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An Asylum of New Sorts [Open]

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An Asylum of New Sorts [Open] Empty An Asylum of New Sorts [Open]

Post by St. Elmo on August 2nd 2013, 10:54 pm

The hum of the engine within the sleek, silver ship slowly died. The landing of such a vessel had stirred up a small whirlwind of decaying Autumn leaves that dances around it with a loud hissing noise. The hatch slowly slid open, and a slender figure exited, his frail frame with perfect posture and clad in black was luminescent in the rays of shining moonlight that trickled across his body.

The wind stirred up by the landing of his ship was still swirling around the forest, crisp leaves dressed in earthy tones spinning around him, filling his ears with the sound of rushing air and his nose with the thick smell of humus. The scene before him sparkled with the same lunar glamour as himself, and consisted of a dormant forest, stripped of most of its foliage, which was not flying around violently in the air, a far off graveyard which appeared to be the final resting place of innumerable souls, and a hill in the midst of this cemetery that seemed to curl around the moon, like an accentuating tendril that grasped for the brilliance of the object.

At the feeling of an oddity, as if a tingling was spreading across his body, Jack looked down. The male had been stone-faced for years, but couldn't resist the sardonic snarl that curled his lip. His eyes were shining with fury, as they trailed down his own body. Replacing the attire he had donned before departing was a black straitjacket. It was slightly baggy, but equipped with tight belts that bound his arms in an indignant crossing position, attaching them to his sides. The clothing was bound tight, having belts layered across the torso, but did not inhibit walking, as the legs were not bound together. The pants section was a matching black and fairly loose, slumping onto a pair of Italian-cut dress shoes.

Jack maintained his snarl, the deranged youth's overly white, sharp teeth shining in the moonlight. A low rumbling close to a growl resounded within his throat, but slowly died down. His face shifted into its more somber expression, and his thin, pink lips tightened into a thin like. He threw his head back, his orange hair flying behind him and out of his face. Meeting the bright moon with his broken, obsidian gaze, Jack thoughtfully ran his tongue across his teeth.

Slowly, his face lowered from the dark sky, watching on an invisible object of interest just in front of him. His unfocused gaze not wavering, he began walking. As he weaved between decaying trees, their lost foliage crunched loudly beneath his feet. "I love this world's sense of humor," thought the sociopath, as he trudged forwards.


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St. Elmo
St. Elmo

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An Asylum of New Sorts [Open] Empty Re: An Asylum of New Sorts [Open]

Post by Jangokaka on August 2nd 2013, 11:07 pm

Jango walked off the ship beside Jack his Talka tunic looking much more dog like than his original cat like appearance. Jango watched the man still new to the whole bodyguard thing. He scratched behind his ears wondering what they were doing here. There wasn't much of interest here to Jango, but he didn't really argue when they were heading here.

What are we doing here carrot head?He asked looking up at him with his read eyes. The nickname stuck for the most part unless he really showed any disdain for the name which he hadn't yet. Jango walked beside him arms limply swinging back and fourth.


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