrets of chemical mixtures and techniques for crafting everything from potions to swords was passed down, taught to those who had the willpower and the ability, and from there, the stores flourished akin to the flowers around their beautiful world. For generations afterwards, the L’Blancs managed and worked in these stores until they had become so wealthy that they had no need to work themselves anymore, becoming overseers and managers in the flow of the times.

    One such branch of the L’Blanc family tree belonged to Joxor and Yevelta L’Blanc, whose control of the family estate was held many years before the arrival of the mysterious Xehanort, or that of the three Keybearers. The birth of their sole heir, a daughter they titled Maria, was the cause of a great deal of celebration—so much  so that the Great Hall of the castle was packed with well-wishers and festival-loving guests from as far away as the outer city walls. Though all those who attended the gala wished the girl and her family nothing but joy in their lives, not a soul who had come to the gathering had so much as an inkling of what tragedy would befall each and every one of them…

    At a very young age, Maria developed an interest in her family’s business—although not in the way many people had expected—instead of managing the shop from an administrative point of view, the youth instead desired to work with her father’s employees instead. The furnaces, anvils, and chemical mixers were romanticized in the youngest L’Blanc’s mind, and it was often that you could see her dreaming up her own adulthood as a hard-working tinkerer. She shrugged off her lessons as a businesswoman for the most part, and spent the majority of her days watching people work, fascinated on the art of the craft, the power of metalworking, and the wisdom it took to properly brew such wonderful creations. Books upon books were typically strewn about the study, pages marked with old family traditions in making items where she had left them, open for examination. Though she was still but a child, it was obvious she had a great deal of determination in her soul.

    Although Joxor did not approve of his daughter’s hobby at first, he soon began to understand that, to properly manage one’s company, one may as well learn how things work within it; he allowed Maria to further her studies as a craftswoman…despite her business training still being part of her education. The youngest L’Blanc was delighted, and poured all of her efforts into understanding the trade. Her eyes stared, unblinking, watching the masters in their work as she took furious notes. She paid no mind when she burned herself, and had no qualms about getting dirty. Traveling abroad, Maria took it upon herself to observe those who collected the items used to create the elixirs and chains that her family’s company produced. Maria was not in love with craftsmaking—it was her very life.

    This adoration was only amplified with the sudden and strange arrival of the Moogles—unusual creatures who traveled the outskirts of the city, searching for materials and new things to create. Though they had always inhabited the world, it was more often than not that they went off on their own, exploring the area around them for new items to synthesize and create. Joxor L’Blanc offered them sanctuary in the estate whenever they wished, setting up a permanent relation with the tiny beings; since then, the Moogles were often seen in the L’Blanc area. The new generation of L’Blanc was utterly delighted in this latest development, and spent many of her spare hours absorbed in the Moogles as they happily worked in the forges and workshops her father had provided them. They were (and still are,) extraordinarily powerful magical beings, and observation alone was clearly not enough for Maria as she soon requested them to teach her how it was they managed such finely crafted objects.
    This took up the bulk of her youth—the Moogles were not so easily persuaded into simply telling their secrets to just anybody, but the youngest of the L’Blanc family was far from deterred from a simple ‘no’. Over the course of her teenage years, little by little, Maria learned from repetition and practice from those who oversaw her teaching, including a few of the friendlier types of Moogles. Pages of new designs and formulas spanned across her bedroom and study walls. Notebooks filled to the brim with the smallest details of metalworking, chemical mixtures, and the properties of ores of every shape, size, color, and origin.

    Maria might have indeed gained the official title of Master Craftsman if there had not been a sudden distraction at the age of twenty-one: A young man named Saul. As one of the librarians in the Radiant Garden’s jungle of books located in the castle of Ansem the Wise, there was little chance he might have run into brilliant tinkerer in other circumstances—but fate had dictated that the Unversed would come…and they did. To many who lived in Radiant Garden before the time of Apprentice Xehanort, the memories of the strange creatures were fuzzy at best. Most hardly remember the beings, as they were much too young, simply hadn’t encountered them, or mistook them as Heartless. But Maria knews he would never forget the little beasts, not so long as she lived: they had, whether it was intended or not, lead her to the man she loved.

    It began with the most unfamiliar noise anybody had ever heard in Radiant Garden—a young man’s cry for help. Danger was an extremely unorthodox thing at the time, but the moment the Unversed had arrived, it suddenly became a commonplace…and over the years that followed, it gradually became worse. Maria had heard that particular cry, and had she not taken another moment to decide that her ears weren’t playing tricks on her, nobody would have made it in time. She was alone, sitting in the Garden Square, contemplating on a park bench when the sound caught her attention, and upon recognizing the call, immediately went to seek out its source. On the grounds of the Bailey was the collapsed form of a young man, surrounded by a trio of the most unusual, terrifying, and powerful creatures she’d ever seen in her life…so far.

    Maria was not a fighter. She had no experience at all with the sort of thing, and the closest she had ever achieved to doing so were the fencing motions her father had taught her. She was running entirely on sheer instinct, which nearly cost the woman her life. Her weapon consisted of a discarded metal pipe piece, which affected the Unversed about as much as tickling them might have; a fact that the youngest L’Blanc discovered with a heart clutched in the hands of terror. Had a certain pair of the castle guard not heard the cry as well…it would have meant the end of the youth’s tale.

    During his recovery within the walls of the mighty Research Centre, Maria and Saul bonded closely, and soon became friends. Saul explained that his reasonings for wandering the more dangerous parts of the town, were to further study the strange creatures that had been appearing, to become a researcher himself and rid Radiant Garden of them once and for all. Saul greatly admired the researchers of the centre, and longed to become one of their numbers, daydreaming as he filed away papers and books within the bastion’s massive libraries. Maria understood this dream, comparing it to her own dream of becoming a Master Craftswoman, and vowed to help him achieve his goal in any way she could.
    The years passed by slowly but surely. Little by little, with each trip into the wilderness of their world, brief though they were, Saul and Maria grew closer. At first, their trips were monthly, hardly lasting more than a few hours, and typically consisting of finding nothing at all. The youngest L’Blanc practiced more of her swordsmanship, distancing himself with learning the trade of business, to better protect her new friend. She was far from great, despite all of her work at the blade, but was determined to keep her promise even at the cost of her own life. But as the months passed, Saul and Maria ventured further and further, for longer and longer, and despite all of their searching, there was neither hide nor hair to be found of the strange creatures that had appeared that fateful day they’d met. When they weren’t out in the open, they were nearly always together. Those who worked the craftshop hardly saw the rising creator anymore, and it was rare when the youngest L’Blanc wasn’t at the Research Center. Saul was absent nearly all the time unless he was filing away for Ansem the Wise, and was never seen without Maria in his company.

    Finally, after so long of being together, Saul gathered up the courage to propose--to which she accepted.

    And indeed, it was a wonderful wedding…and though they were invited to attend, neither Ansem the Wise nor any of his titled Apprentices showed…and that was only the beginning of the strange and mysterious circumstances surrounding the Castle. Suddenly, nobody was allowed inside. Ansem the Wise would not take visitors, and the guards turned down anybody who made their way to visit. The areas that had once been public in the facility were shut without reason or warning. The Castle of Radiant Garden had become a fortress of secrets and solitude almost overnight…and nobody had an explanation. The Research Centre then closed, and was considered abandoned…
    The latter half of the year passed, with no word from the inside, while within the city itself…strange disappearances began to occur. In the night, persons wandering would vanish without a trace, never to be seen again. Suddenly, panic gripped the hearts of the peaceful souls living within Radiant Garden’s world.
    Despite all of this, Maria did all he could to keep her husband happy. Their time together was that of pleasant days and comfortable nights, though Saul worried for the man who had been his idol. But the days spent together would soon become more and more important, as a terrible chaos began to descend upon their tranquil land.

    It began when the Shadows erupted from the earth, with the clapping of terrible thunder and a rumbling of the ground that made the stoutest of hearts tremble with terror. From the sinister machine that Xehanort’s madness had wrought, came forth the Emblem Heartless and their Pureblooded brethren to engulf the world in its black nightmare. And while the chosen few were struck down by the incarnation of the Keyblade Master, many more were devoured by his hordes. Few can recall that terrible day…fewer still escaped the horrors that were experienced…

    The door shuddered with a terrible groan as several of the house staff braced it against the wretched monsters outside. Joxor gripped the hilt of his rapier tightly, his face hardened as his other hand held his wife’s shoulder. Yvelta glared nastily at the entryway to their home, hiding her fear behind a mask of solitude. Maria and Saul clamored down the staircase as quickly as their legs could carry them, the former holding her own flimsy sword in hopes she might not have to use it.
    “Wh-what’s going on?!” The youngest of their family cried out. “Are we being invaded?!”
    “Something of that matter my dear,” Joxor told her firmly, nodding. “They’ve broken through the main gate, and we’ve tried to save as many as we could…but they’re…” His face was grave, the old man’s eyes steely and serious, a trait Maria had never seen before with his father. “They’re relentless. They’ve all but torn through the Castle Guards, and it’s likely they’ll be upon us soon.”
    “Who’s they?” Saul asked, gripping his wife’s arm tightly with his fear.
    “Sh-Shadows, m’lady,” one of the workers stammered, his visage the epitome of pale. “They…they came from the d-direction of the C-C-Castle…They’re attacking folks, and m-multiplying in greater numbers…”
    “Heartless,” he whispered, the breath leaving his lungs in a single, shocked word.
    “But from the Castle?” Maria repeated, completely lost now. “How could that be? Ansem the Wise shut down the Research Centre, surely there’s no way they could have been attracted here!”
    Another inanimate, shuddering groan from the double doors, thick and strong as oak trees in normal circumstances, told that their time was running short. The nineteen people in the room huddled together against the wood, desperately pushing back against the unending tide of Darkness before them.
    “Steady now, steady!” Joxor bellowed, as everybody grunted in their strains. “So long as we still stand, this place is a safe haven. I will not allow harm to come to this home so long as I still draw a breath.”
    Joxor,” Yvelta muttered, shaking her head. Her husband mimicked the movement with his own.
    “We mustn’t falter…not now.”

    But they would; the moment his lips ceased moving, a swarm of the creatures suddenly began forming through the floor itself, and chaos immediately ensued. Three workers were taken from the world before they had even realized it, and soon enough a battle was waged within the foyer of the L’Blanc estate. True though they were the finest craftsmen and women in the world, they were creators, and not warriors, and while their weapons were quite exquisite, their inexperience was no match for the savage ruthlessness of the incoming Heartless.
    Maria’s blade was slightly more seasoned than that of her fellow craftsman, but not by much of a large margin. Her rapier cut through the legions of invaders, but not nearly quick enough; there were vast numbers of them, surrounding their location with too much speed…and the eldest L’Blanc knew it. Joxor swept his weapon through the body of one of the less fortunate Heartless, and whirled to face his daughter, his face bitter with sweat, tears, and heartache.

    “Maria, take Saul and run.”
    The youth grunted at the force of the house shaking as a pair of Defenders suddenly broke through the wall, their shields snapping viciously at the few gathered survivors. Maria had never seen a Heartless so close up…or so terrifying…and her very being became an icy statue of fear at the sight of them. Her blood and bones had frozen with absolute horror, and it was only the cries of her father that shook her from her petrifying fear.
    Maria!” Joxor barked. “You must leave this place, now! Go to the outskirts, where you may be safe! Go!”
    The L’Blanc heir shook her head furiously, making a motion to move towards her father, but a small flock of Wryverns swooped through the newly made hole in the wall, making it quite impossible to proceed further.
    “Mother! Father! I won’t let them have you, not like this, please!”
    “DO as I SAY,” the oldest of the family bellowed at him, plunging his weapon firmly into the wing of one of the passing Heartless. “Take Saul with you! Go! I tell you this because we love you! We want you safe! Go now!”
    “I…I love you too, father,” Maria whispered, her voice almost broken with her emotion. “Please…be safe…”

    Maria stared painfully at the two who had given her life fighting for their own, and whirled to protect her husband, who was clutching the wall, backed against it fully, his eyes brimming with tears of horror. She grappled his wrist, yanking him away from his would-be sanctuary, her rapier in the other hand, plunging through the window with a yelp that surprised even her.
    The Bailey and Market were completely overrun—there was hardly a soul to be seen, and those that were, were quickly assaulted and vanished into the eternal void. Serenity wailed in disgusted horror as a man and two children were taken by a swarm of little shadows, their hearts engulfed in inky blackness. Maria had to pull, and pull hard, to keep his wife from sticking to the earth in her fear, quite unsure of what it was that made him keep his head from doing the same. A power pulsed through her very blood that somehow kept her wits about her, though her mind was in a state of full panic and her heart…the very thing that the Heartless sought, was beating harder and faster than ever before in her life.
    The L’Blanc had to slam on her breaks and put her feet down firmly as the two stopped to a halt in front of a Large Body, the towering creature’s massive arms wide open for what might have been a bear hug of death. Serenity slammed into his back, which almost caused Maria to stumble, but she kept his bearings as she gathered their current situation. The monster was blocking their path, and whens he glanced behind them, the woman could see that its many counterparts were running out of other people to snack upon…and would very soon be upon them.
    Without thinking, she shoved Saul slightly to the side and forward, propelling himself towards the great beast with her weapon raised for some sort of distraction. Panicked sweat poured from her brows, stinging her eyes, and as her husband ducked underneath the arms of the Heartless, Maria thrust her body weight into the strike which—
    did absolutely nothing. The attack bounced harmlessly off of the creature’s massive stomach, only causing it to become angry instead of injured. The former craftswoman ducked under a wide, swinging frenzy of assaults, rolling less-than-gracefully under its legs, and took the hand of her husband again as they ran in vain from the incoming darkness around them.

    “It’s just…just like Ansem the Wise…s-said in his reports…” Saul breathed, his throat choked with fear and sorrow. “They’re…they’re after hearts…and they’ll…they’ll k-keep going until they eat…the heart of this world…” His words were cut off by a sob, and he shook his head. “There’s…there’s no running from this, Maria. We…have to accept…that this is the end.”
    Maria whirled on him, half stunned, half angry. “You can’t be serious! We can find a way out of this, if you just give me some time—“
    “There is nothing we can do,” he sobbed. “They’ll devour this whole world, and we will be cast away into the blackness ourselves...”
    “Listen to me,” Maria told him firmly, holding him face in one palm and her trembling hands in the other. “Listen to me Saul, my love, please…You musn’t give up hope. We’ll find a way to escape this. I swore I would keep you safe, and keep you safe I sha—“

    It was in that moment that the Heartless moved in. Numbering in the hundreds of thousands, all swarming in on the location of the last two hearts they could consume, there was absolutely no hope of escape. Even had they managed to reach the outskirts of the city in time…still they would have been pursued, and eventually had met up with the same fate as they did now. There was nothing that could have kept Maria from watching her beloved husband vanish into the void…or her.

    Life, as a Heartless, is something that very few individuals have ever really recalled. Maria L’Blanc is not among those people. It’s unknown precisely what shape the heir of the L’Blanc family took, or where it was that she had roamed. It does appear clear that, while L’Blanc was quite a character…her willpower was not strong enough to form a Nobody, like many of the other Radiant Garden victims. What is known, is that from the day Radiant Garden fell, to the day a particular boy with an even more particular weapon left Traverse Town…Maria was very much absent.
    It was the day after Sora’s departure that, very suddenly, Maria L’Blanc found herself unconscious in an alley behind the Hotels, dripping wet from the gutters that flowed. The only recollection in her memories were that of before her life of Darkness…and the bitter, stinging heartbreak that she was alone in this strange, alien world. For a solid week, Maria wandered hopelessly lost within the Districts of Traverse Town, until finally…she ran into a familiar face; a moogle, who found her at the brink of her sanity and whisked her back to the attic room of the Item Shop, where he spent her recovery.

    It took weeks for Maria to return to full health, and even then, it was clear she was not the same young girl who had been the pride of the Item Shop. The craftswoman did not take the news of his wife and parents’ disappearance at all well, and when told it was unlikely they’d ever return…Maria shut down. When it was learned it had been nearly seven years since the fall of Radiant Garden, she sat in silence for days, staring at the floor in horrified disbelief. The polite, sophisticated youth from the time before the Heartless was very suddenly absent, now replaced with a hardened, introverted woman whose face was as stony as the streets she walked upon. Though she still retained a fantastic talent for crafting and creating, it was obvious her love was no longer in it as it had once been. Even spending most of her time with the Moogles, those she was perhaps closest to in his youth, it was clear that Maria carried a deep, ugly scar in her heart.
    It wasn’t until months after her reappearance that Maria overheard a conversation at dinner that changed her life’s course.

    “The boy came back again, kupo,” one of the moogles said suddenly, picking at its salad with only half-interest. “It’s got me thinking, about what we talked about the last time.”
    The Chief Moogle, considered the leader of their numbers and quite possibly the best crasftman in Traverse Town, shook his little head, his pom-pom wiggling with the motion.
    “He’s not ready for anything like that, kupo-po. Mystery Goo isn’t easy to come by. We might want to use the little we have for something else.”
    The other moogles were now involved in the conversation, to include Maria, who were all glancing from their plates to the two of their own.
    “But Chief, the Ultima Weapon is the greatest weapon we’ve ever designed, kupo.” The first argued, its bulbous nose twitching. “In his hands, he could do great things, po-po.”
    Maria’s brow rose slightly. “What manner of sword could possibly be considered the best of them all?”
    “Not a sword, kupo-po,” the Chief told her, seriously. “A Keyblade. We designed it ourselves when we heard its master had returned, kupo.”
    “But it would take a lot of Mystery Goo to make, and that’s the problem,” one of the other moogles added, with an adorable frown. “We just don’t have enough on stock to make something of that caliber, po.”
    The L’Blanc stood immediately, her mouth agape. “The Keyblade Master? That can’t be, it’s merely a myth!”
    “So were other worlds, once upon a time kupo,” the other pointed out. “But here we all are.”

    Maria slowly lowered himself to her chair, unable to grasp the concept fully. Her mind wandered as the sounds of his new adoptive family faded away into his thoughts. True enough now she was positive there were other worlds…but to have the most powerful weapon of light, the legendary Keyblade, the mystical blade of hope…exist? What little she knew of the subject had come from fairytales her mother would read to him—a great and mighty weapon that came to the greatest of hearts, and protected the way to the Heart of all worlds—Kingdom Hearts. There had been, in this tale, a terrible battle between selfish bearers of that blade, and the worlds had been swallowed in shadow, rebuilt and protected by the light within the hearts of children. It had of course, ended in the traditional sappy ending, where a chosen Keyblade Master would one day set Kingdom Hearts free from its prison, and forever would the light rain down upon the worlds, uniting them once more but…
    Could it even be possible that such a person, such a weapon, existed?

    “We can’t spare that much Goo,” the Chief Moogle said, as the man’s attention snapped back into the conversation. “Unless the boy went and brought us some, there’s nothing we can do, kupo.”
    “What if I went to search for some?” Maria asked, and all heads turned. For a long time, there was stunned silence, but the L’Blanc’s face was stoic and serious…in a different way than usual. There was a shadow of determination of which hadn’t graced her features in some long while…and anybody could see it.
    “I’ll go look for the Mystery Goo,” Maria continued. “The Keyblade Master fights for the safety of the worlds; he can’t be busied with such a trivial task compared to that! Let me take one of Highwind’s ships, and I can gather them for this weapon.”
    “You’re out of your mind, po-po,” one of the smaller, younger moogles said, flatly. “You’re in no condition to go out into the worlds. There’s so many Heartless now, and you can hardly fight, kupo!”
    “I can fight well enough to defend myself, and find what the Keyblade Master needs!” She snapped back. “If he is to truly save these worlds from the Darkness, to vanquish these monsters forever, who am I to deny him the best weapon to fight on with?” Maria shook her head. “I can’t sit here knowing that he could be doing his duty with greater gusto. We must help him, and this means I must go and seek some Mystery Goo out.”
    The Chief Moogle muttered something under his breath, and shook his head.
    “I can’t allow that, kupo. It wouldn’t be safe for you to go on such a perilous journey. You can work on the project…if you think you can design a better weapon without the Goo, you’re welcome to try.” He waggled a tiny hand at her. “But you won’t go off adventuring like that. Don’t even think about it, po-po.”

    The Keyblade—the weapon of light that only came to those of purest heart—had been nothing but a legend to the bulk of the worlds, Radiant Garden included. There were only inaccurate accounts of the enigmatic weapon or its previous wielders…But what little he knew of it was more than enough to get Maria fully engaged. With a heart aching for revenge, the L’Blanc returned to the whiteboards and forges of the First District shop, her mind racing with the designs of a weapon that could aid the Keyblade Master in his duties. For months, Maria didn’t leave her quarters, taking meager breaks only to return back to her painstaking work. Drawing from the legends of old, from tales of mystery told by those who claimed to have witnessed events from the time before Hollow Bastion’s fall…Maria began her work. Despite her talents however…she could not recreate the mighty weapon so that she could fight the Heartless as well, or aid the boy Sora in his journeys. In her continuing failures, Maria became more and more depressed, and more closed off from the world around her.

    Not so long after that fateful evening, Hollow Bastion was reclaimed by the Keyblade Master, and the small number of survivors who had once lived in its beautiful landscape began to return to the place they had called home. Maria L’Blanc, not wanting to entertain such painful memories of the past…declined at first. Her mind still lingered on the failed prototypes for her own, hand-made Keyblade…for she was sure that she could recreate the mighty weapon for her own purposes. It was only until the Keybearer vanished after his battle against Ansem, without a trace, which the L’Blanc heir returned to the place his family had known for generations. Maria believed Sora dead…and so decided to continue to forge her very own Keyblade…to combat the darkness on her own. Donning a simple disguise, Maria came back into Hollow Bastion’s arms, not to relive her past but to look for something that may help bring hope for the future. She and her husband had been researchers, perhaps not in title but in hobby, and so digging up information was difficult…but not impossible. The database for the Research Center was not altogether intact, but salvageable; though Maria was not technologically gifted and spent most of her time trying to understand the basics…the database held little for her that she could comprehend. Books from the library had hardly been touched, though it physically pained him to return to the place her beloved had cherished so much. Even the office of Ansem the Wise seemed, strangely enough, mostly unscathed in the takeover the Heartless had granted it…but all of these things, passing through the Bailey, overlooking the violet mountains around him, seeing the courtyard in complete disarray, and peering at the ruins that had once been her beloved home…were all too much for his cracking heart to bear…and only drove Maria’s hunger to create his own even further.

    In the meanwhile, tales of the mighty Sora, Master of the Keyblade, began to circulate through the more populated worlds. They told of a young lad who took the mantle of the Keyblade, fighting the Heartless and freeing the worlds trapped in darkness…though only for a short while. Still, the heroics were greatly romanticized, but adored by the bulk of those who heard it, causing the tale to spread throughout the worlds with surprising speed. Having retired to what remained of her childhood home, Maria L’Blanc had long given up on trying to locate the missing Keyblade Master and creating the Keyblade itself, going into a slump of depression and solitude that was concerning for all those who had known her.

    The monsters that had attacked her beloved Saul, the Heartless, the Darkness…they had all been nothing but trouble, nothing but chaos! Someone had to stop them; someone had to destroy them, for good, forever! She would become the new Keyblade Master, and rid the worlds of their blight for all of eternity…She would become the legend that had been whispered for so very long…and she would fulfill the destiny that those before her could not.
    And so Maria L’Blanc returned to Traverse Town, back to the workshop that had been her home for the long year she had waited to return home…and spoke with the moogles. She strode through the door, placed her hands on the counters firmly, and stared into the eyes of those who had taught her so well with a fire unlike which so few have kindled in their hearts…though it was the flame of a determined man…it was a flame forged by the sparks of revenge and hatred.
    “Give me every single Dense Crystal you have,” Maria told the Chief Moogle, with a voice as hard as mythril.

    For half a year, Maria L’Blanc toiled in a possession driven by the loss of all she had held dear. Days and nights were spent in sleepless torment, constantly working and laboring to create the tools that would see to the end of all Darkness for all time. After going through five prototypes, Maria at last created a false Keyblade, which she entitled “Radical Faith”.
    But the new hero that the craftsman-turned-warrior desired to bring to life lacked a face…and she couldn’t use her own. And so it was that the armor was forged in likeness of the false weapon she had created…to give a new face to her new life.

    Very shortly after the Battle of the 1000 Heartless, a figure appeared on the edge of Radiant Garden around midday. The light glinted from a suit of brilliant, golden armor, as glittering and glamorous as the sun itself. A weapon hung on the figure’s side as she strolled into the city, eyes glued on her as she passed. It wasn’t clear, whether she noticed them or not—the figure’s face was masked by the helm she wore over her head—but her stride was unmistakably that of one who had a great deal of confidence.
    Finally, as she entered the marketplace, one woman had the courage to stop him, standing slightly in her way to pause her progress. This person was an imposing figure to say the least, and utterly enigmatic in form…nobody knew whether or not this individual was friendly…or not.
    “You’re…not from around here,” she stated, her voice timid. Her fear was apparent, and not unfounded.
    The masked one turned his face to her, head tilting.
    “I suppose I’m not,” the other replied. The speaker was undoubtedly female, though the exact age was hard to determine; the helm she wore made her voice grating and metallic. “But you need not fear me, if you walk in the light.”
    “Who…who are you?”
    There was a long pause, and as the woman who had asked the question was about to repeat herself, the enigmatic individual spoke.
    “I am a Keyblade Master,” she said, holding up her weapon for all to see. The gathered people tittered collectively among themselves. “I hold the mightiest weapon of light, and I seek to destroy the darkness forever.”
    “What should we call you by?” One of the shopkeepers inquired.
    “My name is Belysa…and I will cleanse this world, and all worlds, from their taint.”

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