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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Name: Kasturi Firaz

Age: 24

He is quite tall (185cm) and quite skinny, really dark brown hair (short spiky), dark brown eyes, wears glasses, quite dark skin. Occasionally wears contact lenses.
Wears white jacket over black t-shirt, with smoke grey cargo pants, white & blue sneakers.
Have a feather charm hanging from the side of his right pocket.  

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Friendly and helpful but very awkward at most times. He gets quiet and inquisitive when met with something interesting/troubling. He can act rashly and reckless during a fight or when he's angry. Injustice and lack of sleep pisses him off most, and he's slow at picking up people's feelings.
He might easily get tricked, and sometimes loses himself to hate, which can make him turn onto his own friends and allies.
Likes: Books, orange juice, chilling at the rooftop, music, wild creatures
Hates: Injustice, lack of sleep,

Abilities and Skills:
will be added later below...

Kasturi is a synth initiate and traveler. He aspires to become synth expert and a great battle mage.
His dream is to travel between worlds to learn magic and synth knowledge, before settling down and open his own shop in Traverse Town.
Initially wanting to travel to far places, he left Destiny Island on a stranger's gummi ship as a stowaway 3 years ago.
He ended up at Traverse Town, where his learning and experience led him to become what he is now.
Kasturi occasionally travels to other worlds searching for hidden knowledge, exotic ingredients, or just for the sake of having fun.

Kasturi then joins the local world military, being enlisted as Traverse Town Militia Warlock Class, during which period he undertakes many missions and met new personas, making friends and enemies, with relationships that still lasts today. In this time, he had helped defend Twilight Town, failing the first time and had almost died on the second. He had attend a grand ball which he co-organized in Castle of Dreams, been drawn into countless other fights, robbed a bank and kidnapped a girl.

After a series of events, including a spar with the governor of Traverse Town, Kasturi left his home of the last 5 years, and moved to Dwarf Woodlands where he lives the life of a nomadic traveler. He then mysteriously disappeared after undertaking a quest to save Dwarf Woodlands, and now wakes up 80 days later in the abandoned castle.

His memories in shambles due to the previous event, though unknown, which prompted him to uncover his past and reconnect with friends, while managing a crisis of the various identities he had once lived as. His journey takes him travelling out into the fringes of the worlds and back to the mains, where his story now continues...

Detailed History:
Character Personality:  Started as an adventurous young adult with a rather laid back view of the world, Kast loves to travel, and sees borders and world rules as non-existent to him as he considers his actions does no harm. This however occasionally gets him on the bad side of some of the world leaders. Though he loves each world he visited, he also sees the troubles or events in them as irrelevant and none of his concern, opting to stay out.

This changes after a disaster took place in Radiant Garden. Given he knew of the plot beforehand and did nothing to stop it, Kast felt remorse for those that lost their lives due to his ignorance. This motivated him to step in and help Twilight Town when it was under attack during the Flood, under the guise Zephyr of Twilight Order.

Reckless, inexperienced, and slow, he failed to prevent the death of Hope, the town's mayor. After parting from his comrades, Kast stubbornly continues to search the killers, to no avail. Unfortunately, during this time he grew a more vengeful personality which remained beneath the surface. The debacle at Hope's funeral did little to lighten his negative emotions, and Kast grew more power hungry and insidious. Believing results acquit methods, he began to use unlawful ways in approaching things, leading the creation of the criminal alter-ego Irtuxska.

Things died down a little, and Kast began travelling again. His personality matured and took a more positive outlook, yet his repressed vengeance still remains.

Character Motivations: Adventuring spirit to travel the world. Unpredictable conscience. Remorse of previous failures. Vengeance to Hope's killers.

Character Events:
Radiant Garden Recon with Kenos sent by Zihark
Festival of Hearts where people died and Kast gets into depression and orange juice abuse
Cavern of Remembrance adventure with Cool
The Flood where Shirou stisfies Etzolix's fetish for heads
The Mages Ball where he almost got a girl
Hopes Funeral where Kast didn't get to do much
Kidnapping of Pan where he kidnaps someone
Traverse Town Hostile Takeover where Kast fights his previous superior

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General Abilities:
(tldr; Class: Battle Mage, Advantage: Magic, Disadvantage: Accuracy, Subclass: Synth Blacksmith)

Kasturi, despite his rather thin built for a man, is averagely well rounded in strength, dexterity, and speed. His innate gift was the talent in magic, allowing him to cast powerful spells and control magical summons. His weakness however, lies in his inability to aim correctly, despite being skilled synth blacksmith able to create items with precision, the same accuracy cannot be translated into his skill in the battlefield.

As such, Kasturi uses spears and polearms to attack in wide arching curve to compensate his aim, or using close combat dagger in nearer range where accuracy is not an issue for him. Anything that stands more than 25 feet from him however, he is sure to miss.

His battlestyle is therefore set, as a Battle Mage, where he uses spears and daggers to inflict near damage and protected by his strong magic spells, all mainly with close ranges. As a sub skill, Kasturi can make repairs on weapons or items in the field, given sufficient time and resources available.

Special Abilities:

~Field of Breeze~
An enchantment of wind element. Kasturi as a mage has the closest affinity to this elemen. This enchantment occurs naturally as Kasturi subconsciously exerts his influence to the air in the surrounding (up to 10m), allowing him to control wind up to slight breeze and augment his sense and movement, resulting increased spatial awareness and swifter reaction speed.

~Blaze Edge~
Drawing the elemental powers of fire, this spell coats the user's weapon in flames. When the user strikes an enemy, the fire infused within will erupt from the blade in a small explosion (1m), enough to leave burns or turn leather to cinder crisps. However the spell extinguishes after a one hit.
Cooldown: 1 post

A spell that surrounds the caster with elements of wind and metal, seen as a transparent shield of aura emitting a faint silver glow around the user. It protects the user, or the person the spell is cast upon, from light to moderate damage. Anymore and the shield will break. Using the spell excessively will cause depletion of caster's stamina, and subsequent deterioration of health. The shield lasts as long as it remains unbroken.
Cooldown: N/A

A type of projectile spell, when casted Starburst takes a moment to initiate. Three glimmering amber stars appear, orbiting the caster, and upon command can shoot out as missiles of fiery light to enemies in a curved line, dealing fire damage with slight flash blinding effect upon hit. Unfortunately this spell's effective range is only 30 feet (~10m).
Cooldown: 2 posts

~Stratos Sphere~
The spell forms three spheres of wind, each roughly four foot in diameter. They float several inches from the ground and can move very slowly in any direction. The caster can manipulate its direction, and if the sphere hits anything tangible/physical, it will knock back aggressively with a burst of wind. Itcan take 2 hits before disappearing.
Cooldown: 2 posts

~Valkyrie Construct~
A summoning magic, calling forth a silver suit of armor caped by a pair of metallic wings, appearing in a swirl of wind and silver light particles. Its appearance is starkly similar to a Nobody Dusk. Armed with a gladius or a lance, this construct of Wind and Metal obeys every instruction its master orders to the letter. With its large wings, the summon can fly fast, having great agility with its thin streamlined body, however also causes a grave reduction in its durability, making it vulnerable to 2 direct hits to 3 indirect hits before being destroyed. It disappears in the same fashion it appears, in a swirl of breeze and silver lights.
Cooldown: 4 posts

~Valkyrie's Grace~ (for Plot use)
A high tier magic, can only be used once every quater moon cycle. The wind mage calls forth Valkyries from the sky, who will descend upon the user or person before carrying him/her up. The Valkyrie then use by way of Lanes of Light, to transport the body they carried to the nearest safe haven, where there they will treat his or her wound, conventionally (bandages, casts, sutures, etc.). Lethal wounds may or may not be healed.

~Limit Break: Axcellion~
A magical form type, this spell amplifies the user's affinity to wind, unlocking three new abilities and powers, for a duration of time. However, compared to most magical forms, it is not a very powerful example.
Cooldown: 40 posts or one topic
Form Specifics:
Name: Axcellion (Raventus II)

Requirements: high magic expertise and wind element
Class: Offensive/Defensive

Primary Element: Wind
Secondary Element: Metal

Duration: 5 post

A slight turbulent wind circles the user, glowing silvery blue if in darkness. 5 spears of wind floats behind him.


Phase Density: 5 feet of wind around the user becomes increased in density of both air and dispersed metal particles, slowing down anything passing through it by 10%, can be used only twice in one form and lasts only 15s. User not affected.

Lucent Pacifier: 5 spears of wind (and dispersed metal particles), translucent (not transparent) white/silver about 7 feet length, floats idly not more than 3 feet from the user. While idle, they are intangible and in fixed position. Each spear weighs 20% of its steel counterpart.
Non-summonable, the user has to physically touch to wield them, in which time they become tangible, and not more than 2 wielded in hand at any one time. (except if an additional spell allow so,) The spears are same strength as average steel spears. Awesome elegant design.

Wind Blade: User fuses one wind spear with another wind spear or weapon, adding 3 feet of blade of wind/dispersed metal particles to the latter. The blade floats inches in fixed position around the latter's, and is not physically connected. Stackable.

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-Peace Sanctuarius Spear
-Veredeln Knife
-Argent Cloud Shield
-Lancet Knife

-Mirage Cloak
-Aer Tactical Gear Set I Armor
-Leste Shirt

Mp : 70 -------   Elementalist of  Nothingness, Wind and Metal   
The Traveler, Alchemist of Magic.Visit Workshop
:study: my profile   -  Old Profile   -  Kasturi Theme (just for fun)

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