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D&D and/or other gaming characters

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D&D and/or other gaming characters Empty D&D and/or other gaming characters

Post by Balendin8 on September 4th 2013, 10:30 pm

There are few things I enjoy then prattling on about my past D&D character's (or other similar games) and their deeds. So I thought I would make a topic for people to do just that. I will start.

Balendin Sleepingsword

Fighter 3/Ranger 2
Chaotic Neutral
My first ever D&D character. He is nothing like the Balendin of this site. He is a greedy bastard who really only cares about making lots and lots of gold. His backstory is basically that he was the youngest son of a nobleman. He was trained in the art of war, as was traditional of the upper class in his country. He eventually decided to leave him and took his skills to less civilized lands where he made a life as a mercenary. Adventuring was a natural progression and he ended up in an adventuring party. He never really accomplished much seeing as the campaign was short lived and run by someone new to dming. Helped kill some tieflings and an ogre or two and plotted a bit to remove the party leader who did not seem to be giving Balendin as much share of the loot that he thought he deserved.

Cade d'Jorasco aka Cade Darkstrider
Rogue 5/Barbarian 1/Assassin 2/Shadowdancer 1
Lawful Evil
Cade was in an Ebberon campaign. Well the campaign started in a custom made country named Kyrll and then the party crossed the ocean and ended up in Korvaire. Cade was born to two healers that were part of House Jorasco, the halfling mercantile house who specialized in healing. His parents were close enough to the main line that they had the Jorasco name, but really were minor members of the house. Cade was raised in the capital city of the country of Karnath. Cade had a younger twin bother named Roscoe. As a child Cade was always jealous of Roscoe because he felt his brother was the favorite. Cade himself was a lonly child do to his dark hobbies such as murdering small animals. He had one friend as a child; a human by the name of Barnabus. When Cade was still a child but nearing adulthood, he and his family moved to a small village in the country of Breland. One day, the village was attacked by hobgoblin marauders from the kingdom to the south. In the attack his parents were murdered and he purposely abandoned his younger brother to die. Cade grew up to become an accomplished thief and assassin. After murdering a high profile figure, he hid out in the Talenta Plains for a while and learned much of the ways of the tribal halflings there. Later a similar situation forced him to flee Khorvaire to Kryll.

In the party's travels they briefly worked for the King of Kyrll. Cade ended up meeting up with his younger brother although he kept his identity a secret from him. The party saved a village from a Lich and a cloven of vampires. He was able to convince the townsfolk that the party was able to kill the Lich with the help of a new god. Not just any god, but the One True God. He would then spend the rest of his time convincing others that he was a prophet of the One True God. He was once refused to be sold a pony from a racist stableowner. That night he murdered the stable owner, freed all his horses and ponies, and set the stable on fire. He later claimed that he saw the stable on fire and nobly rescued the trapped horses. Cade fought in what was known as the Battle of Sharn where a powerful cult of Necromancers briefly took control of the Breland city of Sharn. After a viscous fight one sided fight where the party was outnumbered, he was slain in combat. He was later resurrected, but I permanently took on the character I made to replace him.

More to come. Looking forward to see what you all might have.

Character Profile

Sovereign of Beast's Castle in Exile

Max Magic: 110
Elements: Earth, Cure, Fire
Theme Music: Soldiers of the Wasteland

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