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Name: Sebastian Saikou

Age: 19

Appearance: Sebastian Looks very much like his father used to look, standing at Five Feet Eight Inches, he has jet black hair and Blue-Green eyes. He looks like his father, that much is true, but there is more to Sebastian than meets the eye, if you look carefully, on his Bicep there is a Tribal tattoo surrounding a black crown. This mark was given to him by a shaman at birth because of his fathers position as Chief. He Tends to wear more close fitting T-Shirts than hoodies, unlike his parents. But he does own a few hoodies for when it's cold enough to require one. His normal attire consists of Black, Close Fitting T-Shirts with no designs on them, black jeans, and black combat boots He also wears, surprisingly, a fancy looking jacket, but this is just something to hold the various items he has made.  He now wears glasses due to several incidents with attempts to reverse engineer his father's flash crystals that have slightly ruined his vision.

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Personality: Sebastian is best described as a Realist. Despite who his parents are, he has a more firm grip on the reality of situations, so when there is no chance of something happening, he will become the voice of reason. But yet, despite this, or maybe even because of this he is constantly smiling and making jokes when he feels people need to smile. He is a great friend and a fearsome enemy, he will protect those close to him with his very life, and those who would try to harm those people have to contend with his stubborn desire to protect. He had anger problems when it came to those with irritating personalities at one point, but in the three years of his disappearance he has become much more levelheaded. He has taken an extreme interest in the art of synthesization, to the point where his studying has made him very proficient at it.

Abilities and Skills:

  • I Burn: Sebastian has mastered the element of Fire, allowing him to control and create it at will.
  • The Path of The Wind: Sebastian is able to manipulate Wind at a level that is slightly higher than is needed to fly, allowing him to fly and use magic at the same time.
  • I Will Protect You!: When Sebastian is heavily injured his Mana will spread out over his body, slowly healing his wounds while the Mana jumps over to those near him, quickly healing many of their wounds.
  • Path Of Earth: Sebastian is more connected to earth than any other element, due to this he is able to manipulate it through physical and mental means. his control goes out to 10 meters around him and he can manipulate as much as his strength and magic power will allow, typically capping off at 90 pounds when hes using all of his strength and magic power.
  • Weapon Summon: Sebastian is capable of summoning his weapons to him, it was something his father taught him to do the day he first told him he wanted to learn to fight.
  • Shepard of Fire: Sebastian is capable of enhancing his attacks and his weapons with the power of any natural fire.
  • Synthesizer: A non-magic based ability, Sebastian has become proficient enough in Synthesization to synthesize any form of weapon, aside from race specific ones.
  • Riftwalker: A form of portalling, Sebastian can quickly slash rifts in the fabric of space, allowing him to quickly travel from one point to the next. These slashes seal as soon as he enters them. They work very similarly to portals, except for the simple fact that Rifts can be made at any time, and require little to no magic power to use.
  • FrostBurn: A special variant of fire magic, these flames burn so coldly that they freeze upon ignition. it is a power in a similar vein to ice manipulation, but at the same time it is not. These flames can be used as fire or as catalysts for ice spells for allies. But, in the event that an enemy tries to manipulate these flames, their body starts to freeze over or burn depending on which state of matter they tried to manipulate the flames in.

History: Sebastian was born as a result of the influx of magic power his mother absorbed firsthand upon the defeat of the Fallen Styx and the Resurrection of the many fallen worlds. The influx of power seemed to do nothing at first, but a few weeks later his mother awoke to find that he was quickly growing, growing until she was forced into labor. Upon his birth he was marked as the son of the Chief of Neverland, and therefore a small number of tribesmen and women will listen to him, because of this he is fluent in the language of the tribes of Neverland on top of the English he already speaks. A few months after he was born he passed both his mother and his father in age, he is now eighteen years old, and he has grown into the power he received from being there upon the death of the Styx....He began his adventure soon after moving away from Neverland, however, he only adventured for three weeks before Disappearing, accidentally being pulled into an alternate dimension where magic didn't exist. As he had lost all of his magic power, he spent most of his time Studying Synthesization, or weapons-forging as it was called in that dimension. He eventually was hired on by a blacksmith to make fantastical weapons, such as the ones Sebastian had accidentally brought with him, The Flames of Life gauntlets. He did this work for three whole years in that dimension before another rift was opened and he returned to our dimension, only to find that little less than a year had passed here.

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Single Element Spells:
Fire Spells:
Flame Chain:
Name: Flame Chain

Requirements: None

Element: Fire

Effect: This spell creates two 6 foot long Chains of pure flame that Sebastian can hold and use like normal chains, or if he deems it necessary, as two long whips. These chains will give anyone else that touches them second to third degree burns depending on how close to his hands they touched.
Black Destruction:

Name: Black Destruction

Magic Cost: //

Element: Fire

Effect: The user molds a scythe from black flames, which can then be used as a weapon. These flames do not burn, and are more of a solid than a gas.
Earth Spells:
Stone Discs:

Name: Stone Discs

Requirements: Enough earth to create it

Element: Earth

Effect: Sebastian stamps his foot on the ground and in front of him a pillar of earth will rise, stopping once it reaches chest height, from there he places his hand on top of it and moves it forward, creating a disc of earth that is six feet in diameter. He can do this until the pillar cannot be used to create discs anymore, usually after he has made ten to twenty discs of earth.
Name: Rebellion
Requirements: None

Element: Earth

The user creates manipulates sand, causing it to revolve around the target. The user then then swipes their hand to make it blast inward with the target inside it.
Wind Spells:
Wind Barrier:

Name: Wind Barrier

Requirements: None

Element: Wind

Effects: This spell creates a large dome of wind around Sebastian and whomever else he wishes to protect with it, the dome is made of hurricane force winds that will deflect anything solid and will alter the trajectory of any spell with substance behind it, meaning that if a spell were to bring something down on him and he used this, it would bounce off of the barrier and land a decent distance away from him. Some things are too heavy to be deflected though, and any spells that are purely energy based will just go through the winds.
Wind Disc:

Name: Wind Disc

Requirements: Enough wind to make it.

Elements: Wind

Effects:Sebastian holds his hand over his head and a six foot wide disc of spinning wind forms above it, he then will throw this disc at his opponent. It travels very fast, very far and does a large amount of damage.
Cure Spells:
Touch of The Paradox:

Name: Touch of the Paradox

Requirements: Must touch the person this spell is meant to affect at least once

Elements: Cure

Effects: The whites of Sebastian's   Eyes turn green and his Left hand starts to glow green, he can then touch a single wound that would otherwise be fatal and it will heal very quickly, in two posts the wound will be gone, not even a scar left behind to show that it was ever there.
Name: Transfer

Requirements: Eye Contact

Elements: Cure

Effects: Upon making eye contact, the user can activate this spell to cause any damage done to them to be mirrored on the person inflicting said wounds. This spell has a telltale green glow to the eyes when it is activated, though the glow disappears soon after.
Multi-Element Spells:
Frost-Fire Blast (A.K.A Blast):

Name: Blast

Requirements: None

Element(s): Fire, Wind (Frost Flame)

Effects: Sebastian covers himself in an invisible aura of wind that surrounds him for a circumfrence of ten feet, and by using any kind of flame, particularly flame manipulation, he creates fire so cold that it freezes, this can be used to create a mobile area for use of Frost-Flame spells, or for a single use blast of frozen fire.

Body Enhancing Enchantments:
Rift Arm:
Name: Rift Arm

Magic Cost: //

Requirements: Be A Riftwalker

Element(s): Fire, Light

Effects: This enchantment allows Sebastian to turn his right arm into a demonic one that features extremely long nails, dark red skin, and several spiked protrusions of bone.
Drive Burst:
Name: Drive Burst

Magic Cost: //

Element: Fire

Effects: One of Sebastian's only non-offensive techniques, he gathers a large amount of magic energy in his feet, bending his knees and leaning in a specific direction before letting loose a burst of magic power that that manifests in the form of a burst of flame, allowing him a large boost in speed for a short period of time. He can also employ this in the air, but with significantly less magic power being needed for it, allowing him to use this multiple times in midair, or for aerial combat.
Elemental Surf:
Name: Elemental Surf

Magic Cost: //

Element(s): All

Effects: A movement skill, Sebastian is able to glide through the air through manipulation of any of his elements, each element carries a unique appearance to its surf.

Gambol Shroud:

Name: Gambol Shroud

Type of Weapon:Pistol

Type of Ammunition: Energy Blasts

Strength of Ammunition: Moderately High

Type Of Damage: Concussive



Name: Boomstick

Type of Weapon: Synth Shotgun


Fire Bullets: The Boomstick can use blasts of fire for bullets.

Earth Bullets: The Boomstick can also fire bursts of earth in the shape of bullets that explode on contact.

Blast: The boomstick is capable of firing a powerful gust of wind out of it's barrel, this is best used at close range.

Alternate: The boomstick alternates its elemental shots with every squeeze of the trigger, with the exception of Blast, which is used on command.

Element(s): Fire, Earth, Wind



Name: Ulysses

Type of Weapon: Synthesized Modified Pistol

Elements: N/A


Crystal Shot: The only ammo Ulysses is capable of using are sebastian's elemental crystals, thus the reason for it's wide barrel.



Name: Stiletto

Type of Weapon: Synthesized Knife

Element(s): Fire


Pressure Resistant: Stiletto is able to take an extreme amount of pressure due to being forged out of Sebastian's flames, this knife was based off of one he saw during his time as a blacksmith in an Alternate Universe.


Combat Knives:

Name: Combat Knives

Type of Weapon: Synthesized Trench Knives


Pressure Resistant: Due to being forged out of flames that Sebastian had a bit of natural control over in Alt-Earth, these knives are extremely durable.

Spark of Life:

Name: Spark of Life

Type of Weapon: Synthesized Sword

Superheated: The Blade of this sword is capable of heating itself to an extreme temperature without melting or beginning to melt

Elemental Alignment:Fire



Name: Claw

Type of Weapon: Hand Claw

Elements: N/A


Pressure Reisistance: The Claw is capable of taking extreme amounts of pressure without breaking due to the materials it is made of.

Harvesters :

Name: Harvesters

Type of Weapon: Dual Synthesized Hand-Scythes

Elements: Fire, Heart


Pressure Resistance: These weapons were made of a pressure resistant metal that is capable of taking extreme amounts of pressure and force before breaking.

Riftwalkers Companion: These Blades have been enchanted to be able to open rifts at command, and as such can be thrown to create a rift, or sets of rifts.


Flames of Life:

Name: Flames of Life

Type of Weapon: Synthesized Gauntlet


Firecracker Rounds: These gauntlets have rounds that create concussive bursts of flame, these rounds do little damage other than 1st degree burns where the flames make contact

Flare Rounds:These Gauntlets have rounds that launch explosive flares. These rounds are much stronger than the firecracker rounds and enable the gauntlets to be used in ranged combat.

Changing Form:These Gauntlets have a Active form and an Inactive form, while in their inactive form they appear to be simply Bracelets but when needed they open up and expand into their full Gauntlet Form


Like this but all yellow parts are black and all black parts are silver.
Lost Destiny (Given to him by his mother):

Name:  Lost Destiny

Type of Equipment:  Chain Kusurigama/Katana/Pistol

Primary/Secondary:  Primary

Elemental Alignment:  Wind, Fire

Cutting Capers: Sebastian ties a black ribbon on his Left arm and can swing the Kusurigama sickle like a slingshot to the opponent the ribbon is 20 feet but it can stretch out to 100 ft max distance and the ribbon has the durability of metal. When the blade cuts the target it causes a small amount of Fire damage.

Duel-Wielding: Once Sebastian unsheathes the cleaver from the Katana, he can fight effectively with both the oversized cleaver and katana. His speed would be increased by 5%.

Chain Scythe: While the Katana is unsheathed it can collapse partially on itself and then lock in place to become a Kusurigama. The Katana, while in this form can be fired by pulling on the ribbon to fire off a blast of wind to propel it back towards Sebastian or it's target.

Shots Fired!: While the Katana is unsheathed it can collapse on itself to become a pistol, it fires blasts of superheated gas, or balls of fire depending on what Sebastian wants to do with it.

The Protectors Will:

Name:The Protectors Will

Elements: Heart, Fire

Requirements: A friend, family member, ally, or loved one must be in danger

Advantages: Scaling increases to all stats (Ten Percent Increase for every person in danger that falls into one of the above categories)

Burst: While in this form Sebastian's Gauntlets: The Flames of Life have a much higher amount of flame released from them with each attack, the Firecracker rounds become as powerful as a fireball and the Flare Rounds become as powerful as three fireballs.

Burning Will: While in this form Sebastian can create flames out of the air around him and can bend fire to his will, this fire can take whatever form he wishes it to take.

Appearance: While in this form Sebastian's Irises turn crimson, his hair begins to look as if it were on fire, as does his entire body. The more people that are in danger the more pronounced the flames become.

Disadvantages: Stat decrease of the current stat increase once the form has ended
Calcifer Mimic:

Name: Calcifer

Requirements: Be able to manipulate fire.

Elements: Earth, Fire

Natural Armor: Sebastian's skin turns into molten rock and regular stone, making his body much more durable than it normally is.

Burn, Baby!: Sebastian's body is comprised almost entirely of fire, causing those that touch him to suffer second to third degree burns.

Superhuman Strength: Self-Explanatory

Drawbacks: Weakened magic power, weakened Defense Stats, weakened stamina.


Rock Elemental:

Name: Rock Elemental

Elements: Earth, Wind

Requirements: None

Superhuman Strength: The Rock elemental has very high offensive capabilities, this allows it to lift things that weigh up to one ton and throw them a moderately far distance away from him

Adamant Skin: This Summon has a outer coating of Diamond over it's skin, making it very hard to damage

Connected to the Earth: Like Sebastian this creature is capable of physically and mentally commanding the earth itself.



Name: Sky

Elements: Heart, Wind

Requirements: None

Flight: Sky is capable of flying

Wind Manipulation: Because of her connection to the plane of wind, Sky is capable of freely creating and manipulating wind.


Blast Crystal:

Name: Blast Crystal

Type of Weapon: Elemental Crystal

Element: Fire


Blast: When the crystal is thrown, a small explosion is created where it makes contact with something solid, the more crystals that are thrown, the more powerful the blast. Sebastian has fifteen crystals on his person in a bag hidden inside one of the inner pockets of his jacket at all times.


Gale Crystal:

Name: Gale Crystal

Type of Weapon: Elemental Crystal

Element: Wind


Gust: When thrown these crystals create a small blast of wind, the more crystals thrown, the more powerful the blast of wind. Like his blast crystals, Sebastian keeps fifteen of them on his person at all times.


OID (Optical Information Database):

Name: O.I.D (Optical Information Database)

Item Type: Synthesized Glasses and Contacts

Element: Heart


Gathering all the info I need: The OID is a modification of Sebastian's Glasses and a pair of contacts that allows him to see an approximate amount of a person's mana, what element their heart is aligned to, what elements the command via small bars with a color that corresponds to each element, along with simple things such as the elevations of the area around him, the weather, etc. The data however is only capable of being seen by Sebastian, anyone else that tries to wear his glasses or contacts will only see through the lenses like normal.



Name: Omni-Tool

Item Type: Synthesized All in one tool

Element: N/A (Heart and Fire for summoning Aesthetics)


All in one: The Omni-tool can be used for literally everything, from fixing Machinery and weaponry to emitting a small blast of Light and fire for defense.

Offense Module: The Omni-tool has two forms, a tool form and an offensive form.


Tool Form:

Offensive Form (Comes with a blade made out of Sebastian's heart element as well, which can be created at will):

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