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Name: Danair Lostheart

Age: 18

Appearance: His hair is spiked and blonde, his eyes are red, he dawns a sleeveless tight muscle shirt with a black backround and a red dragon on the front and a blue raven on the back the seams on his arms and the lower end of the shirt and his collar are a gold color, he wears a pair of black silky loose pants (not so loose that the pants start slapping your legs and gets really annoying after a while but not so tight as to restrict movement) again with gold seams around the belt area and the bottoms of the legs, he wears sandals, and a mask that of which looks like an owl, he carries a black Scimitar with a red dragon on the blade and a blue raven on the handle which is covered in a golden colored grip

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Personality: Dutiful, Caring, Kind, Emotional (not overly emotional just passionate), Pretty destructive in battle as well as playful, Flirty

Abilities and Skills:

  • Lightning in the Shadows: Danair rushes the opponents and moves so quickly that he is barely visible, however after each strike he leaves a lightning chain upon each opponent or one centered upon a single opponent, if against single opponent he repeatedly strikes the opponent in several different directions leaving a lightning chain after each strike each looping to the single chain loop, if attacking a group he attacks several different enemies leaving a lightning chain each connecting to every chain ending up in a full loop and therefore damaging anyone in the lightning chains way (and since this is more of a crowd control move it is more powerful against groups)
  • Flame Strike: Danair swipes his blade in several directions with his blade heated and embued with fire magic causing three fiery claw like effects upon the ground or air after each swipe (if he uses it upon the ground the claws reach up to fifteen feet away that from the blade separates to a max of 3 feet in distance apart from each other, if used upon the air it is used as firaga in a slash form flying from the blade and seeking out targets ) (again the ground part is mainly for crowd control purposes)
  • ThornMail: Danair wraps himself with vines covered in thorns that protect Danair from close range combat attacks (obviously not entirely ... it's not like you can have 100% protection from anything ... i just felt i had to mention it)
  • Curaga: A spell that heals grievous wounds on all teammates within a five foot radius

History: Since Danair was born he was told he was going to be a great warrior someday, when he was only five he learned to hold a sword, by seven he was swinging like a pro because his family was more concerned with him going into the military than anything else, by the time he was 9 he was training his body for resilience and force, by the time he was 12 he was training his body to be agile and in tune with his surroundings including his blade. When he was 16 he had decided to take his place among the military that he had been training his whole life to be in and make his Emperor and family proud as well as bring his family honor. He had worked as hard as he could when it came to training he was better than the rest his general was impressed and took him as his pupil .... so not only was he getting the regular training that his peers had gotten, he had also gotten personal training with the general. He was so happy that when he took his visitation to his home he couldn't help but thank his ancestors for his amazing abilities and lineage. Nowadays he spends his time training and going on secret ops missions commissioned by the Emperor no less.

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