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Kingdom Hearts :: Ancient of Tales

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Kingdom Hearts :: Ancient of Tales Empty Kingdom Hearts :: Ancient of Tales

Post by Silek on January 31st 2009, 12:11 am

- Chapter One

Tap.Tap.Tap. The sound of black shoes connecting with white tile could be heard as a man in a compleyely black robe made way through pearl white hallways. The man's face could not be seen as a black hood shadowed his head. He wore a completely black robe with a zipper down the middle that layed to rest midway on his upper torso. His movements were rather nonchalant and his arms swayed in a very uneasy rythym.

Finally the man came to tall twin white doors. They were a glorious height and had a very distinguished mark on them. A heart that had a bottom that ended in a perpindicular crosse with rather mural-like features. It was rather intriguing and the man could not help but pause to look at the symbol. After a breif moment of recogntion the man let out a somlemn sigh and pressed open the great doors. They swung open perfectly and wuickly revealed a glorious glowing white room full of long pillars.

In actuality they were not pillars, but tall chairs each standing at a marvelous height. There were thirteen in all and in each chair sat aanother being wearing the same attire as the man that had entered the room wore. The man slowly made way to the center where the pillar chairs circled around him. All seemed to be glaring at him, though he could not see their eyes as their hoods shadowed their faces. Finally the being in the highest chair spoke.

"Tell me... Are you ready... For the task at hand?"

All was silent and awaited the man without motion. The man was now tense and seemed to be playing silent as he did not look up, but rather straight off into the distance. The man that spoke was obviously the superior. His voice was dark and deep but very very clear.


The man spoke with bravery and confidence and his voice and a very unusual tone. He was no longer tense, but one might say he seemed, anxious.

The superiorsimply leaned back in his chair and the man seen that as his farwell. In a cloud of darkness a black portal appeared. The man turned facing the portal and raised his hand that was balled into a fist. He then extended his index finger and middle finger and then waved them to his right and brought them together. With that as his leaving signature he then turned and entered the black portal.

*** *** ***

Yawn... Thud!

Silek fell out of his warm bed on to the cold wooden floor. Again.His slender and athletic body had crashed against his hotel floor and dust shot up from the dirty and old hotel room. He quickly jumped up and threw on his black shirt followed by a green and rather stylish vest. The vest ended mid torso and he only zipped it up part wat. He threw on his black baggy shorts that had a green design at the end of each leg afterward. The short legs ended just below the knees. Finally he slipped on rather obnoxious looking black and green shoes.

In a flash Silek ripped open the hotel room door and leaped out into the hall. From there he dashed outside into the second district of a rather well-known world. His purple hair swayed back and forth and the green tips of it flashed like lightning with every step. Anyone could tell that Silek was in a hurry.

The first district doors swung open as Silek leaped through balconies making his way toward Cid's accessory shop. Finally he haulted in front of the accessory shop and looked at the marvelous designed blue door. With a sigh he pressed open the doors and walked in.

Sitting on the black leather couches in Cid's shop was Leon and Mickey. Across from them sat Locke, Silek's mentor. Cid stood behind his counter. His posture was stiff like it always was and a long tooth pick hung between his teeth. Leon sat on the couch with his quiet expression and kept his eyes closed. The king however, sat straight up with his large black ears perked listening to conversation. A smile on his face like always. Locke himself was an old man with a long white beard and a golf cap on his head. He sat perfectly still speaking in a monotone fashion.

Quickly all and everything went silent and they turned towards Silek. He stood in a kind of awkward stance and his dark green eys glanced from person to person and then into the old chocalte brown eyes of his master,

"Sit down Silek."

Locke spoke in a raspy voice and his words were followed by coughing of mucus filled lungs.

Silek however didn't sit, but leaped on the empty leather sofa and sprawled out obnoxiuosly making himself comfortable. Cid reached forward about to say something but reframed and Leon slowly peere up. King Mickey smiled and Locke shook his head in embarressment.

"So, what's up?"

- Feedback welcome

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Kingdom Hearts :: Ancient of Tales Empty Re: Kingdom Hearts :: Ancient of Tales

Post by Riko Hikari on January 31st 2009, 12:24 am

cool...so far...

Kingdom Hearts :: Ancient of Tales RikoHikari

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