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Katelyn Rose
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Name: Katelyn Rose ap Ailis
Age: 5 years
Sex: Female
Species: Fey

Appearance: Katelyn Rose is an adorable little girl with very long black hair and very large blue eyes that sometimes shine with a blue-green tint, particularly when she's being her cutest. She has pointed ears in the style of elven peoples and delicate features. She likes to wear the color blue, though sometimes she'll wear red and gold if she's trying to look like her sisters.

Personality: Katelyn Rose is a sweet, charming little girl who wants to play and make friends with people. She is an utter innocent, in complete ignorance that there is anything remarkable about her abilities or the fact that she can accomplish them. It's all a game to her, and one that she enjoys greatly. She does not, though, like it when people are obnoxiously stupid, finding them silly and absurd.

History: Katelyn Rose was born on a world called Faerie and her earliest days were spent amongst the Fey, elven-like beings of immense magical power who are tied to the natural world in a variety of ways. She was raised as a princess by them, alongside her sisters, Gwendolen ap Ailis, Lean n'Ailis Nianna, Nianna ma Nianna, and Genevion ap Ailis, who was in truth her mother, though that was a secret that was kept most closely by all of them.

Given her mother's protective nature, it is entirely likely that Katelyn Rose is not really only five years old, but she does not, at present, remember being any older than that.

She knows that her mother was a beautiful woman who was in danger from someone "very mean". She knows that her father was a warrior who loved her more than his own life, who sent her away while he fought the "mean dragon" to protect her while she was still a little baby inside her mother's belly. She doesn't know much more than that, but anyone familiar with magical signatures knows what she does not, and knows quite well who her father was.

Abilities and Skills:

  • Corridoorways: Katelyn Rose is able to travel between worlds and universes through use of Gateway-like corridors built of Light.
  • Keyblader's Heart: Katelyn Rose has a Heart which is able to wield Keyblades, and is aligned to Light.
  • Healer's Hands: Katelyn Rose is able to manipulate the energies of Life and of living bodies through magic. She can heal wounds and illnesses with her touch, usually through the application of a "healing hug and kiss". She is also able to manipulate the physical appearance of herself and others through this ability, granting features such as gills or wings, though most often it is simply cosmetic alterations in nature.
  • Soul of Purity: With Player Consent, Katelyn Rose can erase any coercive influences upon another being, including magical markings and the effects thereof. She is also capable of befriending anyone or anything through this same ability, including beasts and ordinarily vicious creatures. Natural, unnatural, and unbonded creatures will not target Katelyn Rose with anything but the most friendly and benevolent of intentions, nor will they willingly allow harm to come to her. Creatures that are bonded to others will feel a reluctance to attack her or cause her any harm whatsoever, though they can still be goaded into such actions by the demands of their keepers and/or trainers. This effect is, of course, open to interpretation where applicable.
  • Firebird's Scream: Do not make Katelyn Rose cry. You wouldn't like it when Katelyn Rose cries. Effects vary depending on the strength of her cry, with the mildest effects from a whimper to the most dramatic and potentially world-damaging from an all-out shriek. When she cries she is able to start fires, windstorms, or simply shatter trees and buildings from the sonic vibrations. Most astonishingly, though, she is just as capable of putting out fires, calming storms, or restoring broken people, buildings, or things from the strength of her cry. This includes the ability to resurrect the fallen, with Player Consent, in a literal application of "Please Wake Up".

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