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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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A circus. The atmosphere was full of people: Young and Old, Short and Tall, Children and Adults, and there was the lingering teenagers around who sneaked around and messed with the circus animals trying to cause chaos and mayhem. The smell of popcorn and cotton candy filled the air as children cried when they couldn't get their favorite treat or win a prize at one of the booths as their parents tried looking through their wallets so the children wouldn't embarrass them. In the distance there was a grassy field where couples gazed at the night stars or where homeless people looked at the others having their fun..

But wait? There was a female behind a tree, laying flat on her back, her eyes were closed as if she was asleep or unconscious. Blue-rimmed glasses were laying on the grass right beside her, she was wearing... What looked like floral print footie pajamas that looked like they should be worn for a child at the age of three or four, She finally opened her eyes. Where am I? She thought as her eyes traveled from the sky to a giggling couple that was sitting right beside her all cuddled up. She blinked, her eyesight was still bad as ever. She sat up, touching each space of the grass for her glasses after awhile she found them and sliding them on until the bridge was fitted on the bridge of her nose.

She could finally see! She would take a look at the place, wait a second.. This wasn't Japan? She took a whiff of the air and started coughing, the couple stared at her with arched eyebrows as if she was disturbing them. She covered her mouth, giving them an apologetic glance as she stood up. Where were the temples? The cherry blossom trees? She couldn't find any, she took a small step forward and gasped. Why am I still in my pajamas!? O-Oh no, people are going to look at me! I can't go out looking like this! Her socially anxious thoughts really bothered her as she took a few steps back hiding behind the tree so one would see her.

Elodie looked down as she placed her palms on the tree bark, Where in the hell was Finn? Her partner and crime, her best friend, her compadre! It was shameful that a seventeen year old girl's friend was her never aging puppy.. Her blue-green eyes shifted to each person that was sitting on the grass, She was yearning to hear a bark from the area but didn't find any. She gazed ahead of her and gulped, it was the whole circus, maybe Finn was there.. But she couldn't go, there were people they might look at her... She didn't have the proper attire, Elodie looked at her floral patterned footie pajamas and stretched the hem with a groan. She would have to go out there for Finn, no matter how many people she had to ask! She took a deep breath and walked out from behind the tree her feet which were covered  were starting to attract the grass she was disgusted from the feeling of grass on her feet even if it was covered by pajamas.

The seventeen year old girl was finally out of the grassy area as she walked towards the circus area with determination of trying to find her puppy, She didn't have a picture of Finn with her but she can try to give the people a description. She walked over to a red haired lady and nervously tapped her shoulder, once the lady turned around Elodie tried her best to smile, "G-Good evenin,'" She stuttered, it has been years since she spoke English since The Japs only preferred to speak their native language. H-H-H-Have you seen a-a-a poppy anywhere?? A-A r-reall-y-y white p-poppy very smwal a-a-anyware?" The red-haired woman looked at Elodie with mere confusion up and down at her floral pajamas and with a shake of her head walked away to one of the tents.

Elodie tried to wipe the sweat off of her forehead, it was too hard to talk to anyone especially strangers. With an opened palm, she slapped her forehead Poppy!? What the hell is a poppy? Compose yourself! She thought as she kept walking around she saw a certain individual she couldn't tell whether it was a male or a female so she walked over to the person and tugged on their shirt. "U-Uh, hai t-t-there.. Have y-you seen a s-small popp- p-puppy? He's v-very w-white, c-can y-you help me look for him?"

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Zeferoth had been wondering through the circus with an odd sense of "What was I looking at?" It was his first time looking at a circus and it was...different. It was defiantly crowded which he didn't care for in the least. Zeferoth ran his hands through his spiky, snow white hair with a sigh. He might as well try and enjoy himself. He went from tent to tent looking at the attractions and performances. Some of them seemed really pointless while other were quite a unique site. He wore normal clothes for once. He decided to blend in and keep his cloak, armor, and weapons on the ship. He decided to try some of the food. It was cheap and it showed in the taste. He had to force a particularly bad corn dog down his throat. He had tossed the stick away when he felt a tug on his red shirt.

He turned seeing a girl with glasses in pajamas standing in front of him. He thought that she looked like she was ready for bed more than walking around at a circus. He pushed those thoughts aside as his keen, pointed ears picked up her stuttering speech. Zeferoth closed his crimson eyes thinking back. He had seen a small dog running loose around some of the food venders, but he didn't pay much attention to it. He thought that maybe it was the pup she was looking for. I think I saw a small dog matching that description over by where I just came from. I can help you see if he is still there.


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