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Lumine Lightcrest
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Name: Lumine Lightcrest

Age: 28

Appearance: Stands roughly 5' 10" tall and weighs 65 Lbs. Lumine Lightcrest is refered to by most people as a feminine figure despite his looks. He has orange eyes, purple hair styled in a crescent pattern in the back and a tuft of it over his right eye, He always wears light clothing that is black in color, often topped with white armor that has a cyan crystal in the middle and a green Hexagonal pattern belor the crystal{which there are only two of them on the armor}, the headband is white and gives him the look similar to that of a female, which only adds to his charm. When not in his armor, Lumine Lightcrest wears casual clothing and steel-toe boots.

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Personality: Seems calm on the surface and very talkitive, but deep in his core exists a psychotic attitude and sadistic nature. When being friendly, Lumine Lightcrest will be openly talkitive until the attitude becomes more sinister, then he will be more agressive in his talking and may even attack those nearest him.

Abilities and Skills:

  • Elemental Manipulation - Light: Lumine Lightcrest can manipulate and control the divine energies of light to create beams of light and amplified light swords that he can weild in both hands, this ability remains active as long as Lumine Lightcrest keeps his focus on this element.
  • Amplified Light Swords: Lumine Lightcrest generates and manipulates two swords made of pure light and can amplify their radiance to blind an opponent she strikes. this ability remains active as long as Lumine Lightcrest keeps his focus souly on manipulating light
  • Supreme Light Command; Rekkoha: Lumine Lightcrest slams his fist into the ground and summons beams of light to rain down onto the battlefield from above, this attack can easily encompass an entire section of said battlefield and blind all nearest to Lumine Lightcrest. This has a charge countdown of 5 turns and drains 25% of his magic power.
  • Paradise Lost: A rift opens in the sky and rains light down on all in the vicinity of the attack, this all-encompassing attack drains all of Lumine Lightcrest's magic and forces him to fight with relentless physical assaults while his magic power recoveres. This attack is not used lightly and is often used as a last resort to prevent mental intrusion.

History: Lumine Lightcrest was born to a world that never recognised him as a natural leader, scorned and humiliated by those who saw him, he came to the realisation that they would never show respect for as long as he lived. Thus became his reason to exist as a cold-blooded sociopath and sadist with the power to control light and manipulate it to his ends, those who made sport of him soon became the ill-fated victims of his sudden violent urges. After he vented his frustrations on them, he decided that to better control his power and his rage, he would travel to every other world and make his mark upon them with regard to nobody that would stand in his way...

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