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Waking (Closed)

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Waking (Closed) Empty Waking (Closed)

Post by Terradagger on November 7th 2013, 1:23 am

It was a strange feeling to be roused from the slumber. Thoughts echoed within him, bouncing around like the singing of a counter-alto angel, a boy in a concert hall, commanding music, space, time… The beautiful echoes brought him forward to the world around him, his eyes opening slowly, as his soft skin began to feel the breath of air again. Emeralds shone from beneath his eyelids, only a slight amount of moonlight reflecting from them.

He stretched out his arms and legs, remembering where he was. As he pushed out, his limbs cracking through the stone around him, frailly falling to his sides, he took a deep breath of the night air, remembering Hallow’s Eve. His olive skin had become slightly more pallid in the time he spent without sun, in this word so mysterious.

He picked this location carefully, knowing his beloved would defend it, knowing that none would look for him in a graveyard. The stone that had crumbled around him was the headstone to a grave that never existed, and it had imprinted on it, “Here lies the past of a Dreamer, fated for three to be one, and one to be three. Your worlds are tied.”

It was a mysterious thing, this life he had chosen. As he slept, he thought much, and thought on the magicks he had learned, and on Vocis. He thought on Xeremij, or Jeremi, and thought on Yima.

That was who he thought of most, was Yima. He thought that it was important that he remembered him, but he felt ashamed for having left him for so long. He couldn’t really explain it, but simply a thirst for knowledge, a thirst for magic, it all brought him to a place where he felt most comfortable; in his dreams. Ever since he was made a nobody, and again gained his heart, his dreams were where he felt that he had most command. The strength about them was unique, something so novel and interesting he wondered if he would ever understand them.

He couldn’t help but wonder what he had lost in two years time, though. All of the thoughts and memories never visited since he had been hidden in that tombstone would likely be gone. He thought there was something important about Vocis, something important about Yima, but he didn’t recall.

He started to walk towards town, but realized how desolate the place had become. He heard whispers from the dark, whispers of Wonderland’s demise, of leadership changing hands. His heart dropped to hear that his world had been conquered. He was at fault, in part, but there would be some investigating done to find some answers. He knew of the change in leadership, though, and he decided he knew where he was going to next. He would find himself in the Radiant Gardens.

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