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It Is Time for Us to Grow Up

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It Is Time for Us to Grow Up Empty It Is Time for Us to Grow Up

Post by Alexander on November 25th 2013, 9:15 pm

The site is seeing changes folks. Gone are approvals, gone are the noisy restrictions. Caps and structure are what follow now, a new and exciting organized chaos. Characters are about to see huge power boosts, fights are about to become much more intense. Story is about to become more more dramatic. Every character on site is about to become much more important to the story as a whole.

That said, staff can only do so much for us, the user base, in this system. Some of the point of it was to implement more freedom. Others were to make the site as a whole more enjoyable for the majority of the user-base. Still to come, staff now has fewer responsibilities out of character, and can now become more focused on their in character. We'll see new empires rise and fall, new characters blazing paths we've never before dreamed. Kingdom Hearts RP is about to undergo an evolution.

And so, we the member base must also evolve. We have to stand up, and we have to prove that this change was not something we take lightly. We have to prove that we can treat our site, our staff, and the faith levied with us with the proper weight it holds. We have to prove we can step up to the challenge.

Guys, we have to grow up.

We can't have any of that old nonsense about a fight, "Well my character can do X, your character does Y". Its not about that any more. Its not a contest. Nobody wants to be made weak, and respecting another character comes with that as well as respecting your own enough to understand the limits you've made for them.

We have to let go of this endless stream of 'copy/counter'. Yes, somebody has a neat ability, but if you gain a new power just to counter a character after every fight you're in, what's the point? Why not make your character overcome it in their own way?

I have not seen these problems yet, but I expect that these and other like them will arise quickly, and its imperative we decide as a community for all to see what our stance is on that while casting aside all the bullshit, all the hypothesis. I don't refer to the plausible plot situations, or the characters that have been founded on the principle. I refer to normal, average characters inexplicably discovering powers that would seem foreign to them given what they seem to be capable of.

I don't ask us to limit your imaginations, I ask us as a community to show what the other system never asked us too: self restraint. We must exercise our judgement. We must be unafraid of giving feed back to one another. We must be honest. We must offer critique. Above all, we must be a family of writers now instead of a network of competitors.

This story that we wrote individually... it now involves all of us. No one character is less important unless by design or choice.

This topic in not in suggestions. That would make it seem official. This topic, instead, is an expression of my hope. It is a toast; a chalice raised to what we can and should strive to become.

The future is not fair to the past because by definition it has already surpassed it.
"There was a sickness."

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It Is Time for Us to Grow Up Empty Re: It Is Time for Us to Grow Up

Post by Jet Enduro on November 25th 2013, 9:22 pm

inb4 no one gives a shit and continues to be little shits.

It Is Time for Us to Grow Up Jio_Freed___666_Satan_by_YorgMan-1
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Jet Enduro
Jet Enduro

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It Is Time for Us to Grow Up Empty Re: It Is Time for Us to Grow Up

Post by Yukina Tarka on November 25th 2013, 9:27 pm

This is important.
Just like, keep in mind that just because you can does not mean you should.

It's not supposed to be a competition, but a story. Losing a battle is just as important as winning, and likely would help you develop your character much more than winning all the time ever could. Of course it's tempting to overpower yourself, to become all powerful and attack all the worlds and feel invincible. But that isn't fun, and I think anyone who starts to do that will quickly realise how boring the site will become if they just make themselves some kind of deity.

Also, the only people you'll find who want to RP with you if you overpower yourself in such a manner, are other people who overpower themselves in the same way. And then you'll just end up hitting each other over and over again and you'll both be invincible and it will be boring as fuck. xo
Yukina Tarka
Yukina Tarka

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It Is Time for Us to Grow Up Empty Re: It Is Time for Us to Grow Up

Post by Iikia on November 26th 2013, 1:49 am

I missed rants like these. This one is at least more sensible than I remember...
Here's hoping people read it at least.

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It Is Time for Us to Grow Up Empty Re: It Is Time for Us to Grow Up

Post by Kenos on November 26th 2013, 5:28 pm

I'd like to add in something Axis once said in a podcast:

Do only what you are capable of doing.

Don't go out of your way to make up some bullshit response to dodge or counter something. It shouldn't be,"Oh, I already let myself be hit by this or that so I'm being fair." It should be that your character stays true to his or her (or its) abilities. I myself have problems like that sometimes (no one likes losing) but hey, it happens. You're going in a battle. You're going to get hurt. Period.

It Is Time for Us to Grow Up Kenoss11

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It Is Time for Us to Grow Up Empty Re: It Is Time for Us to Grow Up

Post by Sponsored content

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