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William Ice
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Name: Professor William

Age: 36

Appearance: William’s long fiery red hair that , along with his full beard give him a rugged appearance. He has a rectangular face with a strong jaw line, coupled with a rounded chin. Below thick eyebrows lie two sapphire blue eyes that seem to spark with life. His thin lips are always kept in what seems to be a permanent frown. His body type is thin and narrow. He’s shorter than average standing at around five feet eight inches.

His attire consists of a black, long-sleeved dress shirt, black slacks, along with black boots, black gloves, a blue tie, and lab coat. The length of said coat comes to his waist. He keeps the coat buttoned.

Sex: Male

Species: Nobody

Personality: He’s strict and to the point, not bothering to sugar coat how he feels about a person or subject. Sadly, while his profession calls for him to be patient, he isn’t. William is willing to forgo proper strategies in hopes of achieving his goals as quickly as possible.

Normal humans are looked upon with contempt. He sees them as nothing more than guinea pigs for Karl’s experiments. Like Karl and Noah he believes them to be lesser beings. This is multiplied by the fact that he’s no longer a human. He has innate feelings of pride because of this. With his up to date synthetic heart he refers to himself as being close to perfection.

Elemental Mastery

  • Primary Element: Lightning
  • Secondary Element: Nothingness
  • Tertiary Element: Ice

Abilities and Skills:

  • Lightning Reflexes: By using electricity as a crutch, William pushes his body past its limits. Running faster, jumping higher, improved reaction time, striking quicker, are among the list of things this ability is capable of improving. From his perspective enemies may appear slower, allowing him to have an easier time dodging their attacks, counterattacking, outmaneuvering, or finding openings to exploit.

    However, the longer he uses this, the higher risk he has of damaging his muscle structure. After four posts he’ll start doing damage to his body. After seven posts he’ll be rendered immobile, at the mercy of his opponent(s). Small electric bolts that occasionally snake around his body is the telltale sign that he’s using this ability.
  • Flash Freeze: An ice blue aura surrounds William, making his body incredibly cold to the touch. Those that William strikes or those that land a blow on him will find that whatever connects to be encased in ice.

    For example, if he manages to punch someone while in this form the area his fist connected with have an imprint of ice. If he punches cloth or exposed skin the result is the same. If the thing struck does nothing to warm up the area affected, the ice will spread.

    Another example would be receiving a blow from a weapon. Whatever section of the weapon struck him will be surrounded in ice. If a strong enough blow is struck the frozen area, it may shatter, though magic weapons are immune to the shatter effect.

    A third example would be him walking along the ground, leaving ice in his wake. Opponents not paying attention to the field of combat may find themselves slipping along his ice.

    The longer William is able to hold on to something, the quicker the ice will spread from the affected areas. If he manages to grapple someone it may only take one to two posts to encase the person in ice depending on where the target is grabbed. Due to William’s weak body, it is rather easy to break free of his grip.
  • Void Thorns: William summons black and grey thorns from nothingness in order to attack his foes. They dissipate after a few seconds, leaving no trace of their existence. The thorns themselves are sharp, capable of cutting through flesh and causing extensive damage to leather armor. However, those wearing plate or chain armor are protected from their attacks, albeit they may be left with deep indents.
  • Void Mine: When putting his hand or foot oh something, whether living, dead, or inanimate, an ethereal glyph is created (1 foot in diameter). It disappears shortly after being placed. If something or someone touches that object the mine activates doing void damage to the target. The range of detonation is 20 by 20 feet. He is also capable of detonating them by snapping his fingers. They will not go off if he touches them.

    William is able to make as many as his magic will allow. Though it becomes harder to imbue each mine with the same amount of power. After the first dozen, the rest he makes  will be weaker unless he takes extra time to make sure they’re filled with enough magic.

    If he happens to discharge one while near it he may end up hurting himself. He is also capable of  delaying the detonation, an individual could walk along one and have it never activate until William snaps his fingers. The glyph will light up for two seconds before going off. The resulting blast is capable of severely damaging the target, to the point of completely destroying the limb closes to the center of the blast.  Anyone standing in the center of it may find themselves  in the Underworld.

    Depending on the make of armor the target is wearing varies the amount of damage done. For example those wearing leather or clothing will have little to no protection. Those wearing chain mail or better hav a chance of surviving, but like any explosion damage will be done if it isn’t  avoided completely. Those who wear heavy armor up will  be knocked away while receiving moderate damage. If surrounded by multiple mines, the target may be in real trouble. The constant concussive blasts may leave nothing left and permanently deface the area they went off in.

Weapons and Equipment:

  • Armor Piercing Katars: Two silver and black bladed weapons that act as extensions of William’s fists. The blades have been sharpened to the point of being able to stab through plate or chainmail, but at the price of durability. Using these William is forced to rely on dodging attack in combat; they are not made for blocking weapon strikes. When summoned they appear as blue and white ethereal bolts of lightning that extend from his hands to his elbows. When they weapons are formed the bolts dissipate.
  • Control Band: A copper toned metal armguard that William wears on his left under his lab coat. With a snap of his fingers the heartless that wear the matching collars are compelled to follow his every whim. If the band breaks the hold over the heartless is severed. Whoever has possession of this item is capable of commanding the collared heartless.
  • Assisted Targeting Lenses: Contacts that  create a heads up display, allowing him  proper targeting of his foes. Those targeted are scanned, giving Karl their height, weight, species type if known, and general distance.

History: Before his first meeting with Karl, William worked as an independent hitman. He was a man willing to quickly and quietly rid people of their problems if the price was fair. Needless to say he was great at his job, though it were never anything on a large scale or something that took a great deal of time. Due to his outer appearance it was quite easy for him to appear as a bum, or some other type of lowlife. His uncanny ability to learn about an area, its populace, his target(s), how to approach them, was astounding. This insured that each job was swift and that each person who came to him was satisfied.

That is until an anonymous contractor requested he find a way to Radiant Garden to end the life of a particularly strange man: Karl Wood. Believing the professor to be an easy job in comparison, and with the reward being quite large, William took the job without hesitating. It didn’t matter if he wasn’t given a reason, being shown that much munny was enticing enough. With the contractor providing him with his means of travel, it was safe to say that getting to Radiant Garden was no problem. However, the job turned out to be a bit harder than he bargained for. Finding the college was easy enough, picking Karl out among the other instructor was even easier, but getting to him and making the kill was not.

Two weeks it took for an opening to present itself. When it did William made the same mistake he always did if his jobs took too long, he didn’t use any patience or subtlety. As soon as Karl was alone, William took his chance. He had no idea that his target had been expecting this all along. Once William made his presence known by summoning his katars he fell right into the professor’s trap.

He never expected an instructor at some college to be an able fighter. Each strike was met thin air. The professor easily moved around him, and that wore on William’s nerves. Deciding to throw caution to the wind he tried for one final attack, only to be countered. One precise blow to the kidney would be all it took to take William down. Believing that these last few moments would be his last, he asked Karl how he was able to pull any of that off.

Karl was happy to explain, even going so far as having Noah appear via a door to darkness. It was there in that alleyway the two gave a brief explanation of the origins of his abilities. After all was said and done, William was left with two options: either join as an assistant, or die. Having been told Karl’s secret, along with failing the assassination attempt, there was no way he would be allowed to escape. It was lucky Karl was in need of more assistants to help him around his lab. Knowing this he took the only option he could. Killing his contractor, and procuring the gummi ship was what sealed the deal.

From that moment on he took to studying Karl’s notes in the basement of the college, learning everything he possibly could. An untold amount of time would be spent studying the same slips of paper, not to mention his time performing his fair share of smaller experiments when the opportunity arose.

While there was no way to make any munny off of this, it kept him from dying, and that was good enough for him...
During Eno’s rampage, his skills as a hitman did him no good. Before he could even summon his weapons, Eno used dark based attacks as a means of taking him down. Believing his fate to be sealed, he allowed the very element Eno used to consume him, though he wouldn’t die there.

Karl’s quick intervention would save his life, but leave him a husk. Now living as a nobody William continues where he left off with the same idea in mind: learn what he can, and help Karl’s achieve his goals.

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