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It's funny how destiny works. It can be very foreshadowed or just suddenly popped up on accident. We can never know. Even seers can be unsure at times.

Destiny can create wonderful things. They can give a man a fortune or a true love. Just the same as destiny can create horrible things. A loss, a tragedy...death...But, it's life.

Some even have the bravery to try and defy destiny. These are the more foreshadowed destinies. These people perform unexpected actions to try and make the dreams they wanted come true. These were the heroes.

But what most people ask is what happens and who is involved. They can never help but worry. It is part of the human nature. But today, destiny was coming for Wisdom on this very afternoon, and he was likely NOT going to be very nice.

Or, maybe he was.

How did it start? It started with an arrival of a rusty Gummi Ship. The same Gummi Ship that n inexperienced driver at 17 years old drive ever since he entered the universe. He wasn't terrible at it, but he wouldn't last 5 seconds in a fight in Deep Space. But luckily he wasn't gonna do that any time soon. Or, he hoped not. The boy just wanted to visit a favorite world of his.

The 17 year old stepped out of the ship and smiled. Then he proceeded to pretend he was putting on glasses. "Wisdom...uh...darnit! I wish I had a last name!" He didn't have time to think on it...the only way he'd get a last name is if he was married! But right now, he wasn't looking for love. Not yet, that is. He had to admit, he had a few interests that he wasn't willing to share.

Wisdom walked about the lovely village of Radiant Gardens. He waved to the women, men, and children, along with the guards. This town was beautiful. Marvelous. Simply marvelous. He felt it couldn't really get so much better. It would certainly pain him to watch this place go, should it ever do so. He wasn't prepared to lose such a pleasure, but he wasn't thinking of it either.

Would he have felt different if he was here when the town was called Hollow Bastion?

Wisdom sat by the flowers of Radiant Gardens. He's had plenty of chances to come and see them, and he, without any doubt, took it upon himself to see the flowers before any activity. He was glad to visit, of course. The smell, the beauty...

It couldn't ever come across to him that this was childish? But was it truly? Just viewing a beauty? How could that be so child-like? Wisdom smiled a tad. Maybe they were jealous. That was a shame. He wished they could all share.

Wisdom yawned a bit, and lay down in the flowers, thinking about all that's happened. He awoke in a field of Keyblades, and met a hooded man named Azmot, who became his friend. He came to Halloween Town with him, and met the darker sides of things, such as Esgyrn. He smiled. Creepy as he was, inside, he could feel that the barber had some kind of...goodness. Some kind of morality. Wisdom later recalls exotic Space Paranoids, the home of his friend. So many events. At such a short time.

The boy thinks about the loss he felt when he was transported to Radiant Garden without the MCP. He still hasn't figured that out. Was there something bad? Something terrible? Wisdom couldn't help but worry. But the most emotion he felt was the loss, at the time. To see his only friend ripped away. Temporarily, but still.

...Odd. He had stopped thinking about THAT loss many, many years ago, when he wasn't even in this whole universe. THE loss that made him feel weak, alone, and hopeless. THE loss that stripped him of any happiness. THE loss that took away his family.

The boy held his head. It was all coming back to him at a very spectacular pace. It hurt his head quite a lot, and made him feel pretty dizzy. He began focusing on the memories that began to pain him.

The memories flooded back to Wisdom. Ohh, the made him tear up a bit. He was sitting at a table, as a 12 year old boy, with his scruffy looking brother at the same age. His loving, devoted mother with a pie in the oven. His slightly creepy, but funny and equally loving father. Why did it all have to go? Was it an accident? The work of another?

...Or was it destiny?

Wisdom sighed. He didn't give fifty fucks as to why it happened. He wanted them back. Now. He didn't care what it took...he wanted his family back. But he thinks about his time here. What if he never met Azmot, or Esgyrn, or Axis, or anyone...would he still be...him...? Would he be with his parents? Would he...die?

Drifting...drifting to sleep...Endless, peaceful sleep. Right into a patch of sweet smelling flowers. And then suddenly, Wisdom broke one of his rules to a good life.

Never sleep with troubled thoughts.


...Falling. Just empty space, and falling. Wisdom was in a deep void. No, no void of dreamless sleep, but a true, empty void. The boy fell...and fell...and fell...but suddenly, he gasped! He was his sleep? Well, dreams did tend to do that, so he just decided to go with it. But something about this dream felt really...odd...Not a lucid dream, but something was very odd about it.

He was falling toward some circular platform. It reminded him of glass looked really weird, too. The art depicted Wisdom, asleep, and next to him were a few facial profiles of those he knew: Azmot, Axis, Jack, Keera, Oriel...a few circles weren't filled yet. Did he have some kind of limit? Wisdom looked to another circle and saw couldn't

It was his brother. His brother's face in the circle. He looked older...but almost the same! Black hair, a bored looking face, a tad scruffiness...but what was his face doing in here? In his dreams? Well, it was normal for that to happen, but he was dead! He had watched him burn alive in the house!

Wisdon eventually landed on the platform, gently, feet first. Yup, definitely glass. Now what? He walked around the platform a bit. Looking over the edge to see pitch black, looking up at the sky to see pitch black, looking to the sides to see pitch black...No big surprises. The only light was coming from the platform below him. It was almost as if his dream wasn't ready to process yet! But then, he heard a voice...

"You done sight seeing, or am I gonna have to rip your eyes out?"

Wisdom turned around, swiftly, to see a nightmare. There, about one inch taller than Wisdom, stood a black, shimmering, humanoid mass. In his hands, a scythe with a crimson red stripe going down the lower end of the blade. His eyes were visible, as well as his mouth. His eyes were 100% white. No pupils. No nothing. Just white, malicious, dots. His mouth was a regular, human mouth, though. He almost looked like one of those Heartless creatures from the Keyblade Graveyard. But unlike most Heartless, such as a Large Body, or even Ansem, (not that he knew this) this creature didn't have the symbol of a heart with an x through it.

"Who are you?" Wisdom asked, with a twang of fear running through his veins. This guy...thing...was not anyone he would've thought up in his dreams. Was this a dream at all? He sure hoped so.

The shadowy creature grinned evilly. "Well, I got a lot of names. Despair, Black Paint, Sinner...But you can call me Feisu." And Feisu, was who Wisdom would remember him by. "And you're Wisdom, and if I recall, the fucking charity case who weeps for his momma?"

Wisdom growled, and touched the handle of his sword in his shea-

HIS SWORD! Where did it go?! Wisdom began to panic. How did his trusty blade suddenly go up and missing? But then, Feisu grinned wider, and pulled out the Bloody Angel from behind his black body. "Looking for this?" He waved the blade tantalizingly in the boy's direction. "Not anymore!"

Feisu flung the blade out behind him, and Wisdom sprinted for the edge of the platform. He pounced, and landed at the edge, only to watch his only defense fall into the abyss. Deep, endless abyss. Was there a limit? What could be down there? But that didn't matter right now. The boy sat there, afraid, as the shadowy thing laughed. "No..."

"Well, there it goes. Another loss! Shall we have a funeral, or should we watch it burn like your parents?" Feisu turned to Wisdom, and grinned wildly.

That tapped into Wisdom's anger, and he stood up, outraged, and stuck his hand out to the thing, to release a blast of light from his palm. Feisu held out his shimmering hand, and responded with an equal blast...only, it was pure, black energy. Wisdom could feel the negativity and hatred in the blast. Their hands held like this, neither blast being stronger than the other, or weaker than the other. They held in place until the energy from both sides waned down into nothing.

"It's curious, light and darkness, as well as nothingness. Things that create freakin' worlds. Yadda yadda and all's just magic. Magic is for dweebs with no bones or bravery."

Wisdom glared at the creature. "Then why use it yourself?"

Said creature merely chuckled. "You know, kid? You got a point. I use it too. But unlike you, I just so happen to have one of THESE!" And then, Feisu dashed down to the boy, scythed raised, and coming down...Wisdom held up his hands to defend, and...


"Heh, sweet dreams you...why you little fucker!"

Wisdom opened his eyes. He couldn't believe it! He was still alive! Alive and well, and-Hey, what's that in his hands?

The boy took a bit to realize that he had blocked the scythe...but how? He had no weapons. His sword was cast out the edge...but in Wisdom's hands, blocking the scythe, was the Kingdom Key. A very regular looking key-like blade. A long, golden bar with key-like structures at the end that, as far as Wisdom was concerned, couldn't unlock crap. The hilt was an open square with a vertical handle inside. But that couldn't make sense. He never had a Keyblade on him, and unless it was part of the dream...if it was even a dream...then he shouldn't have had this thing in the first place. But, he's got it. May as well use it.

Feisu jumped back to assess his defense, and looked at the boy with the Keyblade. He merely grinned. " of THOSE things, eh? You might wanna give your life over about now, unless you want a suffering you've never thought of...and it won't be coming from me." He said, grimly, but with a grin on his face. Try and top that, Esgyrn.

Wisdom didn't plan on dying any time soon. He had a wife and kids...metaphorically! But nor did he pay attention to what Feisu just told him. He ran toward the black, shadowy man, and delivered a slash toward his body, but he sank into the floor too quickly, and Wisdom staggered. Feisu reappeared from the ground behind him, and raised his scythe to strike the boy down in a deadly arc. As he swung downward, Wisdom heard the movement, and he rolled to the side, and the shadowy man stroke the floor instead. It surprisingly didn't shatter the glass.

At this moment, Wisdom took opportunity to combat...but first, he might need a bit of...air...What kind of air though...oh yeah!

"You must imagine the wings as they protrude from your body." The elder master said, studying the 15 year old as he struggled to grow wings. "You must truly want them if you want to use them."

"I...I can't!" The youth complained. "I've been wanting them since Day 1, and nothing happened no matter how much I imagined!" He slumped down and sat on the cloudy ground. He could never fly. Ever.

The master sighed, and offered a hand to his student. "Child. Why does a bee fly even though no one believes it can?" The elder did not wait for the child to respond. "Because the bee does not care anyone tells it. One can say it cannot fly because the body is too fat. But the bee flies anyway."

After a moment, the youth stood up and nodded. His mind went to work. Wings, wings, wings, he thought...he didn't care what his peers said. Just perhaps, he could fly. And fly high. He felt his back bones expand...

"Well done, Wisdom."

"Let's fly!" The boy shouted, and from his back, two, white, beautiful wings sprouted. Complete with silvery white feathers and radiance. He smiled a tad. He liked these wings. They made him feel more dedicated to light than ever. With a quick whip of the wings, Wisdom was up in the air. Feisu looked up at the boy with a growl.

"Wings, huh? Typical...but like every bird, nothing with wings can fly with holes!" The shadowy man stuck out his hand at the boy, and blasted some beams of darkness at him.

"I thought you said magic was for dweebs!"

"Says the one with the wings!"

Wisdom flew out of the way quickly, dodging the beams. But one was too precise, and it struck through his wing. He winced, and started crashing down, toward the abyss...At first!

Wisdom lifted his good wing, and swirled around Feisu, who was still firing. At one point, Feisu paused to try and get a better hit at the boy, and Wisdom took the lovely opportunity to go straight forward and tackle the shadowy man. They connected, and they hit. Feisu was sent flying toward the edge. He stopped neatly right at the edge.

Wisdom blinked. This felt like some kind of "this ends here" movie moment. And usually, it's during these times that the antagonist brings up something really surprising like-

"You've got some guts, brother."

...Yeah. Something like that. But the boy shook that off. This was a dream...but still. Wisdom walked toward the edge, Keyblade pointed at the shadowy man. He walked into stabbing distance, and spoke,

"..What's this other suffering you mentioned?" He asked firmly. Feisu smiled. He knew it would come to that. And he would please him with an answer.

"A friend of yours. Won't tell ya who. Might be Axis, Azmot, anyone. Maybe you haven't even made friends with em yet. Regardless, he's gonna betray you...and it will break you." He chuckled. "Or maybe you have. Maybe he's plotting revenge right now. Just because of the little thing you got here. I'm still up for killin ya. Lettin the suffering all end."

Wisdom frowned. He wanted to ask whom, but Feisu made it clear. He wasn't telling him. "I see...but I will end you now. But when you die...your soul will be honored." He promised.

Feisu chuckled. "Heheh. You haven't really changed. No matter who pisses ya off, or who poses the great still show respect. You compassionate little bastard. But you know what? You win. I'm kill. For now." Oh, he would return. As a shade. As a dream. As a Nobody...or entire whole body in reality. When? He would never know.

Wisdom nodded, and sighed softly. He didn't need to be told twice. He hesitated though, as he plunged the Kingdom Key straight into Feisu's chest. The shadowy man watched him without an expression. His body, from the limbs toward his face, started evaporating into black particles, quickly. "See ya, bro." And then he was gone.


Wisdom woke up in his little nap in flowers. A little kid was poking him with a stick. He wore a leather, ragged little shirt, and some ripped up jeans. When he noticed him awake, he said in a small voice, "Are you dead?" Being the youthful little 5 year old the kid was, he was quite the imaginative one. Wisdom remembered when he was 5. He was just as imaginative.

The 17 year old boy stood up, and yawned. "No, I'm still alive...just give me a sec to-huh?" He frowned. Something was in his hands. A bit heavy, too. He brought the thing to his was a handle. The very handle holding the Kingdom Key in his dream. Now he REALLY questioned reality. But regardless, he studied the Keyblade in his hands...and smiled. "I guess I have a weird key to fight with." The blade flashes, and disappears.

But wait. What happened to his Bloody Angel? Is it gone? Cast off the edge of that glass thing-oh, here it is. Wisdom touched the weapon he loved very much ever since he was a child. If he had ever lost it...

Wisdom walked away from the child and the flowers, thinking of Keyblades and shadowy men and...betrayals...But mostly Keyblades. He wanted to find out about them more than anything else, now. How? Maybe BL[-]KS, or a wise friend, or someone who holds a Keyblade. Like...Cool?

He had no idea what would happen to him in the course of these events. He didn't care. He was excited and scared. Mostly excited, though. He was excited because he had a legendary weapon in his hands, and could use it to his advantage. Maybe not just for fights, but for other things too. Of course, he had no idea what a Keyblade could do, so he'd have to just wait and see.

What scared him was what Feisu said. Who would betray him? Why would they betray him? When would he or she or they betray him? He couldn't even guess. But he didn't want to wait and let suspense kill him.

Wisdom hopped in his Gummi Ship. He wanted to see someone about this. The Keyblade, and his dream. But who could he talk it over with? Maybe...Azmot? Or Cool? There were lots he could trust with this information as he took off in the ship.

"Hold on to that light. You'll need it."

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