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Sirius // The Alternate

Replica / Amaran
Alternate Azmot
// Sirius


Sirius has a bone to pick with the world. He holds a lot of resentment for his lack of recognition as a person, and he tends to take it out on everyone. With a bit of a hot streak, Sirius is likely to fight anyone who agitates him to a certain point (which is pretty close to his normal level). He will fight someone even if he understands that he might loose, even die, and pointing out his weaknesses/unlikeness to win is something he particularly dislikes. Sirius is stubborn to a point, and acts rather rashly despite his above-average intellect. He cares for defenseless things and has a halfway sense of justice, but he doesn't act on it very often.

Post Awakening:
Azmot is part of the Amaranth Elite, and therefore has been whipped into a way of thinking that is exactly identical to all other Elite's. This is not a displeasure -- being part of the Elite gives him an inherit sense of pride. Being apart of the Amaranth gives him pleasure and joy, and he will protect that pride to the end of his life. He works solely for the Amaranth and does not differ from his orders; as a child, he was molded to be the perfect soldier. Cream of the crop, even. His division was derived from the X72 sector and so was the way of the 'Hive', as they referred of it. The best of the young were taken and physically augmented to extents not normal of the peons.

He is cold, decisive, and obedient to his orders. He does not stray or very. His background is unknown, and all but the most simple feelings are repressed. His form as a Human does not concern him -- some Amaran's are born human-looking, and his requirement to change his appearance does not hurt his feelings. He has no ill will towards humans and if he is not on orders, Azmot will follow his logic. With limited interaction with the Human Race, the Amaran does not know much other than what he was taught in basic training. They are greedy, week, pitiful, and willing to be conquered. A submissive race overall, with some stragglers talking about 'revolt' and even 'domination' - Azmot was amused.

Otherwise, he shows no uniqueness beyond his class. No individuality. No desire other than to serve the 'Hive'.

Together - both of these personalities form Sirius / Azmot, one being an alien overlord and another being a lost youth; they are one and the same.


Lightning Manipulation
Sirius can manipulate and conjure electricity to form constructs or even project it in an offensive manor.

Shape Change
Sirius can freely manipulate his appearance, switching between Alternate Azmot's and his own.

Kevlin / Malik Stitches
Sirius is able to assimilate organic matter into an offensive form, called "Stitches". In the Alternate Universe, these were called "Kevlin Stitches", but here they are named after they're Prime Universe counterpart "Malik Stitches", but their purposes remain the same. This is a sort of 'evolution'.

--Kevlin Stitch: Weaver
The user grows 8 spiked, arachnid leg-like appendages that are each as strong as Azmot's arm and are covered in the chitin-iron material. They are each 9 feet long and relatively light. Requires an enchantment to give life to them, otherwise, they are free weight.

Inherit Adhesiveness -- These are extremely sticky on command, able to carry a lot of weight under a single appendages integrity (about 150 lbs per limb). They also unstick on-command.

Growth -- Azmot can grow / shrink these into his back, and when shrunken they hold no weight.

--Kevlin Stitch : Crusher
Grey, rough skin.
The entire skin-layer of the user is naturally covered with a reinforced rhino hair composite. It not only make his skin extremely tough, it also augments his strength with a massive boost. It is very effective in dealing with high-impact damage easily. It is extremely heat-resistant, and is able to annihilate weapons with appropriate effort by crushing, breaking, or otherwise exerting heavy force.

Invoke the Dark One
The user summons the heart of Spirit in his hand, which develops a form. This incarnation is completely physical, and has the stats of a character with High Magical Affinity, with the rest of his stats being average. Spirit is able create illusionary spells that trick physical and magical senses, but come with the drawbacks of being able to be perceived by those who understand his tricks.

After being hit by any spell, Spirit is able to analyze it and create a version made out of darkness, based on his knowledge.

If a passive ability is demonstrated / told to him, Spirit may create a version made out of darkness, based on his knowledge.

If a transformation is demonstrated / told to him, Spirit may create a version made out of darkness, based on his knowledge.


Sirius Night was 16 when he died. He had a good, albeit short, life. He was a studying to be a professional fighter to go on and do MMA, but he was killed when a Gummi Ship crashed into the park he was at. Some Keyblader was on a mission to save the world but lost control and crash landed. Sirius' death was looked over as the Keyblader went on to defeat some Heartless and save the town. The manslaughter wasn't even brought up in court. Sirius had no parents, just a coach. His parents had disowned him when he wanted to become a fighter instead of a doctor, like his parents before him and so on. However, the Keyblader had an enemy. His name was Malik.

Malik was a professor of Darkness, the Keyblader's arch-nemesis or something. He had built many Replicas off the town's youth, just waiting for one to pass on. Sirius Night was the first to meet those requirements. He molded the young boy's body out of organic material and brought it to life Frankenstein Style; He electrocuted it and pumped it with Darkness. The youth came back to life, in a sense; he had is memories and all, but he also came with an additional piece to his puzzle. He hated Keybladers. Especially the one that had killed him. Malik, however, was dying by the time he was conscious after the revival. The lightning strike that had caused Sirius' rebirth had also cause a shock-wave that damaged all of Malik's organs, effectively killing him slowly. He was in so much shock that he couldn't tell Sirius anything, just a scared stare before his final breath. Sirius left the laboratory he was "born" in; some cellar behind a house. In his world. Even though he resented his family, Sirius needed to go tell them he was alive. The Keyblader had already left town.

When his parents answered the door, they staggered backwards. He told them to be happy he was back, that he had been brought back. They showed him his ashes, which they kept with them always. He was a clone, a copy. He wasn't real. He was not there son, he was an abomination. And then he was kicked out. In anger, Sirius went back to the laboratory and searched for something, anything, that would explain his existence. He found a Gummi ship's keys and a map, so he set off, taking Malik's Gummi Ship and started his search for what he was.

Alternate Dimension History:

Azmot was not borne, like most of his Sector. Well, that's not entirely true. He was put inside a womb via mating, and he was in fact pushed past the Amaranth equivalent of an ovum, however, he was a stillborn. His mother did not give him life. He owed her nothing. Only one thing saved his life; Amaran Innovation. The had extracted a human boy from one of their captives not long after Azmot was born and pronounced dead as of 0:00:00 of life.

They had studied this boy for a long time, and thought they knew everything about him after the months of experimentation. At this point in the invasion, however, they did not understand the language and he failed to communicate about his illness. The youth had a sickness of no concern to Amaran's -- Cancer. The 'Hive' hand long since perfected a version of cellular treatment, so it would be little to no effort to cure him.. if he was an Amaran. However, they did not have the ability to affect Human Cells, so the idea was discarded, along with the still living boy into the waste department. He would be grounded up for grosh and eaten by the animals in the Farm Division.

And so to was the fate of young Azmot, the baby who lived through death. He died for his inability to produce the proper proteins that would keep his body alive. He was no subject to fate, nor given life on the wiggle of some whimsical god's finger - he was garbage to the world outside. His 'parents' did not care for him: a useless cog in the Amaranth Hive was better of dead anyway.

The Devil, however, took care of him.

Kevlin, a garbage grounder, noticed the boy and felt the potential of life being drained every second. And he saw the still living human boy - again, as most Amaran's, he saw more pity than disgust. The clock was ticking and Kevlin was about to leave... and so he did. He would not differ from his daily assignments nor break any rules of the sector, such as stealing Garbage for personal gain. To him, Azmot and the youth was not Garbage. They were the future.

Kevlin, as a child, had dreamed of being part of the 'Alchemy' division. He had a flare for science, but during tests he got nervous and... failed. So, as most failee's, he was shipped to a labor division for 10 years as a time for him to study in the field he would try for when his time was up. It was a trap - when you worked in a labor division, you had no tools, no books, no money. You had just enough to survive.. unless you were a Garbage Grounder.

In the labor community, and in general slums pf the Hive, Grounders were like kings. They broke rules and stole valuables at the risk of being executed or shipped off to Excretion Management. They almost always got caught, as long as they continued giving otherwise unobtainable items to others for profit. However, Kevlin wasn't stupid - again, he was almost a genius. He took only what he needed and never shared with others of what he concocted. All he had to do was build a lab, or at least in some form, and create an innovation that would hopefully get him out of the slums and into the Alchemy Division.

Taking Azmot and the dying boy, he observed them and after a couple of days that he took off from work (a total of 2 / 5 days in his 5 years working there), Kevlin had thought up a solution. Both of them were wasted opportunities (Azmot's corpse being preserved via biological friendly embalming). Taking certain portions of the brain, selectively the synapses that represented how DNA was formed, Kevlin took that part of the youth's brain and replaced it with Azmot's portion - the two-race different organs being melded via a technological piece Kevlin created. It was called the Assimilation Stitch, that allowed cross-species transplants as long as they have the same relative structure and level of intelligence. Definitely a stretch, but if successful this could have many uses. Finally, Kevlin did something beyond that of his experiment. He implanted the boys personality and memory synapses; an act of rebellion against the system that condemned him.

Kevlin then genetically modified the boy to be perfect in physical regard, or as close as he could, to accelerate him into the Elite program. The human's memories and other miscellaneous synapses would activate after Azmot not only went to earth, but experienced something that would relate to the boy's experience. It would not show up in Psych screening, and after Kevlin explained Azmot's true 'birth', there would be no questions in the medical exam.

And that's exactly what happened. Kevlin presented Azmot to the community as a youth, and they were shocked but pleased with the Assimilation Stitch. However, they wanted more. For now, Kevlin would be instated to the program and Azmot would join the ranks of Junior Elites. He would need to make the Assimilation Stitch, now simply 'The Kevlin Stitch', more practical. And by more practical, they meant more combat-oriented.

So, Kevlin took it to the next level. Taking an Earthern Arachnid, specifically a Spider, he further took the experiment and blended Azmot's DNA with it, a small part of the spider's physical attributes being added to his capacity. As a result of this, he was promoted to unique-class "Weaver", and allowed to go to Earth.

Kevlin, the Devil, awaited his plan to come into success. The Rebellion was coming near...

Sirius and Alternate Azmot are connected in the same way that the human boy and Azmot are connected; through destiny's bastard, fate. When the Alternate Dimension was torn apart by Onyx, Azmot had only one chance to survive; the Assimilation Stitch. Kevlin had augmented it to allow Azmot to somehow become metaphysical, thankfully allowing the Weaver to escape the Broken Worlds with his Soul. The Amaran followed Neptune and Onyx to the new realm; Kingdom Hearts - yet he had no body. His soul was drawn to Malik, the name of the apparently human counterpart of Kevlin. Where were the Amaran's? Did they not exist in this universe? Azmot took notice of Malik giving something "Life" and noticed an empty slot in the Golem's Body - an AI slot. So he donned the name Helios and inflitrated the youth, tampering with his memories to fit his needs.

The truth behind Malik's body's disappearance was because he was not dead - Azmot had taken over and spoken to him about what had happened, and Malik called an ally that he had made in this universe; a deity by the name of Spirit. Malik had apparently also been brought into this universe, and was mentally merged with Kevlin; Azmot's Prime counterpart had created some machine to bring back someone known as Etzolix, who's life had been lost. Malik's body had been nearby and so had Kevlin's soul, as Malik lived in Radiant garden, so the Machine teleported them both in the contraption and merged them. Spirit was apparently also from the another realm, but not the same one that Kevlin and Azmot were from. A realm he called "Ultima", for whatever reason. He was an Ancestor of the Realm of Darkness; he had come into this universe a long time ago, before the living things that existed in that day's time had begun. He left that from Azmot as to not loose his trust. Why? Because Spirit had a different name in the Ultima Universe, as well. He was from the universe that originally held Darkblades, before they spread into this one. He was the first Darkblader. He committed the first "Dive to Darkness" with Ultima's Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness. Spirit's original name was Azmot. And he had a long time to think about this universe, and when he experienced a version of himself enter the Realm of Darkness for the first time.. he began to research. And dig. And discover until he could realize the scope of the universes. Why were there so many existences of him across the universes?

Although the reason is unknown, the three made a pact there to understand why this universe attracted so many Alternates of Azmot, specifically, and why those universes kept getting destroyed. Maybe this Azmot was the source of all the other Azmots, somehow? And maybe their existence was a toxic force on the universe. If so, this Universe's Azmot would have to be eradicated. But not before the truth could be uncovered. So Spirit revealed himself, took Azmot under his wing, and studied. But before his research could be completed, Etzolix killed the Ultima Azmot and stole his heart. A quite unfortunate accident.

All the while, Azmot lay hidden inside Sirius. After his death was learned of, Malik helped Sirius and the Alternate Azmot merge mentally. Now, he is both, and they are both searching for the answer to the enigma that is Azmot.


Alternate Azmot

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