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Name: Jace




Physical appearance: Jace is 6'6, broad and has high muscle tone. He has dark red hair and marvelous crimson eyes.

Outfit description: Jace wears a tee shirt that's is a crimson color, and black jeans, with dark red and black sneakers. He has a belt that is crimson. He also has a chain necklace with a metal flame hanging from it. He sometimes wears a pair of black fingerless gloves.

Personality: Jace is eager to fight, and is not headed. He is quick to anger and is quite stubborn. He is friendly, but stern. He always seems to be there for his friends.

Combat: Jace has a key blade called burning heart. He fights one handed, and is quite agile in a fight, using his training and instinct to win in a fight.

Element: Fire

Abilitys: Flame of Hope - Jace sends a blast of fire at a enemy, and can control the fire to explode at any time. He want it to, but can only be used when angered.

Flame blast- creates a blast of fire around him. Only able to be used when he is angered.

Flame spike- a column of fire burst from the ground. Only usable when angered.

Weaknesses: anger is his biggest weakness, for he gets angry to easily. He also can not give up friends, and is to confident in himself.

History: Jace was always a hero at heart, at least that's what people at Olympus said. Being a son of a great hero, Jace was expected to be righteous and do the good thing all the time. Bad thing was he was to quick to anger, and usually did the opposite of what he should have done. At the age of 6 Jace was entered into the tournaments of true heros, and was a great competitor, in till he was kicked for being to aggressive, but he kept coming in to try again. After a while, Jace was always practicing, training to be the best, and to control his anger. One day at the age of 14, Jace came home and saw his father and mother dead, heartless around them. Jace ran from the house, and didn't stop. He wandered into the under world where he tripped over a key like object. While scrabbling to escape his hand grab the object and sliced a heartless to bits. He dropped the object and ran. After getting away he sat down and caught his breath, then held out his hand and held out his necklace, which then a object appeared in his hand. He gasped looking at the design, the blade looked like a flame burning around a heart, a heart that was black with hatred. He ended up later in his life learning of other worlds, and what his object was, and learned that it was a sword of sorts. He ended up figure ing a way to open portals though dimensions(aka worlds) and to send fire at enemy's.

Embracing the Darkness for me was Embracing the Winning side

fight songAngle of darkness


Combat level:1

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