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Dunes and Delights (~Open~)

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Dunes and Delights (~Open~) Empty Dunes and Delights (~Open~)

Post by Sora on November 4th 2013, 10:52 pm

Sora had arrived at the sandy city of Agrabah, the place where his friend Aladdin as well as his friends lived. However, like the other places he had visited, this one felt different to him. In fact, he could notice the difference when he overheard someone talking about a new sultan. After trading some details with the ordinary citizen, the boy decided this new sultan wasn't anybody he should worry about. He sounded like an okay guy to Sora. But learning about the new sultan wasn't why Sora was here right now. No, Sora was here to track down his friends or a reason why everything was so strange to him. It could've just been his imagination again, but he wanted to make sure.

Walking down the streets of the desert town, Sora couldn't find anything strange or memorable. Perhaps Agrabah was the wrong place to check? Nah, he always found something after poking around for awhile. Maybe he just wasn't looking hard enough. Yeah! He was tempted to go search under someone's booth before realizing this wasn't a game of hide-and-seek. Okay, maybe he was a bit excited to be searching for his friends.

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Dunes and Delights (~Open~) Empty Re: Dunes and Delights (~Open~)

Post by Kasturi on November 5th 2013, 8:53 pm

From the corner of the market, a bandit appeared. He was covered in dusty black cloak and his shawl turban, covering every distinctive features except his eyes; they were dark hue of brown. A woman screams as he jumped out from the street near Sora, right infront of a seemingly rich large bellied man dressed in silk, gold and precious stones. The man was shocked and fell over on his bottom, his large belly wobbles.

With quick hands the bandit snatched all the precious jewelries the rich man was wearing, leaving the man befuzzled before he screams out "HELP! GUARDS!"

The bandit hearing the panicked man shout, quickly leaps to a nearby shop's awning and used it as a trampoline to get onto the rooftops to make his escape.

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Dunes and Delights (~Open~) Empty Re: Dunes and Delights (~Open~)

Post by Solomon Black on November 5th 2013, 9:25 pm

Solomon had been treading the rooftops, watching the people go by. When he heard that Renzenku was Sultan a sickly strange smile had appeared on what was almost always his otherwise blank expression. Ren did like those absolute seats of power, helped to feed that god complex of his... could not be helped though when you are raised to rule the heavens. A shadows, those creepy little heartless, appeared in front of Solomon and he pet its head, then grabbed it's throat and choked the information out of him and just before it's life left he let it go and it scurried away.

He turned around and looked down onto the street far below, his cloak of shadows protecting him from the harsh rays of sun. As he watched he saw a familiar spiky head, just faintly though, so Solomon blew it off as just one of those hundreds of people with spiky hair. He chattered with his shadows as the crowd kept moving, and an especially fat man wandered out only to start screaming. The cloaked heartless couldn't hear what he spoke, nor did he care, until a bandit landed beside him covered in jewels that he guessed had just been stolen.

They just stared for a few seconds, until the bandit turned and kept running as Solomon decided on what to do. Maybe he could chase, have a little bit or Arabian fun.

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Dunes and Delights (~Open~) Empty Re: Dunes and Delights (~Open~)

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