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General Rules

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General Rules Empty General Rules

Post by re:Admin on November 28th 2013, 12:18 pm


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General Rules Empty Godmodding

Post by re:Admin on November 30th 2013, 2:25 pm

Godmodding is forbidden. Godmodding is when a character has the ability to do anything without limits or boundaries. Invincibility in any form, having impossible knowledge, and using forbidden abilities are examples of Godmodding.

--Auto-hitting is a subcategory of Godmodding. Auto-hitting is when you decide whether or not your attack is going to hit the opponent and how it is going to hit them (even just deciding that it hits still constitutes as an autohit). This also applies to general actions, as well. Any situation where you control another character's actions fits under this subcategory.
--Metagaming is another subcategory of Godmodding. Metagaming is where you, as a person, give your character knowledge they would not have access to. For example, if a person knows something about a character they're RPing with, such as their name or their age, because of out of character information, and uses this in character, it would be considered metagaming. Any knowledge used in character that was obtained only through out of character means is considered metagaming.
--Invulnerability is another category of Godmodding. Powerplaying is when a character dodges or blocks every attack thrown at him or her, without taking any damage. While dodging and blocking is normal, over excessive use of it is considered godmodding.


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General Rules Empty Topics & Posting

Post by re:Admin on November 30th 2013, 2:26 pm

Topics & Posting

All topic unless otherwise noted are open for anyone to join; they may also indicate this by stating in their title a variation of (Open).  
A topic with the (Private), [Private], -Private-, or any variation of that is open, which means only people chosen by the poster may join. Topics that specifically only name people means that is private to the poster and the person (people) specified. Examples are (Yima), (Private; Yima), or any variation is private. Topics may also include, (Private, PM to join) which, of course, means you need to PM the poster to join. Only  the original poster may decide on who is able to join. Note: Any word meaning private counts as well. Such as (Closed). As long as the intent is clear.
--Posting Order
Topics generally do not have a posting order, unless specified by the poster of the topic. However, you should be considerate to others in the topic. If you continue to post with a friend without them, it will make him or her feel left out or excluded.
--Ending Topics
A topic can be officially ended or finished if all members in the topic leave, if the last remaining member announces the end in the last post, or if it is dead. You cannot post in a topic that has ended and you will be reprimanded if you attempt to revive it.
--Dead Topic
A topic that has not been replied to for at least a month is considered "dead." A dead topic is a topic that even if it wasn't officially ended by the members, it is considered over by default due to inactivity of it. It may be revived if all members that were involved agree to it.

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General Rules Empty Do's & Don't's

Post by re:Admin on November 30th 2013, 2:26 pm

Do's & Don't's

--Do not flame
Flaming is basically arguing with someone back and forth while also insulting them.  Now if there is abuse or harassment then let an Administrator or member of the staff know.
--Do not spam.
Posting frequent unnecessary comments in or out of RP topics, as well as posting more than once in a row (e.g. double posting).
--Do keep a timeline if you intend on roleplaying in more than 1 topic
This assists in organizing where and what a character has in in order.
--Do not excessively swear
It is a part of everyday life world wide but it will not be tolerated not in excess.
--Inappropriate content.
This is not a porn site, nor a drugs site or a horror site. We do not want to see any pictures showing sex, drugs or excessive gore; this also includes sex scenes between characters.
--Do not post in character sheets
If you want to comment on a good idea or have a suggestion, you may PM them or ask them in the chatbox. You will be warned, and after repeated offenses, punished.
--Do not contradict the lore
This refers both to the canon of the Kingdom Hearts franchise and of the site itself. You can't contradict what was already established in the games or alter the way things happened (such as making it as if you were a member of the Organization), and if a world's city is destroyed during the course of a topic, you cannot ignore that it is destroyed. However after events in the franchise are expanded on and would contradict with what is established here the site lore would take precedence over franchise lore both universes being separate from each other.
--Do not mix IC and OOC
Do not yet your Out Of Character (OOC) bias influence your In Character (IC) decisions. If you are angry at someone OOC then you shouldn't be mad at someone IC without justification or actions to support such.
--Don't Solo-RPy
A solo RP is where you post a topic that is private only to yourself, and you have your character do some event or adventure by themselves or exclusively with NPCs. The purpose of this site is collaborative writing, and if you want to write your own, solo adventures, create a Journal, Diary, or Log for that or post it in the Library. If you are caught solo-RPing, your topic will be removed and the contents of it will be PMed to you.
--Do consider Posting Order
Posting order is not a mandated part of the system, however, you should have common courtesy for the rest of the members you are RPing with.
--Do Inform Staff of Friends and Family
If friends and family are going to be using the same IP address as you are, alert the staff ahead of time.
--Don't Commit Plagiarism
Any plagiarism of any established concept, be it an ability or character, of another person, either on site or off site, is forbidden.
--Do Show the Effort
What a character does should exert them appropriately; remember this.  Don't utilize abilities that do not follow this principle (ex. ability that does not require any effort or disproportionate for the natural end result; flick of the wrist knocking down towers or punting full sized cars are extreme examples of this).
--Don't Clog the Chatbox
Please do not post large images, gifs, etc. that can cause the chatbox to lag and make the usage of that area unwieldy and uninviting for other members and yourself.
--Implementing Coding
Do no implement coding that effects widgets or core functions of the website without owner approval prior to initiation; this is for both stability and security of the website.  As with other additions if you have a suggestions please post it here.


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General Rules Empty Re: General Rules

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