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10.3.2017 - A mysterious light filled the Sea of Skies. Those who wielded great power and abilities found themselves back at square one, as if reset.

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If a cause isn't worth making sacrifices for
it's not worth anything at all.


5'7 | 130 Pounds | Slender

Cool is a rather interesting foil to the one this universe knew. Though he still retains some similarities with his other self such as his religious beliefs and iron will he's ultimately a drastic contrast to his counterpart.

Cool is rather pessimistic and cynical by instinct. He distrusts most individuals and while he may have high hopes he would ultimately agree that the universe is 90% a piece of shit. If you were to ask him whether his glass was half empty or half full, he would respond half empty. Ultimately he believes that though the universe is bad and only getting worse that it's worth living in for the sake of the good things in it as well as finding one's purpose in life.

Aside from that he also is somewhat of a pragmatist; strongly supporting the sacrifice of what and who needs to be sacrificed for the good of the cause over pursuing less efficient routes. If giving up lives means more will be preserved then he's fully willing to support it, ready to drop his morals and take an apathetic approach to situations for the greater good. These lives include Cool himself should he find that the best solution requires his self-sacrifice. However, he's perfectly willing to flee when things get rough should it be in the best long-term interest instead of continuing to fight solely driven by emotion like a wild animal.

Despite his cold exterior and willingness to take lives to save lives though, Cool does care about people and the universe around him. The actions he takes are in hopes of serving justice and protecting those who can't protect themselves: another thing he shares with his counterpart.

Good doesn't always win. The universe isn't centered around what's right.
And it's not just our universe that this applies to.

Far across the multiverse there was a universe similar to this one. It was filled with familiar faces, people, and sometimes even events. People were free to live their lives normally and in peace. Of course, there was the occasional war but heroes would often set out to handle the problems and would successfully do so. This was the cycle everyone had grown accustomed to throughout their day-to-day lives. So, when a real threat came knocking at their door, they naturally didn't take it seriously.

A group of adventurers led on a foolish quest to slay a mythical creature that led them to Darkwood had released a being far greater than their power. Minions that people called 'World Breakers' set out to destroy several worlds and with their arrival chaos broke out. The adventurers, weak and frail, were naturally helpless against them. Never before had they faced a threat like this before yet despite the situation they judged it as a normal day for them, underestimating their enemies as others did with them. No militaristic force was sent to aid them and instead they were trusted with stopping the World Breakers only to quickly be destroyed by them. Chaos broke out and by the time militaristic support arrived the idiotic adventurers had fallen to their destroyers, the worlds falling along with them.

Radiant Garden, Space Paranoids, Port Royal, Twilight Town, Destiny Islands, Neverland, and Disney Town all fell to the destroyers. The losses were high and news quickly spread like wildfire as people recognized the threat Kronos posed. Among the people who heard the news was a young man in Traverse Town who had spent a large amount of his life training to join up with the military; improving his combat strength so that when he came of age he could help protect his home.

Shocked and disgusted by the losses, he realized the threat Kronos posed quickly and with that would join up with a newly formed international force dedicated to stopping the invasions that were now being launched by him. The force, dubbed the Resistance, sought to defend the worlds being assaulted and take the fight to the ones that had been conquered in hopes of fighting the odds that were so heavily stacked against them. After a few battles though, people realized how vain it was to send their soldiers in to take the fight against Kronos. Worlds began withdrawing their funding to the project and decided to surrender hoping the conqueror would have mercy on them. Soon enough, Traverse Town was the only world left and with its leaders dubbed incompetent due to their failure to stop the assault of Kronos's forces it ultimately would fall into anarchy. With no organized force to fight Traverse Town was ultimately doomed and Cool could only watch his cause crumble before him; barely having seen any action at all due to the quick defeats they suffered.

It was at one night however that a letter arrived at his doorstep asking him to travel to a cave that had once been owned by a powerful wizard. Upon arrival he was greeted by a group of hooded individuals who claimed to have been a part of the group of adventurers who had obliviously been the keys to freeing him, despite the initial reports that they had been all wiped out. Despite their power however they paled in comparison to Kronos and his forces----unable to stop the interlopers that had been taking the worlds by storm.

Offering him their power and the ability to travel across the multiverse, they requested that he flee from this one in search of ones where Kronos existed to stop those ones from suffering the fate as their home. Reluctantly he agreed and they would transfer some of their power to him; the warrior returning to his home afterwards before going to sleep.

Upon waking up the next day Cool would find that the forces had finally staged a full out assault on Traverse Town. In-fighting and the overwhelming power of his forces took Traverse Town by storm. In a vain attempt to stop them he attempted to fend them off with the power granted to him and though it temporarily brought them to a halt, felling some of the interlopers, they would quickly continue pushing forwards and fighting. Outnumbered over a million to one, Cool would have no choice but to flee and would open up a corridor that allowed him to enter another random universe. Doing as the group had asked him, he would hop in and attempt to stop what had happened to his home from happening to the homes of others.

I'd like to tell you that he continually succeeded but sadly he didn't. Though he honed his skills over the years, Kronos was simply too powerful for him to stop and each time the universe would in the end become conquered. Despite this he clung to his optimistic ideals like a dying animal----it slowly withering away over the course of time and the previously idealistic man becoming pessimistic and cynical. Though he still retained hope and would continue fighting, believing it possible to stop Kronos somehow, he had grown used to tragedy and wary of those around him.

It was at one point that through this portal he would arrive in this universe, and upon stepping out would enter Traverse Town. With a prayer that this universe wouldn't succumb to the same fate as previous ones Cool would set his sights to protecting it at any cost.

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"Playing hero gets you nowhere if you aren't ready to act."

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Magical Potency // High
Stamina // Moderately High
Speed // Moderately High
Agility // Moderately High

Magical Resistance // Average
Accuracy // Average

Strength // Low
Physical Resistance // Low
Synthesis // Moderately Low


"Playing hero gets you nowhere if you aren't ready to act."

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Fate's Cry: Cool's default keyblade when no special keychain is equipped to it. Like all keyblades, it is summonable and it functions the same way a Kingdom Key would for Cool.

Lady Justice: A blade of medium length that glows a bright blue whenever it comes into contact with something or someone.

Smoke Bombs: Nine generic smoke bombs hooked to a black belt worn by Cool. Each are magically activated at the user's will and will release a thick smoke that covers a small amount of the area for a few seconds.

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Teleportation: Through the use of magic Cool can turn his body into pure energy and send that energy to a specific point; coming back into his original form at that point and essentially teleporting to that location. The process is not instantaneous but it happens with swift speed and can transport him to areas a medium distance away from him.

Newton's Facepalm: Cool can launch pulse projectiles out of his hands that will travel forwards with quick speed, appearing as ripples in the air and traveling a small distance before disappearing. People and objects struck by it will not suffer damage but instead will be launched into the air, the very spell manipulating gravity and making them float as though they were in space. The people caught in it will be sustained in the air and will float slowly through it; finding heavy difficulty in controlling their movements and causing objects they have in their hands such as weapons to also be affected by it. This means that weaponry can and often will float away from their owners should they not keep a grip on it.

Against All Tyrants: When Cool comes into contact with spells that have an elemental relation to darkness his defense to said element will begin increasing slightly each post for the next ten posts. While this is in effect darkness will do less and less damage to him up until after the tenth post; where it will no longer have an effect on him. Despite this however, the effect cannot reach the level of invulnerability and will stop before it does; meaning he can only achieve heavy resistance to it. *STACKABLE*

Words of a Leader: Who said that the sword is mightier than the word? Cool's words themselves are enchanted to naturally have more of an effect of others. People will often feel a sense of loyalty to him and will most likely be more willing to follow his orders as a result; speeches he gives will often have heavy and emotional impacts on people whether they follow his cause or not as he sways the stubborn to rally under his banner and inspires those under it with dreams of infinite possibilities. While it isn't always guaranteed to make others listen to him it makes persuasion and making a point far easier for him than it may be for others.

Realist: Cool is able to better resist and see though illusionary magic and natural hallucinations to a minor degree.

Inspire: Dead plants, grass, and other forms of vegetation will spring back to life when Cool is within a small range of them as though they're in perfect condition. This only applies to natural vegetation however; meaning that it won't have an effect on things such as vines created by plant magic.

Shock and Awe: Cool is able to generate and manipulate electricity to his will. For example, he can fire bolts of lightning from his fingertips or charge a battery with little to no effort.

O Daughter of Babylon: Each time Cool slays an enemy PC player he gains a moderate boost to strength, speed, agility, and strength for ten posts that takes effect during the next post he makes. For example, if Cool were to kill Guest he'd gain this effect after he made his next post.

The duration itself relies on Cool's own replies, so if somebody else posts it wouldn't directly affect him beyond getting him closer to his turn to post. *STACKABLE*

Human Nature: At Cool's will and the cost of a heavy amount of stamina being lost Cool can release a field of smog covering a medium range and masking the surrounding area with nothing but a thick fog in sight without special conditions such as magical abilities allowing for better sight within it or just high abilities of natural perception.

The fog itself is not simply an aesthetic feature however. When one enters the smog they will find that the thickness of it covers the surrounding area and that it is naturally attracted to them; seeking to enter the body of those it senses as living organisms. As the fog enters more and more a feeling of euphoria will come over the person that only rapidly increases by the second; causing hallucinations and attempting to influence the person caught within it to allow more of it to enter them. Their mind will begin to get cloudy after a while however and soon the smog within their system will begin striking out against them and using its influence to drive them to heavy instincts.

Strategy, morality, memories, and etcetera will fade from their mind rapidly. Animalistic desires will begin to surface and their eyes will turn a bright, pupiless red. With each passing second the desires will only grow in strength and will follow them outside the fog with the smog already inside them using its influence over them. With the only way to get rid of it being to somehow remove it from their body which it has now come to encompass largely, most at this point are expected to reach a point where the desires can no longer be resisted and will lose everything else from their mind but said instinct.

Everything around them will no longer appear as people but instead as prey and with only thoughts of hunting in their mind they will begin to attack anything and anyone; clumsily wielding weapons and casting spells against their opponents to the cause of striking their prey down. People who had been working together a second ago will turn on each other with their teeth barred, friend against friend and foe alike. They will also gain cannibalistic urges and will likely attempt to bite the people they're fighting against or devour fresh corpses regardless of what species the corpse was.

This will not affect Cool, those aiding him in combat, or those who don't have hostile intent against him. It will however deal a heavy blow to Cool's stamina and prevent him from using magic altogether for the next five posts.

The smog itself can also be dispersed through the actions of others of course, and the final thing to note is that this can't be used more than once per topic.

Fuck You Kronos: When Cool blames his mishaps on his enemies regardless of whether they're present or not he feels better about himself. Should Cool exclaim "Fuck you Kronos," when he trips or falls accidently he'll take half less the damage from it.


"Playing hero gets you nowhere if you aren't ready to act."

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