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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Siscae Tel
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Siscae Tel
Male | April 4th | 16 years | Nobody
170cm | 61kg | Average

Physical Capabilities Siscae has an affinity for magic, choosing to train his magical abilities rather than his physical strength and endurance. Because of his, his strength and physical durability are below average. However, due to his slender frame and stature, he is able to move in an agile and quick way.

Magical Capabilities In compensation for his lack of strength and durability in his magical abilities. He is able to make efficient, effective, and complex spells. Siscae has also developed a resistance to general magical abilities.

Wielding Capabilities Siscae is unskilled in the use of most weapons and due to his physical capabilities, he doesn't wear much armor. He will enhance his physical attributes through magic to make up for this. He however prefers using magical conduits, such as staves and wands, to enhance his magical abilities, as well as energy-powered firearms for physical attacks. As he deals with long ranged weaponry and attacks, his accuracy is honed and dangerous.

Eternity Staff: A lightweight and durable staff that was crafted out of special materials created to enhance the magical prowess of the user. It was imbued with the DNA of Siscae and works only for him. It is able to return swiftly to the user with a thought, no matter the distance between the two. If broken, it repairs itself magically over a short period of time, unless utterly and completely destroyed. It is 183cm and is carried on the back.

Resort Dual Pistols: A pair of handguns that are sleek in design with a theme of neutral colors. Created with the purpose of using self-generated ammunition, the handguns are relatively light weight. A magazine is capable of holding twenty energy bullets. An energy bullet has no piercing effect, though with the speed it travels at and the actual power behind it, the damage equates to moderate physical damage, enough to bruise heavily and possible fracture bone if close enough or if enough bullets are used. When a magazine is emptied, it is refilled after a short while (translates to one post real time). The bullets travel over about a thousand meters at extreme speeds.

Outfit: All of Siscae's clothes are magically enhanced by default. They are extremely lightweight and flexible, as if he was wearing air, as to not hinder his physical movement at all. They are able to keep him at a comfortable temperature in normal weather, but not against temperature -related magic. In addition, it has resistance against wind, allowing falls to be slowed down, and it is completely waterproof. When Siscae is not physical active, such as walking or resting, his stamina is restored quickly.

Archive Journal: A magical journal that instantly records Siscae's life, including the people he is around, the actions he takes, the places he has been, and etc…Akin to his staff, the journal can only be read by him.

Storage Scroll: A thin scroll with papyrus paper that acts as an archive of possessions rather than an archive of words. Items can be stored within the scroll if placed upon it and activated. Objects stored are shown as small, minimalistic drawings on the scroll and can be retrieved by tapping on them. Like his journal and staff, it can only be used by Siscae. It can fit comfortably on the inside pocket of his jacket.

Platform: A small platform is created that is able to support the weight of the user. It has the potential of being mobile, able to move in any direction and not limited to horizontal transportation. Speed depends on the magical output of the user. It is able to stay stationary as well. The spell is designed to be very efficient and uses a minimal amount of magic, however this also means that it can easily be destroyed.

Illusionary Replica: An illusion is created that resembles caster and is controlled by the caster. Distance can vary vastly between caster and replica. The clone can emit sound and move freely, but can't do anything physical. Physical attacks phase through, while magical attacks cause it to disperse. Uses minimal amount of magic.

Energy Burst: The user is able to create a blast of energy, the approximate size of a basketball, on any appendage or magical conduit and send it towards a target. It is capable of being imbued with elements to add elemental damage. The effectiveness can vary based on how long the user builds the energy. If used immediately, it deals moderate damage that causes bruising on bare skin and travels at fast speeds. For one additional post, the effects double, and so on.

Observational Web: The user creates a small, thin rod, about a foot in length that can be placed on any surface, using magnetic magic. At the very least, two must be placed for the spell to properly work. Anything between the rods can be sensed and analyzed by the user, such as movement, magic, elements, identity, and etc...The rods have properties of wood and can easily be broken. The wide the distance between the rods, the more magic is used.

Stage Change: The user creates a simple illusion that changes the appearance of an area that the user is in into something different. It changes for everyone in the area and is simply a change of scenery. Takes little magic.

Elemental Blast: The user is able to breath out a stream of fire, water, wind, ice shards, earth shards, metal shards, or dust.

Target Lock: When something of the user (weapon, hand, foot, etc)  comes into contact with a foreign object or person, the user can place a small,  black dot on the point of contact. If it lands on skin, it will create a brief burning sensation. This small object allows the attacks of the user, if applicable, to hone in on where the dot is located. As it is a mark rather than an affliction, it cannot be removed with a generic healing spell. However, because it is a low level spell, it can easily be removed with the right spell, such as a destruction spell, removal spell, or etc…

Boost: The user is able to exert a large amount of force from any appendage. It can be used in various ways, such as propelling oneself very quickly or enhancing a punch. It could send a user in one direction, if used from the feet and willed to, vast distances in a short amount of time. If used to complement a punch or kick, it could destroy a large boulder.

Gone: The user starts to fade away, which can take 10-15 seconds, and then fade in at another location of the user's choice. During the fade away, if the user makes any sudden movements or uses a large amount of magic, it will interrupt the process. In addition, if the user is physically or magically attacked, it will interrupt the process as well.

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