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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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--- --- --- Personal Details --- --- ---

Name: Kenshin Wasterider
Also Known As: Cearnach a'Pendrac and others
Age: Physically 24 years (Sum Total Experience… Complicated)
Gender: Biologically Thirdsex (Functional Hermaphrodite, Male Presentation)
Home World: Country of the Musketeers
Race/Species: Wight (Biologically Manufactured Race)

--- --- --- Appearance --- --- ---

Kenshin is a toned and muscular warrior, if very much on the slender side. Built lean, he shows his warrior nature in his stance and every careful movement. His hair is shoulder length, perhaps a bit longer, and mostly straight, with his bangs falling into his face at times. His hair is also a striking shade of dark green.

His clothing choices tend to be black leather accented by green. In point of fact, his favorite jacket has a stylized dragon on the back in green and was designed by Maracae when they were both young riders.

--- --- --- Philosophy and Self --- --- ---

Kenshin isn't one to speak at great length. He much prefers to let his actions speak for him. Some might, with good cause, call him broody, but that's because there is a lot more going on inside his thoughts than he ever says out loud.

He is incredibly patient, though his rage is a thing to behold and fear. He doesn't rage often, but he has his triggers, and one of those is any threat to the ones he cares for. Particularly if the one in question isn't capable of dealing with that threat themselves. His temper was much more uncontrolled when he was younger, but so were his insecurities.

And Kenshin does have those. He knows, now, that he is the way he is because that's how Wights were designed, but he wasn't born in any of the Company Breeding Facilities, and he wasn't raised by other Wights. Their biological quirks aren't something they make a big deal out of away from their own people. He grew up with incredible insecurities regarding his own identity, and his loyalty to Goldeneyes is based, in part, on how accepting she has always been of him.

--- --- --- History --- --- ---

Kenshin's history begins a very long time before he ever opened his eyes as a newborn child in the Wastelands. As the old tale goes, his story begins a long time ago in a kingdom very far, far away indeed.

It begins with a Fey warrior, the youngest son of a powerful Nobleman, Cearnach a'Pendrac. He was very nearly cradle-friends with the man who became the Huntsman, and when his friend was lost, he took to leading a team to guard the borders against his old friend. It was because of that task that he met Genevion ap Ailis, and his soul changed forever.

[More to Come]

--- --- --- Powers and Abilities --- --- ---

As a Wight

  • Super Soldier: Wights are a manufactured race of biologically superior humanoids designed to serve as magical warriors. As such, the baseline for the race is higher in strength, speed, agility, and endurance than the average human. A good comparison would be the physical standards of Captain America.
  • Angelic Foundation: Wights were developed using a base founded on legends of beings denoted "Angels". This is to say that they are magically capable and able to summon feathered wings that can lift them into the air for short periods of time, increasing their agility and their ability to fight in three dimensions. As a biological quirk, Angels were reputed to be gendered as "neuter but male", which is to say, lacking reproductive organs but presenting in a masculine form. The original designers of the Wights needed a race that could reproduce, and do so with great eagerness, and so designed them so that the most powerful of the race would be hermaphroditic, that is, biologically thirdsex, having the reproductive organs of both male and female. Being one of the strongest of the race, Kenshin is hermaphroditic, both-but-male, though he takes great pains to disguise this trait.
  • Hawthorne Energy: Wights are capable of producing magical effects and powering artifacts through an energy based in Hawthorne Particles, that their bodies produce. Because Kenshin is one of those who was able to uncover the original specifications for this energy by the discoverer, SW Hawthorne, continued use of Hawthorne Particles has a positive effect on the surrounding environment, causing increased growth of natural plants and wildlife.

As a Traveler

  • Corridoorways: Kenshin can travel from world to world and from location to location within worlds using a form of tesseract-based teleportation known as the Corridor of Darkness.
  • Hearing: Kenshin can Hear magic and other metaphysical traits as an audible signature much like an ever-present sort of musical accompaniment. Powerful magic leaves this signature lingering in an area for some time afterwards. Familiarity with a given signature can allow him to identify individuals and traits, though the ability is limited by the natural limitations of sound. Noisy environments make it more difficult to identify a given sound, and sound only travels so far. His ability to interpret what he hears is heavily dependent on his familiarity with a given trait and how often he has heard it, or how important remembering that trait is to him.
  • Soulstones/Talismans: Kenshin can, using her magic and her fundamental essence, create objects to perform given functions. Talismans are easier to produce but can only perform one or two functions that are based directly in her given powers. Soulstones are more difficult to produce, can utilize a wider variety of functions, and can even develop new functions in time and use. But they have a side effect of allowing the wielder to bypass any mental shields and directly access his Heart and Soul. For this reason he tends to take great care in making and gifting them.
  • Duplication: Kenshin can, by touching an object, make a perfect copy of said item.
  • Ageless: Kenshin can manipulate his body so as to be any age he wishes. Additionally, he can remain that age indefinitely. This is not to say that he is immortal. He can be killed (and has several times in his existence) and he can, should he choose, allow himself to age to the point where he would die of natural causes.

As the Dragoon

  • Healing Magics: Kenshin is capable of using some forms of Healing Magic, though nothing of the scale or skill that a true Mage would have. He can close wounds, knit bone, etc, and he's particularly good at manipulating the natural biochemistry, but he cannot regrow limbs or use the major Healing magics like those.
  • Hunter Tracker: Kenshin is a natural tracker, capable of finding anyone or anything with time and some form of connection, usually in the form of some trinket associated with his target. It can, though, take time depending on how much distance is between him and his target because tracking rarely takes the shortest route.
  • Keyblade Wielder: Kenshin is capable of wielding Keyblades with astonishing skill and ability.
  • Telepathy: Kenshin is capable of direct mind-to-mind communication which is very much like a form of speech, only it is thought instead of spoken.

--- --- --- Weapons and Treasures --- --- ---

Weapons - Kenshin favors blades and spears as far as melee weapons are concerned, this also includes his Keyblade.

  • Keyblade: [To Be Developed]
  • Vorpal Blade: the Vorpal Blade of the Wights is an energy-based cutting weapon that is formed from the magical/scientific energy they produce called Hawthorne Energy. It is capable of cutting through metals and stone and cauterizes wounds made to flesh due to the high heat of the blade. It is, though, powered through energy transistors contained in the gauntlets of the Wight Armor and when the batteries are drained, they require time to recharge.
  • The Spear of Destiny: something of a gift and something of a loan, this weapon is deceptively simple in appearance. The blade is long and sharpened like a leaf-blade dagger. The haft is made of wood wrapped in leather. There is a bundle of feathers hanging from the point where the metal and the wood meet. It is, though, masterfully crafted and the metal does not dull or chip with time and use, nor is the wood able to be broken without incredible effort as the haft is made of ironwood that is further enchanted against breakage and cutting.


  • Wight Armor: The foundation for the armor is a suit of clothing that covers the body. It is usually made of leather backed by cloth. The cloth is imprinted with biofeedback sensors that are capable of monitoring the health and current physical condition of the wearer while simultaneously gathering their Hawthorne Particles and transporting that energy to the gauntlets where it is transformed into an energy which can be used to fuel their weapons and shields. The armor also includes either a full helmet or a faceplate visor that provides a readout of all the information gathered by the sensors and also provides communication between Wights in the battlefield in the form of a radio system.

--- --- --- Companions and Associates --- --- ---

Kibble, Pet: Granted, the term "pet" in this case might be misleading by more than a bit. Kibble considers himself to be something of an advisor and an ally to Kenshin, as he has been since the days of Cearnach a'Pendrac. Kibble is a Fairy Dragon. He has the ability to alter his size from a mere two feet in length all the way up to the size and mass of a large horse, and is fully capable of carrying upwards of a thousand pounds of weight in that form, and still be able to fly and maneuver in the air.

Goldeneyes (Lynette Elise), Alt: Has her own account, but can be used in posts made by this one, if they are together.

Katelyn Rose, Alt: Has her own account, but might be mentioned in posts made by this one, if they are together.

Sabrina, NPC: A Breeder Wight, non-combatant

Jana Wildheart, NPC: A Traveler, Gnome by origin, though altered in height. Trained in combat, though a non-combatant for purposes of RP.

Dewberry n'Ailis, NPC: A Nobleborn Fey, Wellborn, trained in combat, though a non-combatant for purposes of RP.

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