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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Name: Joseph Cage

Age: 15

Appearance: Joseph has Ocean blue eyes and Prussian blue hair. He's 5'10 and now wears a special set of clothing with a blue cloak surrounding his simply clothing outfit. He has two black metal hands since he's replaced the classic red ones that he got after Jet and Ansem cut his human hands off. Joseph is now very muscular with a fully built 8-pack, And powerful body tonage
Sex: Male.

Species: Dragonborn-Demigod. Josephs appearance is that of a human.

Personality:Fearless, Honorable, and Kind, Joseph is a mighty Paladin---a warrior of light who specializes in battling evil. With his magical Key-blades and powerful Blood-thirst for winning, he helps others and defends the world from the dark forces who threaten them. Joseph shows no mercy to those who can't show it to others.

Joseph may come off as rich looking kid because of the suits and what not, but he's actually a serious street kid. He believes only in getting stronger and cares nothing about his own limits a he constantly tries to push them. Joseph will do anything to save someones life.

Joseph was born on the day that his worlds war was won. His mother was a dragon goddess among the people who often took a human appearance and mated with the citizens of the world much like Zeus did only he was male. The people believed he was a good omen and trained him earlier than the other kids. Joseph soon mastered the rare power of fire which wasn't common on his world. years went by an Joseph ended up being king of his world at 15 ,but it soon fell to the heartless and his life sucked but all was well because he found his way to Twilight Town where he soon became revered around the worlds. In no time at all he became allied with the most powerful of heroes and villains such as Morpheuszero. As well as fought many heroes and villains two of which took his hands an branded him a freak. He managed to Tame the powers of the key-blade though an became obsessed with reviving the worlds. Unfortunately, he went missing for months an hasn't been heard from. their have been sightings, but no real evidence has been found... Where is he? Well right about now he's finding out that the Universe yet again needs him. His return is now! With the all new power of light by his side he will go down in history as the powerful 
.:~Paladin of Light~:.

Joseph has recently taking to extra training and is searching for any possible way to beds fear Onyx for now this has turned into his main goal. A tiny fire that he needs to put out is all.

Strength= High
Magic A.=Moderate
Magic D.=Mod-Low


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Abilities and Skills. 

Rock Wall:
Name: Rock Wall

Requirements:  Have Earth as an element.

Class: Defense

Primary Element: Earth

Secondary Element: N/A

Effect:A seven foot high, 5 foot wide comes up from the ground protecting Joseph from spells or ranged attacks. It also stays out on the field so Joseph can use it as cover.

Big Fireball:
Name: Big Fireball.

Requirements: Have Fire as an element.

Class: Supplementary

Primary Element: Fire

Secondary Element: N/A

Effect:.A Beach-ball sized Fire ball is generated and shot at then enemy it Moves at a moderately fast rate and homes in on my opponent.

Name: Rocket

Requirements: You must be Joseph.

Class: Supplementary.

Primary Element: Fire

Secondary Element: N/A

Effect: Fire shoots from underneath Josephs feet this allows him to fly and move around at super quick speeds, or make 30 foot jumps when he doesn't need to fly.

Heat wave:
Name: Heatwave

Requirements: Must be Joseph.

Class: Supplementary

Primary Element: Light

Secondary Element: N/A

Effect: Joseph claps his hands and the temperature raises automatically to 120 degrees Fahrenheit for the entire fight. This spell gives Joseph 10% boost in Agility, Speed, and Strength and wears his enemy down thanks to the hot temp. 

Face Your Fears:
Name: FYF

Requirements: You must be Joseph or be trained by Joseph in the ways of a Paladin.

Class: Offensive.

Primary Element: Light

Secondary Element: N/A

Effect:This is Josephs most powerful spell! This spell is incredibly powerful especially for Joseph as it is a Master Paladin spell and drains 50%stamina from him after use. The spell is very similar to a Super-kamahamaha from DBZ except the light is Golden with black sparks and when the area dims rocks begin to levitate. Joseph also goes into the Kamahama stance the same way Goku did. The spell is 'VERY' deadly it travels 50 yards per second making it hard to dodge.

DNA Shuffle:
Name: DNA Shuffle!

Requirements: Must Be Joseph.

Class: Supplementary

Primary Element: Light

Secondary Element: N/A

Effect: Copies DNA permanently for Joseph to use on his Gifted Heartless summon. He can Switch up between three heartless by touching them and saying DNA shuffle they become copied and Joseph can summon good heartless based on the mirror versions These GIFTED heartless are good and instead of black with gold eyes they become gold with black eyes and feed on the hearts of other heartless instead of humans, but will only feed if Joseph says.

Earth Control:
Name: Earth control

Requirements:Have earth as an element.

Class: Offense 

Primary Element: Earth

Secondary Element: N/A

Effect: Joseph can move boulders make pillars and control anything he brings up even a rock wall after it is used may be controlled by Joseph.

Name: Portal

Requirements: Be Joseph


Primary Element:Fire

Secondary Element:Light

Effect: Joseph Disappears in a burst of flames. This can take him to all sorts of worlds. He also reappears in a burst of flames.

Heat Resistance:
Name: Heat Resistance

Requirements: Be Joseph

Class: Supplementary

Primary Element: Fire


Effect: Air Temperature  Does not affect Joseph, and Fire based spells can hurt him, but not much thanks to his high resistance. FIRE-BASED SPELLS DO CAUSE DAMAGE TO JOSEPH. They just would'nt do as much damage as they normally would.

Death From Above.:
Name: DFA

Requirements: be Joseph

Class: Offensive

Primary Element:Light

Secondary: Fire

Effect: A ball the size of two story house falls from outer space super fast it is golden in color with black static all around it. It is powerful enough to level a block (without killing Joseph) It costs 85% stamina. and can possibly kill an enemy within radius. This does effect Joseph sincehis entire heart is devoted to light thanks to his DTH.

Cure, Cura, Curaga:
Name: Cure, Cura, Curaga.

Requirements: Cure as element.

Class: Supplementary/Defense.

Primary Element: Cure

Secondary Element: N/A

CURE: Heals bruises, cuts, and any thing remotely equal in damage.
CURA: Has all the properties of cure as well as healing major stab wounds and major as well as minor spell damage. Almost completely revamps Joseph

CURAGA: Has all the properties of CURE and CURA, and can completely revamp Joseph, but heals all friendly party members as well.

Mega Strike:
Name: Cure, Cura, Curaga.

Requirements: Space and light as an element.

Class: Offensive.

Primary Element: Space

Secondary Element: Light

Effect: Josephs sword turns a bright pink hue and can cut an enemy completely in half and can cut completely through Rock like minerals, but cannot cut through metals and armors. The strike Can be used on any type of sword like weapon,but not anything else.

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Weapons and Armor.
Keeper Of Honor:

Name: KOH

Type Of Weapon: Keyblade.

Primary/Secondary: Secondary.

Close/Long Range: Close.

Effect: Deducts 5% stamina from Nobodies when struck.



Name: Forsaken

Type Of Weapon: Keyblade.

Primary/Secondary: Primary.

Close/Long Range: Close.

Effect: Deducts 5% stamina from heartless when they are struck.


Enchanted Shield:

Name: Enchanted Shield 

Type of item: Synthesized Sheild

Primary/Secondary: Secondary

Effect: The shield is hand not carried by hand it is intertwined with Josephs mind and hovers behind his back it moves extremely fast and protects often. It is extremely durable and is made out of Titanium, and steel. The sheild can and will protect against magic and physical attacks. It is capable of sheilding allies, but if so it leaves Joseph for the small time being.


Silver Ballers:

Name:Silver Ballers 

Type of Item: Guns


Effect: Deals 5% more Damage to all enemies.


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Drive Forms.

Blood Thirst:

Name: Blood Thirst

Requirements: Must have rid the darkness out of your own self through a dive to heart. Then Blood Thirst as it occurs because the user is unbalanced having no darkness to even out his light enters this form.

Class: Offensive/Supplementary 

Element(s): Light

Duration: 10 Posts

Drawbacks: Ranged magic becomes less precise and Joseph magical damage becomes 8% weaker. He also becomes a lot more Violent and cannot control who he hurts once engaged. meaning he could kill a kid and not have a care in the world so long as he wipes his said target.

Advantages:  Agility, Strength, and speed increase seven fold while Joseph holds this form.
Joseph becomes incredibly powerful one thrust has the potential to break a rib cages. Josephs senses seem to be running on energy juice.

Evolved Paladin Power, Dragon God Power Activate:
name: Dragon God Power

Elements: All

Duration: Till deactivated or death.

Class: All

Effect:Joseph hits an enlightened state. Blue energy emates from all around him, his teeth becom sharper, and he gets dragon eyes with slits down the middle. As the fight goes on while in this form Joseph starts getting dragonic aspects the last form being a huge dragon that covers the sky and measuring 300ft tall. Joseph in this form sees things going much slower than they actually are giving him the chance to counter most all spells that he can see visually. Joseph's strength is basically the same as bloodthirst except for the fact it continues to get bigger. Natural body senses also increase 35%. The blue air around Joseph is used as a paralyzing toxin that Just keeps pouring from his very skin. Josephs powers over earth and fire also reach  an advanced level and be manipulated into anything made of earth based minerals and will use sand as a lethal weapon. He also can harden and pierce with it. Joseph gets basic powers over lava though he can't create it he can spit it as well as bend the earth into huge deep pits and pull lava straight from the depths of the earths core. When in final dragon state Joseph becomes increasingly immune to blades. And in the final dragon state if killed Joseph will not be sent to the underworld rather his own worlds form of afterlife and it will be a hundred times harder to return to life. After form is deactivated Joes body will be in massive pain and will likely become vulnerable to anything.

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Shadow Clones:
Name: Shadow Clones

Requirements: Be Joseph.

Class: All

Duration: Till all of the Clones that were summoned have been struck.

Effects: Joseph can summon up to 10 clones of himself. Each have 100% stamina and can use all of Josephs spells including Face Your Fears and it will not take out any of Josephs Stamina only theirs. They will automatically disappear in  a poof of smoke after the enemy hits them once this means to kill them all the enemy must hit each once for a total of 10 hits to be rid of them. Joseph has no cap to the amount he has out at once only that he can summon 10 at once each post and no more per post. (EX: 10 clones first post, killed 3. 10 more clones + 7= 17 clones) their is no cap except that he can only bring out 10 per post. They also each have a duplicate of Josephs Weapons meaning each have an enchanted Shield, Keyblades, and silver baller guns.

Appearance: They all look exactly like Joseph

Requirements: be a dragon born

Class: supplementary

Duration: till destroyed.

Effect: Joseph can summon 3 of these per topic. They are small monsters that run at super fast speeds and latch onto legs blowing up with enough damage to completely disable a leg.
Volunteer Dracoling:

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