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Name: Karahito Shikami

Age: 19

Appearance: With long black hair that comes to knee length, she has silver-blue eyes that seem to reflect nothing. She wears a long black, sleeveless vest with a white ribbon around the collar at her neck and a grey white skirt that comes just far enough down. Black thigh high stockings cover a majority of her legs and black boot heels on her feet.

Sex: Female

Species: unknown

Personality: She's usually a blank slate that reflects no emotion whatsoever beyond spite and bitterness. Not really one to get involved in affairs of the "common man", she thinks herself higher in just about all aspects, seeking only to complete herself via the destruction of another.

Abilities and Skills:
Material Compression/Decompression: By taking items from the nearby area, she can take and make them into whatever shape she desires. Depending on the material used and the intended shape, it will change the dependability/durability of object and the amount of time it takes to make them. The same can be said of the reverse process of taking things apart. This is all done through the heating and cooling of mass at a molecular level via vibrations and friction.

Vocal Trauma: Though a number of trial and errors, she learned to imbue magic into wordless melodies and the such that stops heartless from having the desire to attack, though it's only effective while she's singing and lingers no longer then that. It doesn't seem to affect nobodies in the slightest, and has yet to be tested on any other species due to hesitation and a conflict of personal interests. 

Sonic Screech: A vibration of sound that is inaudible to a person's ears. However, being present within the range of the screech can result in an obnoxious ringing of the ears. Unchecked for too long, and it can cause major physical damage. (i.e. bleeding from the ears)

Sonic boom: A massive fluctuation of sound vibrations that tends to lead to equally massive damages. There are several levels of sonic booms, each varying in intensity and radius, the higher levels also creating a higher level of strain on the body.

Sound Aura: She can make a exoskeleton around herself using sound vibrations. It acts as an invisible, lightweight armor.

Echolocation: By sending out successive sound waves, she can use the returning waves and vibrations to locate objects that she otherwise wouldn't be able to see. On another note, it also allows her to see through illusions, as they have no mass for sound to bounce off of.

History: Born in the void of nothingness, she was created from a heart that was only half itself, seeking to become whole again. She quickly adapted to the take all, give none system that was the void and strengthened herself within its shadows, becoming a force to be reckoned with, should she choose to use it. Shortly after her escape, her powers were nothing short of amateurish, but slowly and surely, they are returning.

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