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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Yukina Tarka
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The darkness within her room was all encompassing. Black. Black as night, black as her heart. In the darkness, there was movement. All around her. Sliding down the walls, skittering across the stone floors. All around a sound could be heard, a beating, like a heart. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom.

She was sitting, quite alone, in Her Little Room. On the floor, with her various implements scattered around her. A knife, of course. That was required for the ritual, without a little sacrifice there could be no gain. Without sacrifice, she could not become what she so desired to be. Next to the knife, there was a bowl, half filled with water. Next to that, bones. From animals, mostly but there was some human in there too. She forgot which was which, but that wasn't important. A life was a life, all just a meaningless construction for her to bend to her whim. Next to the bones there was a little bag, emitting a rancid smell and bleeding from the sides. Inside were organs, mostly hearts and brains but also the occasional stomach, again from a mixture of both animal and human. It was everything she needed, She was ready to begin except...

Something was stopping her.

Hesitation. Was this truly her path? She had once known the powers of the Sorceress, but... they were long since lost. Dare she seek them out once more? Dare learn that power again, of false idols and darkness, of lust, power and desire? She knew herself capable, she could already bend water to her will, but there was more. Just out of her reach, dangling there like forbidden fruit of the tree. Of darkness. Of illusion. Power.

It had to be hers. There was no other way, this was her journey. All that she had to do now, was to take the first step...

The cool metal of the blade felt somehow right as it ran across Her palm. She gritted her teeth, sure. It was still painful, but somehow it was right. She held her hand above the bowl, allowing her blood to trickle down and mix with the water. The sacrifice was made, there was no turning back now. Dipping her fingers into the newly formed mixture, blood and water, she began the ritual. Drawing a sequence of runes in a circle, depicting death, torture, vanity, lust and everything in between. She didn't know how she knew the correct sequence, she just did. Just as that wise old woman from that pirate town had once told her, when she was ready to join them, become One with the order... she would know what to do.

The runes were complete, and she wiped the remaining blood off her hands on to her ragged white dress. Next were the bones, which she placed throughout her runic sequence. One by one she placed them down, each landing with a little thud as she dropped them. She closed her eyes, a deep breath in. The next bit would be the end, the final offering that would solidify her position as one of them.

She stood, slowly, grasping the bleeding bag and holding it by her side. Walking slowly, she circled around her scarlet diagram. She was saying words in a language not even she understood, no mortal did, but they did. Whoever she was communicating understood the words escaping her lips, the words slipping from her heart and out of her mouth. After completing three full circles of the diagram she halted, turning slowly to face her creation and pausing.

A breath in, a breath out.

She reached into the bag, the right organ found it's way to her hand. A heart, bloody and disgusting, she pulled it free and discarded the others. Bringing it slowly towards her face, she trembled slightly. She wasn't afraid of the act itself, but the aftermath. What this all represented. But it was too late too turn back now.

Too late.
Too late.
Too late.

She bit into the heart, tore through the thing with her savage teeth. Bite after bite after bite until she had consumed the whole thing. The bloody runes on the floor burned into life, rising into the air and into the newborn witch's skin, the magic inside her had changed.

Tainted Waters.
Twisted Darkness.
Vapid Illusions.
Chilling Winds.

She fell to the ground, her body spasming as if within the midst of a seizure. The room began to shake, candles around the room roared back into life and cast the darkness away. She lay flat on her back, the spasming stopped and room settled back into normality.

A breath in.

A breath out.

Yukina's eyes flicked open, back into consciousness and back into the world. The Sorceress had been awoken once more, and as she lay flat on her back a maniacal laugh filled the hollow room while the little black cat scampered across her bare feet.

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The serpent exited the throne room. There were still cracks throughout the structure from when it collapsed. Luckily, this was an individual wall. The rest of the castle was supported; soon the wall would be reinforced the same degree the rest were.

Children run among the hallway, playing with each other and The Guardians, which were glorified lapdogs by the look of it. Monitoring the rest of the activities throughout he let those who inhabited have their space.

Treixa seemed fond of her room and hadn't come out. Perhaps she was enjoying the luxuries of the world bending to her whim. The serpent noticed that Yukina had also taken a liking to her room. She had been in there for quite a while and decided to not disturb her.

He walked into one of more open areas. The fountain in the center was complimented by the natural flow of water surrounding the room. A system was developed throughout the castle, akin to that of a gutter, to help keep the flow of water constant throughout. This wasn't even magically based, but capitalized on the momentum the serpent originally applied to the water. The fountain in the center harmonized with those in the flow of water, as did all the rooms did. Some at different frequencies, some too similar to tell apart.

The harmonious melodies were interrupted by a, much too familiar, laugh. The maniacal echo extended past the boundaries of her room, into the corridors, and carried themselves a hefty distance before disappearing amongst the sound of, rambunctious, children.

His interest was peaked. The serpent made his way, lazily, to the room where the laugh had originated. He knocked on the door twice. He wouldn't invade her personal space, he knew he could trust her, and cared not for whatever misadventures she partook in. If the door were to open, she would see a different man than the one she was accustomed.

The face was all too familiar in structure, however, their were, foreign, scars across face. Two, to be precise, that extended from his lips to his jawline. He didn't understand why, at first, but ended up discovering his more reptile like features. His once ivory hair had darkened to a raven black, similar to how he was originally when entering this world. His pale skin was now tanner albeit diseased looking (yet, simultaneously, natural), a side effect of The Realm of Darkness.

The only distinguished, and recognizable feature, would be his ocher eyes that had remained the same consistency throughout the years, however, they were contrasted by the black sclera, a side effect of one of his abilities.

He wore a black shirt, fitting, but non-restricting, jeans; a rather casual look compared to what he was normally associated with. His Eye of Providence allowed him to see through the door, if he so chose, but he kept his eyes deterred. His slit pupils focused on the white of the walls and the magical energies of the world, distracting himself from the burning curiosity within the pit of his soul. The portrait of indifference was still painted upon his face, never, revealing how he truly felt about most circumstances.

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