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The serpent sat upon the ivory throne as per usual. Opposed to most days, he had some company. His child was resting in his arms and his plan of action had not yet been formed; he was unsure of what to do. Yukina despised their child. Their complicated relationship was strenuous on the father who wished to care for the child but also adored the mother with much fervor.  Could Etzolix really keep the child in an unsafe habitat? Lenneth, on the other hand, was unable to care for her while he was disabled. The Prinnies weren't adequately suited to protect his daughter, at least not in the way he wished. The child sat in his arms, sleeping. She was about a year old now and apparently recognized the darkness within her father; Inarius' presence seemed to sooth her to sleep.

His breath was soft and slow, as to not disturb her. He studied the map that he would pull out of his pocket. Apparently, it could only be truly seen in the light. Why was that? He was unsure but assumed that the design was to prevent those who embraced the dark or were in the Realm of such from understanding the mechanisms of the parchment. The map was outdated and was missing worlds but it did have locations on specific insignias, marking them for whatever purpose they served. It seemed his objective in Twilight was complete. The map had marked it as such for whatever reason. Why was that? Was the information of his mother relevant? Was him knowing of her faked death relevant to the supposed quest he was tasked with?

He was unsure. As his child shifted, she touched the Castle Oblivion marker from behind the map. For some reason, it started to dance around on parchment. Curious as to how interaction worked, he touched the same spot on the back and its movement ceased. He proceeded to touch the insignia on the front, where the symbol was, and there was no response. Touching it from behind again, he wondered if there was a pattern he had to make. It just turned symbol on and off. His only option was to make it dance one more, and then touch it in the front to see if that would bear any fruit.

Doing so make it glow, momentarily, before it stopped. Great, it was just a little easer egg of an ability. He rolled up the paper and held his daughter close. He was surprised by how much he actually cared about her now that she was here for awhile. The fear of failure to protect her was more important than him being a shitty parent. He knew he wasn't going to be the best but how could he put her in harms way? She was still sleeping when a glow filled the room.

The serpent knew it wasn't coincidental due to the glow being similar to that of what happened on the parchment. Stuffing it in his pocket he could still see what was happening because of the Alveus Oculus. Apparently, the light itself was a being? He didn't move. He was unsure how to balance out protecting his child and keeping her asleep. If worse came to worse he'd have to invest in his borrowed power. Something of this caliber wasn't going to be easily managed.

As the glow retracted into its origin point, it formed a woman's figure. It wasn't extremely fit but she was by no means out of shape. He couldn't properly deduce he strengths aside magic, judging on her entrance. As the body fully formed, flesh surrounding the energy, his eyes widened. Instantly, he placed the child on the throne, who now woke up, and was scared for her life. He rushed towards her, the Shade of Inarius coming out of his body and despite being in the cramped room would find a way to use one of its enormous fists flying in his mothers direction.

The being seemed to put them on pause just before impact, as she phrased through the fist, walking forward, and when she passed she would let them continue. The wall completely being destroyed, the ceiling being supported by the other three. As if he'd let her go free. He jumped out of the summon and charged towards her, the summon waiting until she went intangible again from his following attack, hoping to see what the limits were of this ability. He rushed and despite her attempting to move out the way he seemed to have a physical advantage. This led them to the pause once again. Inarius and Etzolix were stuck within their spots and even the water wasn't moving.

He finally deduced that she was stopping time in general on everything but herself. A Time Mage would be difficult to deal with. Especially one who didn't seem to have to expend any magic to perform their attacks. The serpent had believed he was the apex predator of the universe and that beings stronger weren't in abundance due to potentially causing an imbalance. She either was a natural cog or she adopted the rules of The Fence. If it was the latter then she shouldn't be this strong, unless it was like how Lenrist had his strength until he became detrimental to the universe.

"I got you, bitch." He thought to himself. Once she would resume time The Shade of Inarius would know to move quickly before she would be able to react. Unfortunately, they were still paused and she touched his chest, where his heart would be. White energy came from it and shot him through the chest, however, despite all the pain there was no physical wound. She wasn't dealing any damage, but Inarius did start to disappear as the white energy seemed to be targeting him; It ate away as his being before dissolving it.

"Time manipulation, Negation magic and I'm out of mana." He thought to himself, still stuck. A voice echoed through his head that responded, "Observant." If he could move his eyes would've popped out of his head at the surprise. She could read his thoughts? Was this within the time frame when time itself was frozen or was it a passivity among one of her abilities. Could she always do this? Even when he was a child?

Time unfroze as he missed his attack and now stood useless. "What are you doing here?" He questioned, looking at his mother who seemed to have grown since the last time they saw each other. How was she still growing and why did she still look so young?

"What a way to treat your dead mother." She responded, with a small smile that let out a small laugh. She clearly wasn't taking him seriously.

He glared at the woman who claimed to be his mother. He had a difficult time believing it was her. How could he not assume that it was someone else merely leading him on a goose chase. He was no ones errand boy.

"Someone's cranky." She said, with the same teasing demeanor that he used to have while fighting. He didn't realize how annoying he once was. She continued, "You showed me where you were at on the map. I've been waiting for you to figure it out."

"How do I know you're my mother?" He asked.


"You bitch."

"Language." She, scolded. Continuing, "Let's skip the pleasantries. I'm alive. I didn't fake my death, I ascended. I'm sure you're aware of that considering Yima and Lenneth." Etzolix's face looked confused, "I've been watching. Such a shame about Yukina." She grabbed the child, bringing it over with some form of telekinesis. She held the kid and Etzolix was now officially in the hole. There was nothing he could do to her.

"Why the map?" He asked.

"To help you in the search of El Gran Quizá."

"El Gran Quizá?"

"It's The Prize of The Fighter. As his descendent you are destined to reclaim his weapon, even if not prominent a wielder."

"Mind elaborating?" He asked, yet again, wondering why she didn't explain it all.

"The Fighter was our bloodline's origin point, a bloodline that Inarius tampered with. That power of his, that you power, has weakened your fuller potential. Despite the restrictions of the universe as well. Anyway, he has an item that needs to be reforged; The Prize. It is the mark of the family and how you will carry on the secrets of our family."

"Why is this relevant now? Why didn't you tell me when I was a child, when you were, y'know, around?"

"You hadn't reached your peak. And truthfully, you haven't reached it yet. I actually have to purge the demons that Inarius ailed you with."

"What do you mean? He empowered me throughout the years. I wouldn't have been as powerful as I am if it weren't for him. Even if he was an imposing, and oppressive, spirit."

"He helped you grow more quickly, but our family's power peaks at 40. We have a more extended lifespan due to our magical prowess. You weren't supposed to start unlocking your magical potential until your 20th birthday...which happens to be soon. My gift to you is your full potential being unlocked."

"Wow, that couldn't be any cheesier." He said, with an annoyed look on his face. He was interrupted by his mother stretching his face in an animated manner. There was a disappointed look in her face as if she was disappointed in the way his face turned out.

"Why're you so pale? And what's with this white hair?" She asked, continuing with, "I bet its Inarius' influence. How are you doing with that anyway? Do you need me to get rid of him for you?"

"No? I handled it."

"Oh? Then why were you using his darkness earlier?"

"Because...I can? I destroyed the memories of the heart and kept his power."

"That's actually pretty advanced I'm proud. It's a shame you choose not to ascend. You'd be so much more powerful." She sighed, letting him know of the disappointment. As she put her hand on his chest the faint white light showed once again and destroyed the ailments that Inarius left. Essentially, whatever steroid like magic that ailed him and prevented him from  continuing to grow after the initial burst.

As it all flaked off, his skin was tanner and his hair darker but, he still looked a bit sickly. The magic was imperfect and despite his own magical abilities a scar was formed across his face. It was by the lips, extending outward as if connecting his jaw and head together but other than the basic appearance it wasn't deep and did no such thing. The sickly pigment of his showed that he had spent too much time in the Realm of Darkness. His hair was now as raven as it used to be albeit not spiky by any means. His ocher eyes, identical to that of his mother, remained.

"There, much better. Although, you need to see more Sun." She teased, not catering to his current mood. Discarding the event he cared not about his appearance or of the apparent scar on his face. He ripped his skin off to fix it...but it didn't work? He attempted multiple times and sighed knowing his magic would just prove useless. He went to take his daughter but his mother declined. "Oh, no. You're in no position to raise her. I'll take her."

Etzolix's eye twitched. Wait, was Inarius the reason he stopped? Whatever. He responded, "That actually works out in my favor. Hopefully, you'll raise her better than you did me and don't abandon her at 14." He said, insulting her as a parent. He didn't particularly care that she had died but the fact she didn't gave him a sour taste in his mouth. He felt like a cog of the bloodline opposed to a son she was supposed to love. Was this all he was? A tool to be used in the grand scheme of the family? Tch, as if.

"Oh, don't be a brat. I did raise you better than that. I didn't leave out of choice. I feel you're being difficult for the sake of it."

He sighed, because she was right. He didn't care too much but still didn't like being used. He hoped that being a snotty child would help him out of it, but it didn't. The taste in his mouth still lingered. Then he realized, "Did you make me taller?"

"Accidentally. Just finished your growth spurt. It's a shame you made yourself shorter in Space Paranoids. You would've been a rather tall fellow." She put her hand on her cheek and continued, [color:b0dd=#steelblue]"It's only a measly two inches. You'll deal with it."

"True, but in regards to The Prize...mind telling me how this map works?"

"Ehhhh, you'll figure it out. It's your quest or whatever. Just be excited you have something to do besides being a savior."

"A savior?"

"Did I stutter?"

"You know what I mean."

"I know who you are. You've always wanted to save people in really odd ways. You wanted to save April by having her love you. You saved your child by making her a heartless. It's in your nature to help, even if it means having to destroy. You want to create stronger warriors in the universe because 1) You do want the challenge and 2) You want to know that you don't have to always step up to the plate if creatures such as The World Eaters return. You're my son, I know you, c'mon."

"Whatever. If you're not going to help; leave."

"Okay, Okay," She said, the tone used implied that he was a party pooper for not playing along. "I have a favor to ask."

" come to my castle, help me in breaking my wall, take my daughter, give me a make over annnnd you still want a favor from me?" He said, rhetorically. There was sass infused with that sentence, so much so that his mother was not amused.  With her murderous glare, she continued.

"Your Guardian Angels, The Magistrate, ha--"

"What? Guardian Angels?" He interrupted, confused at what any of this was. He had guardian angels? Why didn't they help prior?

"When you become of age, you are assigned a Guardian Angels. It's a position, it isn't meant in the religious context you assume it to be." He nodded, letting her continue her previous thought understanding that this would eventually be explained with the rest of her comment. "The Magistrate, have been collecting souls from different dimensions. They're aborted, miscarried, etc. and they need somewhere to keep them safe. They were hoping you'd provide a home." She finished, "They'll have their own guardians who'd be staying here. They're really friendly as well. Jus--"



"Yes." He said, annoyed.

"Great! Well, she'll stop by when she's given her position. Lotsa paperwork and all that jazz." She said, dismissive of his lack of interest. "Well, the children will be coming through shortly. It'll take time for them all to reach and you'll be hosting a home for all aforementioned beings in the multiverse so...have fun!"

Waving, his mother began to turn into energy. As she did, the serpent took his daughter and hugged her before saying, "Listen, sweetie. You're going with your Abuela, okay?" In response, she hugged him until the ethereal energy filled the room once more with the light blue glow and she disappeared with his mother. "At least you'll bond with family." He muttered to himself as he sat back upon his throne. He looked at the broken rubble before him and figured that he would probably need to hire some multidimensional muscle or perhaps...

A lightbulb.

He needed to create a room where he could use his memories to manifest his wants and needs. Perfect, this would allow for him to create what he needed with military agents that were part of himself, and therefore not a threat to his position. Instead of continuing his thought he noticed children fading into the area with some black flesh like cylindrical creatures that seemed to guard them all, even as they played.

These were the children, huh? He wouldn't mind. Perhaps he would need a more diverse society within Oblivion. He did have the room for it. As he felt his magic return he used his energies to see if he could manipulate the didn't work at first but eventually it fixed itself. Good, good. Perhaps the meeting with his mother wasn't complete hindrance after all. He reached in his pocket for his map and pulled out one of the aqua blue snow flakes he had seen before. "When did that get there?" He wondered. He would have to put it somewhere safe; the same location that the other important objects had been placed. He let the children play, with the wall now in tact, and went to wander the halls and work on his next set of projects.



In this cold reality,
I made this selfish war machine.

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