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10.3.2017 - A mysterious light filled the Sea of Skies. Those who wielded great power and abilities found themselves back at square one, as if reset.

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Name: Marius

Age: 15

Appearance: I have blonde hair and brown eyes. I wear a formal shirt with a green undershirt underneath. My formal shirt has the insignia of the nobody on it's back in a faded gray. I have a silver staff on my back most of the time and sometimes I have a Bronze staff in one of my hands.

Sex: Male

Species: Amaran Nobody

Personality: I not always above the world, nor below it. I'm a smart-ass sometimes, but at heart i'm just neutral. If someone really is ignorant, he will comment the way that it is needed and nothing more. I will only get pissed if I really deem it necessary.

Abilities and Skills:

  • Scorch: I shoot jets of flame out of my hands. I use this very sparingly though, as it only last about 25 to 20 seconds if I really focus.
  • Voice Travel:  I can make my voice travel farther out than normal, but this requires a lot of focus and only works when I cast a spell on the person I want to talk to.
  • Sound Wave: I can cast a weak sound wave to stagger my opponents. This only has a 5 meter radius and drains me fast.
  • Flame Wheel: I can spin a flame wheel towards my target, but this wastes a lot of my focus for me to aim correctly.

History: I was born a slave, I used magic to my best ability to work for my master. I was trained by a female mage that had no name. She trained me to use magic both in combat and in life itself.

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Sword of Bonebreakers A sword made by Marius after joining the Amaran hive. It is a Long sword with a wide blade. The blade is colored a black color and the Hilt is a dark gunmetal with black leather accents. This sword Marius has trained on for quite a time now, Though he may be new to the melee style, he shows no true fear in using it.

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Marius the Annihilator Transforms into a Large Amaran that stands about 12-15 feet. He has Amaran armor through this transformation.

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