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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Trinity Valhalla - - -
> The Song Betwixt

> Female
> Synthetic Human
> 23

[X] Atlantica
[X] Christmas Town
[X] Halloween Town
[X] Space Paranoids
[X] The Pridelands


    >  Physical Appearance
    Trinity is of an average body, weighing only 145lbs and being only 5'5" tall. Long brown hair comes down to her knees and are held up in two pigtails, framing eyes that are ever changing due to a genetic malfunction during her creation. Though the color is always changing, they tend to stay a red. Her skin is a rather fair color, though she does intend to "work on her tan".

    > Outfit or Armor Description
    Her tops typically tend to be loose fitting and either black or purple in color. It is a rare sight to see her in anything feminine such as skirts or dresses, and will only wear them if there is no other choice available. Around her pigtails are tied ribbons, one white and one black. They serve as physical reminders of the two women who guarded her heart.


    With Tsumiko's naivety and Karahito's stubbornness, Trinity is more or less a fusion of the two personalities. Though she does have bits of her own persona mixed in, and has a tendency to space out.

Combat and Ability Information

    > Elements
    Primary: Sound (Air)
    Secondary: Friction (Fire

    )> Weapons of Choice
    Details of weapons your character utilizes

    > Fighting Style
    Details of how your character fights

    > Strengths
    Details of character's good qualities in battle> Weaknesses
    Details of character's bad qualities in battle

    > Abilities

      Material Compression/Decompression: By taking items from the nearby area, she can take and make them into whatever shape she desires. Depending on the material used and the intended shape, it will change the dependability/durability of object and the amount of time it takes to make them. The same can be said of the reverse process of taking things apart. This is all done through the heating and cooling of mass at a molecular level via vibrations and friction.

      Vocal Calming: She learned to imbue magic into wordless melodies and the such that stops heartless from having the desire to attack, though it's only effective while she's singing and lingers no longer then that. It doesn't seem to affect nobodies in the slightest, and has yet to be tested on any other species due to hesitation and a conflict of personal interests.

      Sonic Screech: A vibration of sound that is inaudible to a person's ears. However, being present within the range of the screech can result in an obnoxious ringing of the ears. Unchecked for too long, and it can cause major physical damage. (i.e. bleeding from the ears)

      Sonic boom: A massive fluctuation of sound vibrations that tends to lead to equally massive damages. There are several levels of sonic booms, each varying in intensity and radius, the higher levels also creating a higher level of strain on the body.

      Sound Aura: She can make a exoskeleton around herself using sound vibrations. It acts as an invisible, lightweight armor.

      Echolocation: By sending out successive sound waves, she can use the returning waves and vibrations to locate objects that she otherwise wouldn't be able to see. On another note, it also allows her to see through illusions, as they have no mass for sound to bounce off of.


    In the beginning, their hear was one. Trinity was the product of human experimentation. A test tube baby, if you will, bred and grown in test tubes and tanks. But her creators were unhappy with the result and so attempted to start over by attempting to implant her heart into a new body, that of a nobody.

    Something gone wrong, the heart refused the new body and split in two as a reaction to its escaping, flying off to make it hard for the creators to find. Each side birthing a whole new existence.

    One half, the left, birthed Tsumiko in the realm of light. She was easily found by the scientists and monitored heavily, though she never knew. It wasn't until the heartless attack that she began to become acquainted with the idea of having only half a heart.

    The right half, having birth Karahito, found itself into the realm of darkness in a space called the Void. She was never found, but had complete memory of the events prior to their birth. It was here that she trained herself and grew.

    Trinity, now revived, has the memories of both her former selves.

Political Information

    > Alignment
    Neutral Good

    > Affiliations
    None at the current time.

    > Relationships
    Relationships List:
    Tsumiko: One of the two women who possessed half of her heart. Though she never officially got to meet her, Trinity knows much about her via her shared memories. Also known as Sin, she attempted to stop her rebirth but ultimately failed.

    Karahito: One of the two women who possessed half of her heart. Though she never officially got to meet her, Trinity knows much about her via her shared memories. It was through Kara's efforts that Trinity was revived.

    Mohon: Initially met on the day of her rebirth. Their second encounter in Radiant Garden was a roller coaster in and of itself. The result? A happy dating relationship.

Roleplay Lists - - -


    Black and White Hair Ribbons: Tied around her pigtails, these ribbons are the tangible reminders of the light and darkness that both the women who had guarded her heart lived through while they lived.

    Wedding Bands: One on her each of her ring fingers, they are the symbols of love between both the men that Tsumiko and Karahito had fallen in love

    Haru's Gift: This necklace was given to Tsumiko by her lover Haru. On it, there is a gem created from a small bit of his heart, connecting them always.

    Xern's Treasure: This necklace was given to Karahito by her lover Xern. On it, there is a diamond that, when crushed by Kara, will summon Xern to her side. Trinity isn't sure if this will work for her, however.


    Sound Blade: As a result of vibrations moving at super sonic speeds, the air surrounding any limb of choice becomes as sharp as the best kept blade. The blade can also be "thrown" at an opponent, and recreated at any time.

Forms and Transformations

    A detailed list of all forms and transformation used by your character

Summons and Pets

    A details list of all summons and pets used by your character

Miscellaneous Information

    Any other information you might want included in your character sheet

♫ Theme Songs ♫

    A list of themes that are related to your character given certain situations, people,  or even places

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