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Name: Lea Garza [Dungeon Master]

Age: 31

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Homeworld: Agrabah.


What is the thing you liked the most from the adventure stories you read as a kid? Some will respond “the hero”, some will respond “the princess” and some even may say “the villain”.

For Lea, it was “the setting”. More than the hero, more than the princess and more than the villain, Lea liked the place where the adventure happened and what the characters had to encounter in those places. Enchanted forests, towers that reached the skies, caves guarded by dragons, abandoned castles, cities in the sky… all those magical and beautiful places that no normal human was allowed to see, filled with creatures and wonders that no normal human was allowed to meet… and in the end, treasures that no normal human was allowed to possess.

Yes, from a young age Lea had always been marveled by those fantastic settings that could only be seen in storybooks. Having lived all his life in Agrabah, other than the Cave of Wonders, there wasn’t anything similar to a “fantastic setting” in his life. His greatest dream was to one day set forth to travel the world and discover those places.

The opportunity came to him in a rather cruel fashion. One day, his family faced a financial crisis. They were in debt and people came for them. He believed his parents would protect him from all harm… but instead, they ran away, promising to pay back the money, leaving their son as insurance. For some weeks, Lea was worked to the bone by the loan sharks, until he finally managed to escape the place where he was held.

He roamed the streets for days, unable to find food or charity in anybody. Then, one day, when he was at his rope’s end, he met a certain man: this man was old, really old, and he liked to sit in the park to tell stories to kids. Lea approached and heard his stories from beginning to end. At some point the storyteller asked him: “what is it that you liked the most about my stories?” And he answered “the setting”.

The storyteller was surprised, as no one had ever given that answer before. They spoke for a while and Lea told him about his current state of affairs. “Then why don’t you come with me?” The storyteller offered. “I can show you those places you dream of.”

So Lea joined the storyteller. This storyteller was a traveler, and not a simple traveler: he was a Dungeon Master. He traveled through all the worlds, creating dungeons here and there, dungeons being the places where adventures take place. He had inherited the magic to create Dungeons from his master, another Dungeon Master, and had been traveling around ever since.

These dungeons were based on the fantastical settings of story books: they were created according to the Dungeon Master’s knowledge and imagination and each dungeon held fantastical treasures inside. Why did Dungeon Masters exist? According to the storyteller, “to keep heroic adventures happening in the world”.

Lea traveled with this Dungeon Master for many years, learning about different dungeons and also about the many different worlds and adventures that had taken place in them. And one day, the Dungeon Master died, leaving behind the teachings and the role of being a Dungeon Master to Lea.

Lea accepted the responsibility, bearing the same ideal as his master: “to keep heroic adventures happening in the world”.

Dungeon Creation

This is Lea Garza’s main and only skill. The ability to create dungeons at will. He can make a dungeon appear anywhere, as long as there is enough space for it. These dungeons can be anything: from enchanted forests to towers that reach the sky. Each dungeon will be based on his knowledge, experience and imagination, and each will have a reward waiting at the end.

These dungeons have their own set of rules: they’ll only appear for a set amount of time and will disappear once they’ve been “cleared”. The reward will usually be a rare weapon, piece of armor or any other object that an adventurer or warrior will desire. However, the “level” of these objects also affects the level of the dungeon.

For example, let’s say that a dungeon is made with a sword inside. This sword has enough power to defeat a god. The sword, being so powerful, will make the dungeon so dangerous and hard to clear that only a person that is actually worthy of wielding such a sword will be able to reach the end. In other words traps, creatures and other obstacles will grow in number and in power depending on the overall power level of the object. Lea can’t break these rules, so if he wants a weapon, he needs to overcome the dungeon himself.

At Lea’s current power level, he’s only able to bring out one piece of reward at the end of the dungeon. If there is more than one person trying to clear it, they’ll have to compete for it or simply concede the reward to another. He’s also capable of creating conditions of his own, such as time limits, to increase the level of the reward.

A dungeon can be terminated by either clearing it or by exiting it after entering once. The adventurer won’t be allowed to enter again if he fails to do it. Lea can also enter dungeons, but he usually prefers to stay outside. His control over the dungeons allows him to watch whatever is happening inside and also talk with the challengers at any point of the run.
He can call forth 4 types of dungeons:

Weapons Dungeon: The reward of these dungeons is a weapon. They test the combat capacity of the adventurer and will usually make him fight until he reaches the end. It can be any type of weapon, from a sword to a gun. Lea can set the type of reward as he pleases.

Armors Dungeon: The reward of these dungeons is a piece of armor. More than just combat capacity the dungeon will test the adventurer in terms of endurance, stamina and his ability to avoid traps and damage. It can be any type of armor or defensive equipment, including rings or pendants with the ability to absorb magical damage. Lea can set the type of reward as he pleases.

Items Dungeon: The reward of these dungeons is any type of item. It can be an enchanted item, for example, a spells book or a stone that allows the user to summon a certain creature, amongst others. The dungeon will test the adventurers in his ability to overcome challenges with his mind, offering complex labyrinths and puzzles. Lea can set the type of reward as he pleases.

Random Dungeon: This is the most random type of dungeon, as the reward can literally be anything and its power level can be completely different from the difficulty level of the dungeon itself. Challenges will be a mixture of the ones mentioned above. Lea can't set the type of reward as he pleases and he avoids summoning this dungeon unless asked.


He’s rather tall (6’2”) and wears white turbant as well as a white cloth covering his mouth for the sake of making his character a bit more mysterious. Below it all there's a brown haired man with dark eyes and a short beard. He's usually seen in traveling clothes and without a weapon at hand.


Lea Garza is a friendly man. He likes to speak with people, acts kind to them and offers his help to everyone who needs it… specially adventurers and warriors. He has a preference for them and will help anyone that looks interesting. This “help” usually comes in the form of his dungeons: if someone asks, he’ll happily create a dungeon for them to obtain a new weapon or piece of equipment that could aid them in their quests. Of course, he’s also interested in seeing how they’ll clear it. Though he offers his help to “interesting” people, if it is to help a greater good, he’ll also offer his service as a Dungeon Master to those who he doesn’t consider interesting.


He owns a certain amount of weapons that he has gained from his own dungeons and Lea uses these weapons to protect himself. Though these are powerful weapons, he’s by no means good at using them and won’t be able to draw their full potential. He can overwhelm opponents for a moment in order to escape, but that’s it. He has no real battle potential whatsoever, and the only spells he can use are dungeon related.



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