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Name: Yin Ahriman.

Age: 26, but with the experience of countless past lives behind him

Gender: Male


Yin stands 5’10” ft. or 180 cm. tall, long black hair that he ties down behind his head, both eastern (shape) and western (blue color) traits in his eyes and is the owner of a strong and fit build.

He wears traditional eastern-Asian clothing during casual occasions, reminding people of a wandering samurai of sorts, even when his physical appearance doesn’t match one at all. During formal occasions, or when heading into battle, he’ll wear a red armor that covers most of his body as well has his blade and shield, a flashy getup that impresses most of those who see him.


Yin Ahriman is a man with ambition. He has set the highest goal for himself, world domination, and won’t stop in his tracks until he accomplishes that goal. People would call him many things after hearing of his dream: a fool for aiming for something no one has ever achieved, greedy for wanting to have the world for himself, an idiot for actually fighting a battle he can’t win… and the way he acts towards others doesn’t really help: he shows himself as a laidback person that likes to joke, drink and laugh at silly jokes most of the time. How can such a person be actually serious about a goal as grand as world domination?

In spite of this, those who actually talk with him about his dream will notice that he’s no blindingly following an uncertain path. Yin Ahriman, beyond appearances, is a calculating man and a genius war tactician. Having the memories of all his past lives as information within his brain, he knows exactly how to act in order to gain power, what path to follow if he wants to win the hearts of people and how to best rule if given the chance to rule. What’s more, he doesn’t believe he can accomplish his goal alone. In his own words:

A King is nothing without his people, and the people are nothing without their King. They can only achieve victory and prosperity if they support one another to their fullest.

In other words, he believes he’ll get to the throne if he has the support of the people under it and if he supports them back. Everyone must work together for prosperity and everyone must work together for conquest. This way of seeing things makes Yin a man that acknowledges universal respect between people. If he conquers a land, he’ll leave a government formed by those who lived in that land under his care if he deems them trustworthy, knowing full-well that alone he can’t manage every town, city and castle in the world.

His way of doing things, his cheerful demeanor and charisma eventually lead people to join him, trust him and listen to his every world. Likewise, he’s always eager to accept interesting individuals who wish to join his cause and make of the united world a better place.

As a side note, he has a tendency of calling other people “fools”. This can be used either to denote someone who’s really a fool or someone he cares for.


He’s a master tactician, politician and leader, knowing full well how to move in the battlefield, win the hearts of others and manage a government at the same time. His abilities are around his allies and troops, using them to support their actions and lead them to victory. Because his soul is that of a commander more than a warrior, he’s not usually on the front lines, but will fight if the situation requires him to.

Yin knows how to plan ahead of time, usually making different plans for the many different situations he can encounter in battle in an instant. He’ll usually know whenever an outside world or nation has him in aim and will be able to prepare adequately in order to reduce civilian casualties to a minimum and defeat their attackers as fast and easily as possible.

One of the abilities that he inherited from one of his past selves was the ability to summon the spirits of his supporters in the form of armors or war instruments such as cannons or any other type of weapon. He starts with a set number of these instruments, representing the spirits of those who once stood by his side, and they'll grow in number according to the amount of places he conquers and the amount of people he rules. A small boost will occur with alliances as well, but not as strong as an actual act of conquering. These summons work well with Yin's characteristics of being a tactical commander more than a soldier.

Other than that, he’s skilled at the use of the sword and shield and will be able to hold his own against experienced fighters, though he knows he’s not strong enough to defeat the monsters living in the Universe on his own. He’s also capable of summoning his weapons and armors at any given time, as they are essentially part of his own self.


It is of common knowledge for some that the human soul, after ascending to the other world, is reincarnated under a different body, heart and personality. These new beings also live, die and reincarnate into someone else. A man walking on the street could have definitely been a woman in his past life. The same applies to a writer, who could have been a soldier, and a soldier, who could have been a writer.

However, there are certain souls that follow similar paths on life, no matter what. The man who later called himself Yin Ahriman was like that. His role through history was always that of a King, a Conqueror or a General: he always trained himself, clashed with foes, gained respect, recognition, and finally ruled over large amounts of people. And after standing on a high seat, seeing everything the world had to offer, this person would always think: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see these lands unified by a single flag?”

He’d aim towards unification. The deeper reasons behind his objective would always be different, such as wanting to surpass the existing empires, to protect his divided country from external nations or simply because he couldn’t tolerate different ideologies other than his own.

So he’d fight, he’d conquer, he’d rejoice in victory, and eventually he’d fail, killed in battle or betrayed by his most trusted friends.

This cycle of victory and defeat would be repeated for many eras in many worlds… and finally it was the turn of a certain young man born in Port Royal. This young man wouldn’t be as successful as the rest: he’d enlist in the navy, thinking he’d be able to change himself and the world he lives in, but one day, while in the middle of the sea with his crew, he'd be suddenly attacked by pirates. This young man would defend his life with everything he had but would eventually fall under his foes' blade.

His consciousness fading away on the River of the Dead, in the Underworld, several memories would cross through his mind; memories of great men who accomplished great things, men that had different bodies but shared the same soul… his past selves.

How? How could they all have been so great while he didn’t even manage to protect his squad? Was it really alright? Could he really taint the great accomplishments of his souls with such a worthless death?

No, he couldn’t. This young man, with sheer willpower, would start swimming against the current, searching for something, anything, to pull him out of that place. As he swam, he began to remember even more things about those great men, to identify himself more and more with whom they were and what they wanted.

At some point he got out of the River of the Dead… and he realized that a miracle had happened: because of the strength of his spirit, he had inherited the characteristics of the men who came before him: the appearance of one, the skills of another, the allies of a third, the sword of a fourth, the shield of a fifth, the armor of a seventh, the spell of an eight, and so on. He was now the full incarnation of his soul, a man who now thought with the remains of the minds of many.

With a new body, new skills and even a new personality, he had been reborn.

This man decided to give himself a new name in order to represent his new self: Yin Ahriman.

Surrounded by the dead, Yin Ahriman would say: “this time, I’ll make it come true, the dream we all held… to unify the world… no, the Universe! To unify the Universe under my own flag! For me, for us, for the name of Yin Ahriman, I swear to accomplish this objective! And conquest is the only way to see it through!”

The tale of Yin Ahriman had begun.

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Weapons & Equipment:

  • Sword of Kings:

    A long, double-edged, one handed sword. The blade has been polished with enough care to look as white as snow and as sharp as the mightiest of weapons. The hilt is made out of pure gold and shines brightly with light, but it also has the shape of open wings, protecting Yin’s hand from any harm. The Sword of Kings has an alignment to the fire and light element. It was once the symbol that guided a kingdom of old to victory and prosperity, like the light of a flame in the darkness.
  • Shield of Conquerors:

    A small yet sturdy silver shield Yin wears in his left arm. Despite the many battles it has seen, it barely has any scratches, for it was made to accompany those who led people into a great number of wars. It offers an adequate defense against physical attacks and it can hold its own against low-level magical attacks, especially those belonging to the darkness.
  • Armor of Generals:

    A red plate armor that covers Yin’s upper body and lower body to his knees. It’s flashy yet not too big in order to not inhibit Yin’s movements. It can absorb great deals of damage with ease, though it can be broken if hit with enough strength. It is aligned to the element of fire and it is said to have been worn by a general of old that had a preference of burning the castles he conquered to build new ones from a scratch.

Spells & Skills:

  • Eagle Eye:

    Yin has a greater view of the battlefield, as if he was watching it from above, allowing him to observe several different things at the same time and notice enemy attacks that otherwise would have been impossible to predict.
  • Telepathy:

    Not the type used to read people’s minds. Using this skill, Yin is able to communicate his thoughts to whoever he considers an ally of himself, allowing the other party to do the same, but only with Yin and those who he allows.

    It can also help him set up a direct connection with the world broadcast system if used with enough concentration.

  • Strength of All:

    A red aura surrounds Yin and everyone he considers his ally, giving everyone a boost of strength, physical endurance and morale. The more allies he has, the greater the effect of this spell will be (only applied to users. In case of armies or larger NPC groups, the effect will usually be rather small, though great numbers will still end up making a difference).

  • Fire Blade:

    Yin’s sword is consumed by fire, granting it the ability to deal fire damage and the strength to inflict small burns in his opponents’ skin, if they are ever touched by the blade.
  • Fire Shield:

    Yin’s shield is consumed by fire, granting it greater defense (20%) against magical attacks and even more (40%) if they are of the fire element, as well as inflicting burns in anyone that touches it.
  • Fire Release:

    While having either Fire Blade or Fire Shield in effect, Yin can swing the corresponding piece of equipment to send the fire energy flying to his opponent in the form of a burst of flames that’ll made a small explosion upon impact, dealing small damage as well as inflicting medium-level burns. It can also be used to propel him forwards or upwards if needed.


  • Sword Squad (5)*:

    Enchanted armors with the souls of fallen swordsmen inside. They are 5’8” ft. tall, gray in color and each one wields a 1-handed sword in battle. Their skills lie in their ability to use the sword, as they are capable of holding their own even against master swordsmen, at least for a while. Once destroyed, they can’t be summoned again for a while (until the next battle).
  • Axe Squad (5)*:

    Enchanted armors with the souls of fallen axe-wielders inside. They are 5’10” ft. tall, gray in color and each one carries a large axe with them at all times. Their skills lie in their ability to use crushing strength against any enemy that requires to, capable of breaking through sturdy armor if they try. Once destroyed, they can’t be summoned again for a while (until the next battle).
  • Shield Squad (5)*:

    Enchanted armors with the souls of fallen shield-users inside. They are 6’2” ft. tall, gray in color and each one wields a large shield to protect their allies. Their skills lie in how sturdy their defenses are, allowing them to resist attacks from both strong melee fighters and powerful magicians. Once destroyed, they can’t be summoned again for a while (until the next battle).
  • Bow Squad (5)*:

    Enchanted armors with the souls of fallen archers inside. They are 5’7” ft. tall, gray in color and each one wields a large long bow to attack enemies from a distance. Their skills lie in their accuracy and ability to keep opponents at bay while their allies do the frontal attack. Once destroyed, they can’t be summoned again for a while (until the next battle).
  • Magic Squad (5)*:

    Enchanted armors with the souls of fallen magicians inside. They are 5’3” ft. tall, gray in color and each one carries a rod to cast magic on their enemies. They have 4 types of magic: fire, ice, thunder and cure. Fire comes in the form of fast fire projectiles, ice in the form of icicles that travel along the ground, thunder in the form of lightning bolts coming from above and cure in the form of a regenerative spell that slowly heals the target’s wounds (though at the use of a lot of energy and with the condition that the armor needs to be focused on the task and nothing else). Once destroyed, they can’t be summoned again for a while (until the next battle).

    *They are as durable as middle-class armors. In other words, they can take some hits without breaking, but they’ll wear down after a while. If an important piece of their armor is broken, such as the helmet or their legs, the whole armor will collapse, unable to move.
  • Cannon Squad (5):

    Silver cannons that will appear on a set location decided by Yin and they won't be able to move from there until they are destroyed. They use explosive cannon balls as ammunition and can deal high destructive power to an enemy. However, because they take a long time to recharge and they can't easily follow a moving target, they are more useful for attacking buildings and structures than anything else. There's a small armor in charge reloading.


  • Egil (Eagle):

    A pet eagle that Yin was able to tame. Its claws are deadly and it can easily take out small heartless and wild animals by itself. However, Yin doesn’t use it for combat, but rather to relay messages to allies far away and to survey an area in case of danger. Egil is one of Yin’s most trusted friends and the two of them share a deep bond, despite being human and bird.

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