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Spell Concepts and Ideas

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Spell Concepts and Ideas Empty Spell Concepts and Ideas

Post by Lynette Elise on October 9th 2013, 9:41 pm

Okay, I've had a lot of interesting spell ideas over the years and since Lyn quite obviously can't USE most of them, or they're for characters that I'll not be making use of any time soon... I thought I'd make these available for adoption, so to speak. I'm only going to include the description aspect because anyone who wants to use them is going to have to figure out the details for themselves... In case you hadn't noticed, such things *vary* dramatically from place to place.

Banissa was a cat-girl who was the ultimate evolution of a character who actually *might* make her presence known here... but if she does it'll be as the child-mage, not as the cat-girl she eventually turned into over development.
Name: Thorns
Description: Banissa holds her hand out towards her opponents and three dart-like projectiles shoot from the palm of her hand and fly towards those targets at a very high rate of speed. Each projectile is about six inches long and pointed on each end. The far end, though, has three leaves which serve much like the feathers do on an arrow in providing balance and stability in flight.

Name: Haste
Description: Banissa pulls a brass cog from her pouch and tosses it into the hair so that it spins as it rises up and then falls. She catches it and smoothly tosses it again and as it reaches the apex of the arc there is a burst of energy that launches out from it in a 20 ft radius, showering light down in a dome. All allies inside that dome are showered with "pixie dust" and time alters to allow them to move faster.

Name: Protect
Description: Banissa pulls a brass cog from her pouch and tosses it into the hair so that it spins as it rises up and then falls. She catches it and smoothly tosses it again and as it reaches the apex of the arc there is a burst of energy that launches out from it in a 20 ft radius, showering light down in a dome. All allies inside that dome are showered with "pixie dust" that holds to them, protecting them from harm.

Name: Fading
Description: Banissa gathers energy around her and weaves a shield up to 20 feet in radius, causing the light to bend around those within the shield and removing them from visibility. This shield can also remove them from the sensors of mechanical watchers.

Soren was a dwarven gadgeteer type who had a lot of his "spells" mimicking the items that were used in-game. Sometimes that led to other options. I believe this one would be currently interpreted in relation to the Synthesis stat?
Name: Static Grenade
Description: Soren reaches into a pouch and pulls out a strange gadget, shaped a bit like a net. He tosses this "net" at an opponent and the whole of it lights up with electrical energy, causing electrical burns should it impact. The release of energy destroys the net in the process.

Aurora was an avid user of Rose/Plant themed spells and abilities, also called a Treeshaper or a Plantshaper.
Name: Strangleweed
Description: Aurora
causes the earth below her target to erupt with dozens of thick, tentacle-like vines that shoot up into the air at her direction to envelop themselves around the target. The vines seek to wrap themselves around limbs and weapons to impede movement.
Effect: Vines wrap around the target, impeding movement to some degree, though not completely. If the vines are able to wrap around the target's throat then slow asphyxiation is possible unless some means are used to sever the vines and remove them. Strangleweed can be burned away from a target, but that would catch the target in whatever fire was used to burn the plant and thus cause harm to the victim. Strangleweed can be cut away from the base and becomes inert plant material at that point which cannot be further controlled through this spell, though any constricting which has taken place at the time of the severing is still in effect. The vines exude a sap which causes acidic irritation and painful burning when it comes into contact with bare flesh. The actual damage is mild from the sap, though it is annoying as heck when someone's trying to cut the stuff and it makes cutting the vines that much more difficult.

Name: Thorny Spikes
Description: Aurora holds her hands out over the ground and then makes a throwing motion towards her opponents much like she's shoving something across a surface. Large wooden spikes blast up from the ground to impale her opponents before they sink back into the earth from which they came leaving blood and pain in their wake.

Name: Thorny Vale
Description: Aurora puts her hands on the ground and sends her magic deep into the earth. At her direction hundreds and thousands of vines spring up along a line and grow quickly to become a very thick, very strong, very difficult to get past barrier that is filled with three-inch-long thorns on each and every stalk. When she is done the magic fades and she is able to stand again.

Tiraleen had a dragon theme going through her items, compounded by the fact that Dragon was an actual *Element* on that site at the time. An Element that no one else used. So yeah, I had a bit of fun with it.
Name: Dragon Strike
Description: Three of the runic tattoos on Tiraleen's body begin to glow and the glow infuses Tira with magical power. She can focus that power through her blade and strike an enemy with it at short range or she can focus that power into a globe in the palm of her hand and sent it flying towards an opponent beyond the reach of her sword.

Name: Wheel of the Dragon
Description: Tiraleen draws upon the energy of her draconic tattoos and they start to glow. Three of the dragons inscribed on her skin pull themselves loose to fly around her for a moment in a swirl of energy. Each one is the size of a winged lizard as long as her arm from nose to tail. One is blue like the water, one is red like fire, and one is green like the leaves of a tree. Tira points her arm towards her opponent and the dragonlings fly towards the opponent to swirl around that opponent in a wheel shape, alternately striking them with bursts of energy from their mouths. Green followed by Red followed by Blue followed by Green again. The cycle is repeated three times and the blasts become stronger each time until all three dragonlings detonate around the opponent and reform again as tattoos on their caster.

Name: Swordwall
Description: Tiraleen stands completely still and closes her eyes for a moment in concentration. There is a burst of energy around her and it coalesces into a circular wall of dragon-shaped swords enveloped by magic surrounding her and anyone closest to her. The swords serve to protect her from impacts until the spell fades at which time the swords shatter and dissipate and she is free to return to the battle as needed.

Name: Flying Dragon (Weapon Skill)
Description: Tiraleen slashes her weapon through the air at her target and causes a sickle shaped crescent of metal to fly towards the target and then return to her, much like a very long-distance yo-yo. The crescent passes through and strikes any opponents between her and the intended target, both on the outward attack and on the return.

Name: Dragonlight
Description: Tiraleen starts to glow from inside her skin, the contrast causing the runes tattooed on her to stand out in stark relief. A large draconic shape formed completely of light shoots up from her body about ten feet into the air above her head. The dragon floats there for a moment before beams of light spread out in all directions from it causing Light and Dragon based damage to opponents within the radius of effect.

Name: Wyrmbite/Drakebite
Description: Tiraleen pulls magical energy into her body and it causes three different sigils to glow, two on her off-hand arm and one on the shoulder itself. The glow becomes a winged serpent wound around her arm that slides down towards her hand that she directs towards her target with a flinging motion which sends the magical drake flying towards them, mouth open to bite. The attack can be dodged, provided sufficient distance and forewarning exists to allow such, but should the attack hit it bypasses all physical armor being a primarily magical strike, however this means that magical defenses can block it.

Arianrhod was a very brief, failed, attempt at bringing a more heroic character to a fantasy rp site... she didn't work out 'cause she wasn't ready yet for RP. At the moment she's primarily my "Hero" on a Comic book influenced pixel art site.
Name: Skyfire Palm
Description: Arianrhod reaches out her hand and holds it up, open palmed, in the direction of her target. Blue-green colored lightning crackles along her arm to gather at her palm before launching a bolt of energy, roughly the size of a softball, towards that target. It moves at a high rate of speed, much like lightning is known to do, but it only goes in one direction and can travel up to 30 feet before fizzling out. In traveling it behaves exactly like natural lightning in that it will naturally tend towards a conductor, like metallic armor and such.

Ilserun is still a character I'm going to use in Original Fiction, but she had an interesting foundational concept. Dwarven and magical. Go figure.
Name: Rupture
Description: Ilserun calls magic to her and thrusts it into the ground beneath her. It then causes three pillars of stone to rise up underneath her target up to a height of 6 feet before disappearing back into the ground. The pillars may also be summoned side by side in front of the caster to serve as a defensive wall.

Well, that's what I can find at the moment. I'll probably drop stuff off here as I find it or come up with it... Dunno if you guys want the various weapons and summons I've designed over the years... those get a bit twitchy even in comparison to these.

Characters: Kibble, the Fairy Dragon

* If you add me on a chat medium such as Yahoo, let me know who you are, because I don't accept connections to those I don't know.
Lynette Elise
Lynette Elise

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