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The Unity. (Jeremi - Private)

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The Unity. (Jeremi - Private) Empty The Unity. (Jeremi - Private)

Post by Sir Nicholas on October 11th 2013, 10:49 pm

~The Deep Woods~

In neither of his lifetimes had he ever visited the Dwarf Woodlands, but he'd heard stories of the mines and valuable gems and precious stones just waiting to be unearthed. He'd never quite understood the value of such things - though he had received a missive from one claiming to be an old friend of his past self - and the message had said it was for something important to the state of the world.

That alone was enough to attract Sir Nicholas' attention, and as his ship landed and he disembarked - he looked around, seeing the Woodlands for the first time, awed by its beauty. Unlike the other forests he had visited in his travels across the various worlds, this one was tranquil and had a sort of welcoming feel to it despite the lack of civilization as far as he could see.

"I wonder what this Jeremi fellow wants." He wondered aloud as he walked along through the forest. "This place appears rather empty."
Sir Nicholas
Sir Nicholas

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The Unity. (Jeremi - Private) Empty Re: The Unity. (Jeremi - Private)

Post by Jeremi on October 12th 2013, 8:21 am

(I'm sorry this took so long. I hadn't expected you to manifest out in the wilderness.)

The man who he met there was... Not who he was expecting, by any means.

A young man, clad in the clothes of a traveler, ran up, heading the same way as Nicholas, panting a bit from exertion. More winded than he thought, he waved to get the man's attention, leaning on a tree to get his breath back. Once the overexaggerated display was done and over with, the new arrival could finally speak.

"You're a hard man to track down! I've got a letter for you. For your eyes only."

Looking down, he rummaged through a pack slung to his side.  

"Let's see, here..." He muttered, concentrated on his task, before finally pulling out a letter.

"Wow. The seal on this belongs to the Andalasian High Command! You must be important." He remarked, passing the letter to its intended recipient.   And, with a simple cry of that being the end of their business, the courier was off, fast as he'd come.

Nicholas' name was written on the front, the quillstrokes from a heavy hand. There was no envelope; instead, the letter had been sealed at the bottom by a glob of wax, which, on one side, had been pressed into by a signet ring. Definitely a style expected of the world. Opening the bit of post would reveal it to be on fine stationary, the print on the letter a completely different hand than that of the signature.

The Author of the Letter wrote:It has been far too long, Sir Xicohlnas.

...Or, is it Nicholas, now? Have you been fortunate enough to recover your heart? If not, don't fret; I'm told that memory and life experience can give heart and soul to beings which never had them in the first place. Beings who've lost those should gain them back, given time and experience.

It seems like a lifetime ago, that we fought together under the Emperor's banner. In my case, several lifetimes.

I apologize for not explaining in the original missive. But, surely you've figured out who I am, by now? Take the name you know me by, and scramble it, with the Recusant's Sigil. Catching on, bash brother?

Much as I would love to catch up, I am afraid this is far more than a social call. I need your help, old friend. In the center of Andalasia, the kingdom you find yourself in, the Imperial City lays. I await you at the Palace. Show the guards this letter; it will be credentials enough. You shouldn't get lost. The roads here are like Rome. Ride long enough on a main one, and, you'll find your way here. If you can't find a main road, take note of the courier that found you. They tend to stick to the main roads.

I wish I could explain more, but, the situation is quite delicate. The less I tell you in a letter, the safer you, I, and all those involved will be. I look forward to seeing you again, friend.

I remain,

General Jeremi Stuart

The Bellicose Nobleman

The Profile

After saying how stealth is a viable component of assassinations...
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Zihark wrote:Shriou's Korean? I thought he was Asian.

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The Unity. (Jeremi - Private) Empty Re: The Unity. (Jeremi - Private)

Post by Sir Nicholas on October 12th 2013, 3:44 pm

"Hmn. Imperial City. Nice name." Typical, Nicholas thought with a smile. Just like his old friend to act the part of a noble and deliver a messenger instead of meeting him face to face. But that was what he liked about the man. He was at once brave and composed - in a way not unlike the knight himself.

With that, he pat one hand on the messenger's shoulder. "Thanks for the delivery, but I can find my way there on my own."

And with that, he ran in the direction the traveler had come - faster than he could keep up.

It took him very little time at all to reach the outskirts of the city that the letter had told him of, and when he passed the first checkpoint - he knew he was on the right track. The palace was not unlike what he expected of his friend, being by far the largest structure in the city - and he came to a stop just as he approached the gates where a number of guardsmen were waiting.

"I'm here to see a General Stewart." He said, giving the lead guard a once over glance. "My name is Sir Nicholas Jameson, and I was told to come here for an important rendevous." A thought occurred to him and he showed the letter that was given, and upon seeing the seal, the guards opened the gates and allowed him passage.

I wonder what he's been up to after all this time. He thought as he walked through the main entrance. Cycling through his past lives' memories, he could recall that Jeremi was an ambitious one, having once reigned as the King of Disney Castle - and being the vassal of the Oblivion Empire. And I wonder how he's changed...no doubt he'll have the same reaction to me.

Sir Nicholas bore more than a passing resemblance to his Nobody - fitting of course, since they were one and the same person but different existences all the same. His jet black hair was now shorter, and his eyes had regained their original brown hue, but with the red undertones of inner fire. He paused momentarily to straighten his suit - the armor glinting in the afternoon sun, then took a deep breath and walked through the doors and into the main antechamber.

"Jeremi, my friend!" He called out. "I have arrived. Ten years it's been since I was whole, but now I live!"
Sir Nicholas
Sir Nicholas

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The Unity. (Jeremi - Private) Empty Re: The Unity. (Jeremi - Private)

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